Just want some warm weather..

April 3, 2013

I’m still pretty upset about not being in China right now. Today would have been our last day in Beijing before heading to Hong Kong, meeting up with C, and going to Zhuhai. I truly dislike myself (or I guess it’s my disease who stopped it… gotta try to separate Lina and the sickness). I’m longing for some warmth and I’m stuck on travel agencies’ webpages right now. Dreaming away..



cyprus2Picture from Ving, and you can find more information here and  here about the places.

I was gonna post plenty of more pictures from different places I could go to in a heartbeat, but I’m overwhelmed by everything. How do people do it when they book vacation trips? I wanna read as much as possible about the place, see what’s included, where exactly it’s located, how many swimming pools there are, how close the ocean is, and so on. When I’ve checked all that information about each place and hotel, I get too much into details, and can get annoyed by little things that shouldn’t be a huge thing at all. Hard to explain…After all, all I want is some warm weather, relaxation, palm trees (I truly love them!), and great water. Any tips (not that we are going right now, but perhaps in July)?


  • Reply Erin April 3, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Once you’re in the States I recommend roadtripping down to St. Augustine in Florida. I lived there for a little over 3 years and I still miss it every day–the beaches are gorgeous & downtown is super cute.

    • Reply Lier April 3, 2013 at 4:45 PM

      Thanks for the tip it sounds like a great place!

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