It’s weekend!

August 24, 2013

Which means that I have finished my first week of classes at UNCA! It’s been crazy busy, but so much fun! It’s Saturday morning now and I’m sitting on our balcony while I’m typing this. The coffee mug is right beside me, and the plans for today are: nature! Liz and I are both craving to go up on The Blue Ridge Parkway, so that’s what we’re gonna do! My goal is to not study anything on Saturdays since it’s good to have one day per week completely off.

So what have I done the past week? I have had all my classes in various subjects – academic writing, history, design, and ¬†media. The design one is part of my major and I love it!!! This is so right in my life. I’ve also been swimming in the pool, eaten great lunches and dinners at new places in town, talked with my parents several times (love the convenience of calling them on FaceTime!), spent time with old friends and made new friendships! It’s been a great first week! Let’s check it out some…








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