Ireland, day 3: Saturday. The wedding and the wedding reception.

September 7, 2012

ok. earlier you have been able to check out posts about our first day when we traveled to ireland and spent some time in dublin – see the post here. the second post, which can be found here, was about our road trip to tipperary and the first evening at the kilshane house. then i’ve posted two posts; one which can be found here – about the kilshane house and one, which can be found here – about the surroundings. now it’s time for the big day – the wedding and the wedding reception. prepare for a crap load of pictures!

ready for the wedding ceremony to start

the beautiful brides maids 

some wedding guests/family members

my brother and i

the ride back to kilshane house where the wedding reception was gonna take place

my brother and liz drinking champagne (probably about the third glass when i took the picture)

Mr. Carson, Paddy Carson (internal joke related to the series Downton Abbey) 

probably about the forth glass of champagne and i had a hard time fit into the picture

the wedding guests waiting for the newly weds to arrive

which they did shortly after taken the picture above – such beautiful couple ♥

the swedish delegation with the beautiful bride

my part of the table

we were all going crazy at one (read; several) point/points

the first dance…

which turned into an awesome show dance. they were so freaking good and the bride changed to a short dress in the middle of the dance. 

then we all danced for probably more than 5 hours. so. much. fun.


the last post in this series will be the two days after the wedding day when we went back to dublin, spent some time there, and then headed back to sweden the next day. stay tuned.

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