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March 24, 2009

haven’t updated the blog for a while now..sorry. but i’ve been a busy girl. hee hee.

we just stayed home during friday and watched some tv. j came over on saturday and we did some scrapbooking together and later on dinner and beer at jack of the wood, downtown asheville. yummy. d came too. oooh, j wanted to go to a specific store before we went to the pub and gooooosh – SO MUCH SCRAPBOOKING STUFF. i was in heaven..sort of. will post pics from inside the store later today – then you’ll get it….almost. sundaywas all about relaxing. we ate some junk food later in the evening and during the day worked hard on the scrapbook (i’m almost done with it now). my love had a “work day” yesterday which means no students at school so i went to the school too – studied a lot – gosh, i was a really productive student!!! this week will be a lazy and nice school week. i am way ahead. me like. my love felt spontaneous and wanted to go to the movies so we got tickets for slumdog millionaire and then went to the new opened Barnes & Noble (looooooooooooooove it). time was running away fast there and we were almost late to the movie. but perfext timing and the only ones watching it (monday, early evening). awesome.

kitty, the cat we have been cat-sitting for about a month now is going back home either later today or tomorrow…will miss her som much…she’s so sweet. yes, i am so sad about it. i have really come to love that cat.

pics of the scrapbook stuff later on today .
now; breakfast (american pancakes, i think)

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