i am sick…typ.

March 4, 2009

sittin’ with my morning coffe (Starbucks coffee with hazelnut creamer). yes, i call it morning coffee even though it’s more like lunch coffee now. i’m sick..sort of. have a cold and looked like a walrus earlier this morning (for those who are interested to know). kitty is laying down beside me. she’s so cute. love her. good company.

yesterday. anniversary day. my love and I had been together for 6 months. yay! wonderful and amazing 6 months. we celebrated it by eating at a french restaurant downtown Asheville. white wine, interesting and good conversations and ok food! cozy.

writing a test/paper for one of the classes while listening (don’t read watch) E News on TV. good job Lina. i’m smart. but the paper is pretty easy to write and deadline is in a week. so now worries and no stress! that’s the way to go.

i’m living life now. after about 5 really hard years in my life i’ve turned and i am more alive than i’ve ever been. amazing!

i’ve seen a really cool café downtown. i loooooooooove it. we are going there one day soon. woo hoo. seen some other stores worth to visit. cool t-shirts. i’m a t-shirt fan right now. yeah.

many different thoughts this wednesday noon. that’s. who. i. am. right. now.

i am in a shopping mood. again. meh. wanna go to the mall..but i can’t. ok. back to the paper.

my love just called me. after crazy snow days here where school was closed and a temperature around -10 (celcius degrees) it’s gonna be all crazy during the weekend. sunny and waaaaarm! friday around + 15, saturday around +17 and sunday around +20! i am excited. love it.

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