i am awake

May 11, 2009

Woke up (without my alarm) at 6:33AM. weird, but good ’cause i was planning on to get up early and study. 5 points to me, at least. so been reading and writing some on the school forums for my classes and now heading to organize (in the way to make a schedule of how much to read and learn every day in another class). so…today i’m just gonna be home. cozy clothes, no make up and books in front of me. yeah.

this week
– monday: study
– tuesday: study, a meeting
– wednesday: work some and study
– thursday: do grocery shopping, bake, clean and prepare for my b-day party, study (?)
– friday: clean, prepare some for the evening when some relativs are coming (who can’t come on saturday)
– saturday: prepare for the b-day party, b-day party
– sunday: the archipelago (?), study

have some other things to squeeze in between too. gaaah.
10 points to me after this crazy week.

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