home, here i come!!!

August 7, 2009

After all the troubles..I’ve decided to go to the States on a tourist visa and stay there for almost 3 months. AND I will be able to apply for a work visa after my graduation from collage (which I could not do during a period of two years if I’ve gotten the visa now). So I am happy and we are heading back home tomorrow!!! First Asheville for a night and then we are heading to the beach for some really necessary rest and relaxing time with my love’s family and relatives. I haven’t been able to relax for so many months now so it’s gonna be awesome. Beach life, beer, boat rides, restaurants, shopping, plenty of chat time and just hanging out. YAY.

Asheville, NC, with the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. Pic from here.

Atlantic Beach, NC. Pic from here.

My favorite restaurant at the beach. Pics from here.

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