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March 11, 2009

A day when I have many thoughts (because of some things) and I can’t really focus. Yay…or NOT. tried to study some but it didn’t work out that good. thought about getting dressed but realized that I need to take a shower and I don’t feel like it (such a process). so I am spending time with Kitty (the cat) and reading blogs.

Gonna start the day soon..

1. take a shower
2. get dressed
3. perhaps do some scrapbooking?
4. study some?
5. learn some more photoshop?

well the first two things are most important. might then go back to just spend time with kitty…she’s so sweet. love her.

by the way.
i. l o v e. my. tattoo.

over and out.

[will perhaps (hopefully) write something less depressing later. hehe.]

it’s amazing how a phone call can make you feel better. my love just called me and we have good plans for this afternoon now! the weather is gonna be crappy the coming days (rain and colder) so we are gonna enjoy the sort of nice (it’s still warm but cloudy) today and go out for a walk and get some peaceyay. later on pizza. yummy! even though I have my moments and crappy thoughts every now and then, I am so living life now. nothing is gonna stop me from doing that. no one has the rights to suck out all my energy. never. I am never gonna let that happen. my past is my past and my future is my future and now is now. enjoy it. breathe in every second and live!

thinking about to take the shower now. get dressed and then do some scrapbooing (bought some more stickers and things last night. yay). will do school work tomorrow (love to study online with the freedom it comes with).

take care and live.

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