Hey Friday!

October 11, 2013

So, again..it’s been a while. Oh, well. I’ve had fall break, which Liz and I spent at the beach! We had an amazing time with really good summer weather. Mornings were spent on the dock with a cup of coffee with a dolphin view, swam in the ocean, laid on the beach, ate good food, met up with a Swedish girl who lives down at the beach (so much fun to have some Swedish connections in the States!), and just relaxed. Too bad the break was so short (two days out of school). We’re back in the mountains since Tuesday night, and I started the school week with an exam and a paper due. Welcome back to reality…hehe. The weather here is perfect fall weather. The leaves are changing colors but it’s still like a cooler summer day (around 70/20 degrees). P e r f e c t. It’s Friday morning when I’m writing this, and I have two classes before my weekend starts. Liz and I are heading to the movies after school to watch Gravity in 3d. Gonna be fun and probably intense. Don’t know the rest of our plans for today, but my weekend is gonna be focused on some school work along with watching Breaking Bad. Hehe. We’re hooked.

Some pictures from my fall break (all taken with my phone so the quality is not the best – gotta get into using Liz’s camera…):

beach1 beach2 beach4 beach5 beach6 beach7 beach8 beach9

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