he made me laugh!

April 22, 2010

it was a tough morning today. you know when the bed feels extra cozy and warm and you’re still really tired..mmm. exactly. it was hard. mom and i took the same tram downtown this morning and while we were waiting at the tram stop a guy started talking to us. he was obviously drunk (i did my first internship in denmark with people who were alcoholics or doing drugs or perhaps both and i loved spending time with them) and had no boundries while talking but was amazingly funny and had story after story to tell us. he was totally cracking us up, big time.

we got on the tram and a person was doing a research for the tram company and we filled in forms and of course the guy wanted to do it too. it was a bit hard and he decided to just draw a long line crossing all the boxes you were suppose to mark differently (the questions were asked so you couldn’t really do like he did), which cracked me up (for the seventyeleventh time) since he was so proud of being so smart, according to him. but instead of filling in forms he wanted to tell people stories, which he was freaking good at! i turned to mom and said; can you understand now how fun i had in denmark during my internship?!? oh, yes was her respond.

he made me laugh this tough morning. thank you and i hope your hospital visit went good..

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