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March 19, 2014

School is at full speed again after spring break last week, but I only have six freaking weeks left of this semester (and a seventh week of finals)! CRAZY! I have a lot to study since there are multiple quizzes and exams  coming up in the near future. Whew! But I enjoy it too! This is one of my dreams coming true.

Liz was going out to eat with her brother last night, and sadly I stayed home to study. However, ten minutes later, Liz called on FaceTime, and standing beside her, was Paige! Paige is our amazing friend from Missouri who had just come back from a trip to Europe. She totally surprised us and showed up here in Asheville! I was so bummed that I had stayed home, so they all came and picked me up and we all went out to eat together. Such a great surprise, and she’s staying here for a week. YAY! If you would like to check out Paige’s blog, simply click here.

Gonna sip my coffee now and do some physics homework before getting ready for school. It’s a pretty short day today and only two classes. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

friendsMe, Paige, and Liz last night. Apparently the dress code was stripes…did not join that club last night. Oh, well. 

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