girl’s night

January 8, 2012

saturday early afternoon: my old high school friend’s baby had a name-giving-ceremony, and my love and i were invited. it was such a beautiful place and i sang a could of songs. will post some pics later on since my love took several great ones.

saturday late afternoon: my niece came yesterday afternoon and stayed over the night and we had a girl’s night! you know, home made pizza, movies, chips, soda…you name it! was cozy and fun.

sunday: while my love was working, my niece and i entertained ourselves with xbox 360 kinect and some games. it was hilarious..

now: my love and i are gonna watch some movies and just relax before a hectic week starts..can’t believe we are heading to stockholm in a week, and then to the states in just a week and a day. crazy how time flies.

so long.


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