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April 15, 2010

listening to edith piaf. wow. wanna learn french, but i suck on the pronunciation part. meh. anyone who can teach me french? have been studying today (not frnech), fixed times for the coming interviews we’re gonna have for our final paper (yes, i’m not writing it all by myself anymore, phu. feels really good). wanna change the blog design and having some ideas. hmm. should study, but might actually be more productive tomorrow if i take some time off now from everything that’s connected to school. yeah.

i was sitting outside on the porch with only shorts and a t-shirt earlier today. wondering when i’m gonna get a horrible cold as a price. hmm. although, i’m already having one sort of.

i wanna move to our own apartment NOW. went to a friend’s apartment today (never been there before), and i loved it. there’s hope for an apartment that you rent too. i thought the nice ones are only for sale where you have to pay like a million swedish crowns (= a crap load of money), but no. you just have to dig in to the apartment djungle and have patient (which i don’t have). wish us luck.

my love’s computer has passed away. i don’t think it can do like jesus did…so i’m sad and upset. she will hopefully buy a netbook or something very soon. i mean, we HAVE to able to see each other, otherwise these 7.5 weeks will feel like forever. i want her to buy a mac (the macbook). i’m kind of a mac-nerd whithout having a mac. (is that really ok and normal?). but what is normal and what is ok? oh, well. i want my coming macbook pro to have a mac friend, but we’ll see. will probably turn out to be a netbook friend.

ok. gonna work on the new design and will see when it’s gonna be a change here. hehe. you never know. edith is dramatic now. gosh.

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