flight tickets!

March 6, 2010

YAY. i’ve bought my flight tickets to the states for summer!!! i’m coming, my love! it’s saturday and i’ve been on the phone with SAS some (the reason: above), taken a shower, relaxed and listened to music. yep. my cousin is gonna come and pick me up in a couple of hours and we’re heading downtown for some adventures. woo hoo. feels like a good day. went to östersund (the city where my university is) the day before yesterday and came back yesterday…phu. did a test and it feels amazing to have a weekend with no school stuff. yes, i’ve taken one (still have plenty of papers to write)..but breaks are good too. dad is getting take away thai food. my favorite. yummy.

this is how i look today

 have a great rest of your saturday!

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