Five pictures from my phone lately.

August 9, 2013

We have been back in the mountains for some days now and I thought we could take a look of what we have done since then. For more frequent picture updates, check out me on Instagram and search for my nickname; liersees. You can also click here and see all the pictures on the computer.

1Received a package from Svenskt Tenn that we ordered about a week before. Placemats, trays, and pillows all designed by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson. Love it.

2We participated in a demostration and protest for restoring better human rights, equality, and education in North Carolina.  

3We babysat our adorable little extra-niece, Bella. Love her so much. ♥

4Yesterday we ate lunch at this greezy, cheap, and yummy restaurant called Waffle House. There aren’t only waffles on the menu. You can eat hash-browns, grits, biscuits, egg & bacon, grilled cheese sandwich and some more stuff. I had a waffle though, which was actually first time ever I’ve had it there. 

5This morning’s coffee view. 

Today, our friend is getting a tattoo, so we’re tagging along. Later on we’re going to a baseball game here in town, but first we’re gonna check out our gym, and test it some. It’s only one week left until my school starts now. So exciting!!!

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