enjoying a rainy day

August 22, 2012

i’m feeling pretty ok right now. it’s rainy outside and liz and i are sitting downtown in a cafe. i’ve been doing some research for our upcoming trip to ireland! fun. have i mentioned that? can’t remember..but anyway, we’re heading to ireland for a long weekend on thursday, next week!!! our friends are getting married and we are over the top excited. i’ve been asked to sing in the wedding too which is gonna be really fun. yay!

beside feeling ok in a downtown cafe and an upcoming trip to ireland, the important meeting went good earlier today. some things turned out more clear for me, which feels safe and good. the focus this fall will be to get better..and i’m gonna give it the time it needs. hard, but i’m ok with it.

i believe it’s also time to share liz’s and my new project soon, so check back tomorrow morning again! cliffhanger..hehe.

some research 

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