August 25, 2014

lina2Today is a day when I’m filled with so many different emotions, I hardly know what to do with them. A good thing is, that I have to focus on school, and an upcoming presentation in of of my classes. Otherwise, I would probably just lay down in bed and breathe deeply. It’s nothing bad at all, I’m just overloaded. I’m approaching my second week in school today, and it feels, as usual, that the days are flying by. I don’t want to forget stop breathing and enjoy the day. The weekend has been fun with plenty of social time with friends, older and newer. So much fun!!! I love having a three day weekend, and a four day week of classes (although the classes require me to study a lot). Ok, it’s time to head out, go to class, and do my presentation about a graphic designer. Hope you’re having a good start of the week!

Oh, one more thing! My amazing wife has, as of today, released her new photography business. Check her out here (link)!


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