December 18, 2014

Having a pretty tough day today…I’m so emotional. Today is December 18th which means it’s only one month until we leave Asheville, going by car to Newark, NJ, and then to the airport to fly out on the 19th. It’s only one month! I’m freaking out because there’s so much I wanna do here, so many people to hang out with, and so much more beer to drink – all in so little time. But lets focus on the positive things, because we have great and fun plans ahead of us.

♥ My parents are coming here and we’re going to pick them up at the airport on Saturday!

♥ We have a really cozy apartment.

♥ Christmas shopping.

♥ Christmas baking and cooking.

♥ Spend time with both our parents/families, together.

♥ All the secrets with Christmas gifts and the excitement around that – to give and to get.

♥ Move out of the apartment, stay downtown for a week, eat really good food, spend time with friends, and drink yummy local craft beer. Everything. All the time. Every day.

I am truly a kid when it comes to Christmas. I love it. And as someone said to Liz at the Christmas parade the other week, “Christmas is not only for the kids” – and gave her a bunch of candy. True that.

Ok, I believe it’s time to set some plans with close ones in Sweden as well, because we need to be reminded of all the positive things there, and to look forward to that, when we’re being sad for having to leave Asheville and the States (it’s sooo bittersweet this whole move). I love the States. I love Sweden.

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