don’t know why..

October 9, 2009

but i haven’t been in the mood to write here at all lately. sort of weird, but ok. so, as my love wrote (link), we are back in the apartment and i haven’t seen the mouse yet. think it’s totally gone. phu.

it’s friday and we are off to the beach this afternoon. yeah. love it there. the ocean. beaches. boats. good food. cozy house. warm weather. yes. we are gonna be a part of the 150th anniversary of the cape lookout lighthouse (a celebration/reception-dinner) for people who are related to the lighthouse – the lighthouse keepers. since my love’s great great great grandfather (or something like that) was a lighthouse keeper there, we are invited. gonna be fun.

– pics at the lighthouse from google images (here)
– short info from wikipedia about cape lookout (here)

pics from august this year

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