September 30, 2015

I love and have always loved pens and pencils! There’s something that’s just makes me excited when I see them. So colorful and so creative-focused. I do own a few various brands, which all have different uses. These are all of the different brands I have at home right now (actually, that’s not true, I realized I have some more, but I had already taken pictures of these and added them to this post when I realized that). Oh, well. Not a biggie.

First out are my beloved Stabile pens, which is a German brand established in the early 60’s. You can find these fibre-tip pens pretty much everywhere in the world. I have used these for school, for coloring, for general notes and letters, and to just make things I write down prettier. I have only the thinner ones, but they do exist in thicker tips as well. Check out the Stabile website here.

Second out is the Staedler fibre-tip pens which also have an ergonomic triangular shape, and they come, as the Stabile pens, from Germany. Germans are good when it comes to pens and other office stuff. When I spent summers in Germany as a kid and teenager, I loved checking out the fall school supplies that came out in stores there, since it was all so much, such variety, and also different from Sweden’s supplies.

Side story: One German tradition is to give the kids who’s starting first grade, a “Schultüte” (which is a big coned styled package, filled with school stuff and usually some candy). I google searched it and you can check it out some examples, here. I got one from our German friends when I started school, as did my siblings. And when I was living in Germany for a while and attended high school there, I got another one, (a smaller one, that was more symbolic since I was starting school for the first time in Germany), from the same family who I also stayed with then.

Sharpies are pretty famous in the States, but perhaps not as familiar in Europe. However, I do believe they’re more and more available here now. I know there are pen stores here in Sweden selling them, of course it’s like three times more than what you pay for them in the states. There are so many different ones but I have the Fine Points and the Ultra Fine Points. I also have the Retractable Fine Point Permanent Marker and some gold and silver ones. You can check them out more, here.

Pro markers were founded in London in late 1959 – I love the long history of all the pens! You can check them out more, here. The letterset website, linked here before, has also plenty of tutorials on their website, which can be good if you’re new to using Promarkers. I’ve done a few things with them, but then haven’t taken the time to really learn more about how they work, but I’m thinking that this fall, will be a great time for me to get into them again. The cool thing with Promarkers is that you use a blender, which, as it sounds like, blend the colors together so you can get various shade of a color, blending one color into another color or shade. This means that you can get a whole lot of different shades and colors with these ones. I have set 1, set 2, and skin tones 1, plus some blenders. Each pen has a thinner and a thicker side and each color has also its own name too, such as, Cinnamon, Sunkissed Pink, and Lemon, which will help you to separate the ones you have with the ones you might want to have.

This is what the different ones in the shade of blue, looks like.

Just wanted to share with you my little passion for pens! And give you some tips/info, in case you’re a pen and pencil nerd like me. How do you feel about office supplies? Do they get you all excited like they do me?!

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