November 22, 2014

WOW, Liz and I posted our news about my job and us moving back to Sweden, not only on our blogs (which you can read about here and here), but also on Facebook as well. And holy cow, what a great and awesome response we’ve gotten from friends and family. If you are reading this – a huge thank you for your support and for your care. We’re lucky to have so many amazing people around us ♥.

Liz and I are spending our weekend at home, just being and relaxing..and it feels so good! This is what my view has been like today. I have also accomplished finishing up a project for one of my classes (it will be critiqued on Monday with possible changes to do afterwards), finished a paper in another class, and baked an apple pie!

Gonna move over to the couch now where my love is sitting, and just enjoy another cozy movie night!

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