come, follow us to lake junaluska!

August 27, 2009

After my love got off from work yesterday, we decided to drive to Lake Junaluska (about 30 min drive from here). It’s a Methodist conference and retreat center. The area is really beautiful and yesterday was a really silent and relaxed day since the season is sort of over and people are back to work. Anyway…check it out!

On our way

Leaving the apartment building.

Going to the car.

Some traffic.

Cool building.

Lake Junaluska

The Chapel.

The Chapel from a different angle.

Touching and smelling the flowers.

The Peace Pole (the same sentence in different languages is writtten around the pole).

It was a pretty warm day… (The Chapel).

Walking around…

Beautiful view.

The Rose Walk.

The Cross.

We decided to surprice my love’s parents (who live just a 5 min drive from the spot where I took the last picture). So we did…and we all ended up at a Mexican restaurant later with plenty of deep discussions about health care systems in the States and Sweden, the senator’s death..and so on.  Good end of the day.

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