Christmas Parties and Angels!

December 14, 2013

Liz and I had our Christmas Party last night, and oh how I loved playing Christmas music, gathering friends, eating yummy food/snacks, and just chatting! So much fun, cozy, and…Christmas-y! We hosted ours yesterday and are invited to another one tonight!

christmasparty3 christmasparty4 christmasparty5


Before heading to the Christmas Party, we’re going to do some Christmas Shopping! It’s fantastic and touching to see all organizations and churches helping other people during this time of the year. Food banks, money offerings, and gifts for children living in poverty. Liz and I went to the mall the other day, and the Salvation Army had a Christmas tree up with plenty of paper cards on it. The program is called “Angels Tree Program”, and on each paper was a painted angel, a name or number (if the person wanted to be anonymous), age, and a little wish list. While we were looking at the tree, Liz explained the concept to me, which is, you take an angel from the tree, and you buy Christmas gifts for that child. The beauty of our experience was, that we didn’t pick one, but one angel fell into Liz’s hand and we took it as a sign to actually take part in this program. We signed up, and now we have a eleven year old girl who we’re going to buy some gifts for. She didn’t really wish for anything specific, so we’re going to have to be creative, which is fun. Isn’t this an awesome way to let some poor children at least get something for Christmas? I like the idea. Although, I wish it wasn’t such pressure in society of buying gifts…


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