China, here we come!

October 24, 2012

My love and I bought tickets to CHINA today. How amazing is that?! We’re leaving in the beginning of April, and will stay for two weeks. The main reason for going there is to visit my parents’ former exchange student, from the States, who’s living and working in Zhuhai, a city close to Hong Kong. Yay! Gonna be so much fun to see her again! Our first stop will be Peking/Beijing, then Hong Kong, and Zhuhai. We’re also gonna explore Macau, the Chinese version of Las Vegas, and take a trip to Guilin. We’re so excited! I just love to travel, and to share my experience with my love is the best.

Peking/Beijing: The Great Wall of China. Pic from here.

Peking/Beijing: The forbidden city. Pic from here

Hong Kong. Pic from here.

Zhuhai. The first pic from here, and the last pic from Catherine’s blog – the friend we’re gonna visit.

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