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Longboard Photo Shoot

June 10, 2016

A few weeks ago, on a pretty warm and beautiful day in May, my friend Lina and I spent some time outside shooting me and my longboard. Yes. Love the pictures she took and I want to, of course share them with you here. Thanks Lina, for helping out and being creative with me!









Photos by Lina

Three things I like right now

May 15, 2016


To get inspired and feel inspiration grow from deep inside of me. People, places, nature, cities, happenings, series, music everything is inspiring me, and I love it!


To spend time with friends and family where playing old records is a no brainer. How much do you love this record player…gaaaaah.


To drink coffee out of our newly bought mugs from House Doctor. Could buy so much from there and other design brands such as Bloomingville, HAY, and Muuto.

Premiere Day!

May 3, 2016


YES! Today, I’m gonna longboard for the first time. Well, I’ve longboard a tiny bit before, but inside, so it doesn’t count. A friend of mine is coming over this afternoon and we’re gonna longboard together, which is gonna be fab! I’m stoked as you probably can tell, but it feels like I’ve been waiting on this moment forever. The sun is out, it’s gonna be pretty warm today, and the gravel is gone from the sidewalks and streets! Perfection.

Tip #1: If you would like to follow my little longboard story, check out the category; longboard

Tip #2: You can also check out my little video I made last fall. You find it here and also on my Vimeo account, here.

Hope you’re having a great week!

A goal succeeded and some new make up in

October 6, 2015

So I believe I mentioned not too long ago about a strategy of mine (or perhaps I didn’t hint about it? anyhow..) when it comes to treatment and motivation. Because even though I want Lina and my life back again, and so forth, the motivation is really hard to find when I’m facing the toughest things right now. So, in order to get some motivation started, I have a strategy in order to reach some goals. I need to structure it a tiny bit more, but in general, the point is that I’m gonna be allowed to buy something, a treat/reward for myself, when I’ve reached a goal. I’m not gonna get into detail with the various goals because I need to organize and structure them a bit more, as I said. However, I reached one goal on Friday last week, and I decided that my reward would be to order make up (which I also needed). This idea to buy something in order for me to reach different goals is not something I’m gonna keep doing forever, because my motivation needs to be based on something more deep than that, but at this point, right now, this is something, an extra push I need, to hopefully experience a deeper and truer motivation later on.

Ok, enough explaining and let’s check out what I bought!

Highlighter Collage
A highlighter (Mystic) from Face Stockholm

A black mascara from Make Up Store

Eyebrow Collage
A sharpener from Make Up Store, an eyebrow pen (Mink Brown) from Wet n Wild, and an eyebrow gel from Nyx.

Skate inspiration

September 8, 2015

Some skate and longboard inspiration just because it looks so damn fun and cool. Plus, the design of some boards are just great. You can see all the pictures and some more on my Pinterest, which you’ll find here.


sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.




sources: 1234567.


A New Hobby!

September 6, 2015


About a week ago, I posted the picture above on Instagram and wrote:

Happy Saturday, folks! You might wonder what the heck you’re seeing in this picture. Hehe. This, my friends, is some weird/crazy prep for my new hobby to come! Woo hoo. I know, I know. This is a major teaser. Anyway, I’ll hopefully get back to ya ASAP and share my excitement fully with y’all. Just gotta figure some stuff out first. To be continued ? #teaser #newhobby #soon #waiting #preparing #mouhaha #excited #me

So what is it I’m going to do and what the heck is shown in the picture above?

Readers, it’s me measuring how long a longboard is in total, and how long it is where you’re standing. The arrows show the total length and the cylinder and the ball together show the center/standing part of the board! I wanted to get a better picture of how big/long it is. I haven’t really talked about this a whole lot before (except a picture or so on Instagram over a year ago → here), but it’s been on my mind for about 1.5 years now, and I even had a possible teacher in Asheville when we lived there. But somehow, it just ran out in the sand (as we say in Swedish), we moved to Sweden, and I was caught up in other things in life – like settling in in Sweden again, getting into my new job, and solving the living situation, etc.

But a few weeks ago, my longboard nerves started itching again. I talked about it when we had picnic in the park a couple of weeks ago here in Uppsala, and I found out that one of my co-workers wants to learn too! Perfect. I have a co-worker/friend here I can longboard with some! Then I found out that two more people at work are interested in skating/longboarding.

So I’m about to start a new hobby  – longboarding!

Right as this moment, I’ve just ordered one and I’m un-patiently waiting for its arrival, which will take a few weeks!! It’s an American Skate brand, called Arbor Collective which started 1995 in Venice California.

So the longboard I’ve ordered is an Axis Walnut by Arbor Collective in photography collaboration with the artist Matt Smith. It’s the kind you can cruise, (go from A to B), carve (ride an ‘S’ shaped path), freeride (a form of downhill skateboarding that is more trick oriented and technical), and do freestyle (boardwalking, dancing etc.) with, so it’s a pretty all-around board, but not too focused on tricks as you might think when thinking about a skateboard. Longboard is (obviously due to the word “long”) a long board which makes it a little bit more stable and hopefully easier to ride than a skateboard.

So this blog will probably be a tiny bit more focused on longboarding and I hope you would like to tag along in my learning process.

The one I’ve ordered looks like this ↓


Here comes some Longboard geek talk

  • It’s a symmetrical, snowboard inspired shape.
  • Offers a quick rail-to-rail performance, with drop-through mounting for a more ergonomic push and power through turns and slides.
  • L: 40.00”  W: 9.00”  WB: 30.50”.
  • Trucks: Reverse Kingpin with Caliber 50 Caliber 10.0.
  • Wheels: Arbor Sucrose Initiative – Summit Series. Size 71.0mm.