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May 20th – NYC part I

June 1, 2014

I’m posting a series of pictures from Liz’s and my trip to NYC about one and a half weeks ago. Day 1 in the series, can be found here. Day 2, my birthday, ended up being so many pictures, so I’ve decided to split it up in two different parts. A short summary in the form of keywords are found below, along with links to all the places we went to. Here we go, day two, part I – my 30th birthday!:

⋅ my 30th birthday!!! ⋅ beautiful weather ⋅ a lot of walking⋅ typical New York City buildings with fire escapes breakfast in East Village ⋅ hidden gardens ⋅ bookstore ⋅ shopping  Washington Square Park Magnolia Bakery ⋅ drinks at The Spotted Pig in West Village ⋅ to be continued…





































when my mom and aunts came to town

May 29, 2014

Our visitors/family from Sweden are all back home now, and today is the first time since I was out of school in the beginning of May when I don’t have anything specific plans. Even though I’m sad my family isn’t here in town anymore, it feels pretty good to just relax and not do touristy things. I have plenty of photos to show you from when my mom and two of my aunts were in town, Liz’s and my trip to New York where we met up with my brother and cousin, and then their time down here in the south. So much to show you. Oh, well. We will start by going back in time to the May 11th – the day mom and my aunts flew down, from New York, to Charlotte, North Carolina. Check it out:


On our way to the airport (about 2.5h by car) in Charlotte to pick them up!


My mom and I. It was the American Mothers’ Day, so I gave mom a “UNCA mom” t-shirt.


Wine and strawberries on the balcony the first evening. This is one of my aunts and me chatting.

visit4Coffee in the morning sun.


The “Fika-meetup” group Liz arranges was having fika one day during my mom and aunts’ visit, so we all participated in it.


My love is the master of the grill!

visit7Another day we went to the movies. 


We also ate a great lunch at Tupelo Honey

visit9Checked out some stores in downtown Asheville.

visit10Drove up the Parkway to look at the amazing views.

visit11 visit12

Liz is, in addition to being the grill master, an amazing French Toast maker.


One day we took a trip to the Indian Reservation, Cherokee. 


Liz and I at Cúrate – a really good tapas restaurant and bar.

visit15 visit16

Liz’s mom joined us for dinner at Cúrate and afterwards, we crammed all of us in the car, and drove back home to eat a cake dessert I had received from a friend the day before. They also surprisingly celebrated me with sparkling wine and gifts. I had officially started my birthday celebration (I turned 30 two days later…but more about that in another blog post). 


My birthday mug, I always got hot chocolate in it on birthday mornings as a kid. 

visit18Mexican dinner with friends and family. 

visit19Another great dinner out.


After about a week in Asheville, it was time for mom and my aunts to fly back to Sweden. Liz and I were starting my birthday celebrations by flying to New York to meet up with my brother and cousin, but that’s another story and another blog post.

Credit to Liz who took some of the photos!

balcony makeover

April 7, 2014

Liz and I decided to do a makeover of our balcony last Saturday.



balcony2Realized when I was going to write this post, that we were lacking photos of the balcony before the the two above are pretty much what I have. However, we had two red chairs, a rug, and a rectangular, metal table.

The process:

balcony3Worked hard putting all the furniture together…and before that cleaned the space and the windows.

The result:balcony4



balcony7 balcony8 balcony9
The chairs got cushions and we bought a stool which can be an additional seat as well. We added some plants for a little greenery, and bought a bistro table and two chairs, which is perfect for all the meals we’re gonna eat out there once it gets a tiny bit warmer. We ate our premiere dinner and drank some wine, after we finished decorating it. Do I have to say we love our balcony?

(credit to Liz for the majority of the pictures)

New Years Eve in Atlanta, part I

January 3, 2014

Liz and I went to Atlanta, Georgia, as I mentioned in the last post, on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with some friends! There are so many pictures to share with you all, so I have divided them up in two posts instead. Here comes part one!

We headed to the area “Five Points” where they have vintage stores, record stores, funky cafes, and a great pub called, “The Porter Beer Bar”, where we made a stop. I also finally found a great/perfect oversized jeans jacket, which I’ve been looking after, for a long time. Yes. It was all a great start of our New Years celebrations! More to come in the next post!














We’re gonna travel the world together!

February 28, 2013

I mentioned, a little cryptically, in an earlier post about something fun I bought in Berlin this past weekend. I believe it’s time to show you. Since we’re moving out of the country, we’re trying to not buy too much, which will only be more things to move, but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s actually something I’ve wished for for several years, and now I finally bought it. I’m now a proud owner of a Lomography Diana Mini Camera! We walked into the Lomography store in Berlin and I was in heaven (or close to it).

diana-camera1 diana-camera2diana-camera

diana-camera3 diana-camera4

Fun straws. And a scented candle.

January 24, 2013

We bought some really cute straws yesterday which I premiere drank with last night. Way more fun to drink, than just directly from the glass. We also found some great scented candles. So hard to not buy all different kinds of interior stuff, but we’re trying not to for various reasons. But these things are so small, and being used up so..there’s my excuse.

bought3 bought4

The Christmas tree hunt!

December 19, 2012

We were gone almost the whole day yesterday with the goal of finding the perfect Christmas tree on a Christmas tree farm. We found several farms but no people there to sell a tree. After driving around in the mountains for hours, we finally found the perfect place on top of a mountain with plenty of beautiful trees and an amazing view! We used the RV so we could fit with the tree inside. Stay tuned to see the tree decorated which we are gonna do today!












Svenskt Tenn

November 9, 2012

I’m a little bit into Svenskt Tenn right now. Svenskt Tenn is an interior design company founded 1924 by Estrid Ericsson. Ten years later Josef Frank joined the business, and together they created colorful patterns which is the charatistic of the company today. It’s pretty famous in Sweden and you can check out their website here, or visit the store at Strandvägen 5 (if you happen to be in Stockholm). Liz and I are heading to Stockholm in a week and I believe we’ll do some shopping in the store then!

On my wish list

The pattern Manhattan by Josef Frank and in the form of a tray, and some place mats.

Josef Frank worked as a guest professor between 1942 and 1946 at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan. He found the city plan interesting and made a really simple drawing, and the famous Manhattan pattern was invented.

The pattern Elefant by Estrid Ericson and in the form of a tray but also some fabric (gonna be a pillow case for a special pillow I have had my whole life).

Estrid Ericson loved to travel and brought different design shapes, patterns, and souvenirs home. She drew this elephant pattern in the end of 1930. Her inspiration came from the Beligian Kongo (a Belgian colony in Central Africa in the beginning of 1900).

DESIGN LETTERS + Arne Jacobsen

November 8, 2012

When we were walking around in a really rainy Helsingborg, I happened to find a store selling cups with letters on then. I was totally drawn to them, walked into the store, checked them out, and read about them. The typography on the cup was drawn by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), and the letters were originally created in 1937 for internal signage at the Aarhus City Hall. I truly fell in love, and bought my letter, and wouldn’t mind getting some other ones too. Find out more about the cups here.