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September 7, 2016

Love the Swedish singer, Laleh’s, new song, Aldrig Bli Som Förr (Never gonna be like it was). Been listening to it on repeat an embarrassing number of times and if you would like to tag along in this listening marathon, or to just check it out, you can listen to it down here. ↓ Enjoy!

Håkan Hellström

June 17, 2016

Good memories that I will always keep close to my heart. Håkan Hellström at Ullevi, Gothenburg, June 5th, together with 70 143 other people. Amazing. Liz made a video, which you can find here (or further down in this post!) and she also wrote an awesome post on her blog. It’s little bit tough right now, so today, I’m gonna play his music and remember the magic that took place in Gothenburg just a few weeks ago.

Jag tror ↔ I believe
När vi går genom tiden ↔ As we go through life
Att allt det bästa ↔  That all the best
Inte hänt än ↔ Hasn’t happened yet









Marshall Branding

May 25, 2016

Let us take a moment to praise Marshall and their branding! Or not just the branding, but also their product. No, this is not a sponsored post (though, I wish!). I got the amazing Acton Marshall Speaker from Liz on my birthday, and I’m in love. It was a major moment for me experiencing their branding… my inner design nerdy-ness was geeking out, and I loved it!! Ok, enough talk. Time to check out the pics instead, since, of course, I just had to document everything as I opened the box.

Queen B

May 17, 2016


Today’s tip: Go to, subscribe for free the first month, and start listen to Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade. Deal? Ok.

Cleaning, Håkan, and just some rest

October 18, 2015

Håkan Hellström tickets.Finally was able to buy tickets to the Håkan Hellström concert (after hours of being in line!)

The week has just been a major blur, where I’ve had zero energy more than making it back and forth to the hospital. I’ve literally just been on the couch the rest of the time, which my main nurse also told me to do – no physically activity. While it’s been necessary, it’s also been pretty hard dealing with this state of not doing anything. I get so restless, but am so tired, and yet I can’t sleep good. It’s a catch-22.

After last weekend, Liz and I decided to not have any plans at all this weekend. We’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, and yesterday we were working hard on getting tickets to the Håkan Hellström concert in June 2016! The arena in Gothenburg seats around 75 000 people (perhaps a few less since the stage takes up some space), and we stood in line (online) to stand in line (online) in order to buy the tickets. When it was 12 o’clock, the website where you ordered the tickets, was overloaded with people wanting to buy tickets. At one point it said on their Facebook page that there were around 95 000 freaking people trying to buy tickets at the same time on their website. 95 000!!!! And then, think of each of them buying at least two tickets each. I realized, with our waiting time in line (more than an hour), we weren’t gonna get any tickets… Suddenly, the artist decided to added a second concert the next day, and luckily we got tickets to that one (after bing in line for around 4 hours in total, working on three different computers at the same time!), with pretty good seats as well! Woo hoo! A friend of mine and her sister are going too so we’re gonna have a little road trip to Gothenburg then. Can’t wait! Anyhow, once we’ve gotten the tickets, my life turned out to be a little bit more glorious for a bit, even though the concert is not until June. Hehe.

We’re also making some travel plans to the States for next summer and a possible beach week with the American family which is making me beyond excited!! Cross your fingers it will happen and that we’re gonna rent the house at the beach we had last time, right on the beach of North Carolina – I love it! Today, Sunday, we’ve been doing some major cleaning at home and are just gonna watch TV tonight.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Such a Music Genius

October 4, 2015

Laleh ♥

She performed at the gala for collecting money for all refugees, called “Hela Sverige Skramlar”, that was shown on TV this past week. She ended the show by singing, a capella, for a full arena. Magical.

A Fall List

September 19, 2015

Fall in Atlanta, GA

It’s the middle of September and fall is pretty much just around the corner here in Sweden, so I though of sharing a little fall-focused list. I found it on this girl’s blog, who found it from someone else’s and so forth. The charm of blog lists! Here we go.

What do you imagine when you think of fall?
Either a crisp fall day with a blue sky, colorful trees, and being out in nature or a pretty gray day, sitting inside under a blanket, candles lit all around you, and a hot drink in your hand (preferbly hot cider from Barber’s Orchard in Waynesville, North Carolina or chai latte or pumpkin spiced latte).

What’s the worst with fall?
The darkness and grayness here in Sweden. Last November, Sweden had, apparently, only 3 hours of sunshine in the whole month of November!!! I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to deal with that if it happens again.

Hot Springs, NC Halloween

And what’s the best with fall?
All the fun holidays and celebrations. My wife’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the whole line up to Christmas Holidays.

Your fall outfit?
See here.

Follow Lina Eriksson’s board S t y l e on Pinterest.


Blue Ridge Parkway

What do you have on your to do-list?
Hopefully some longboarding before the leaves have fallen down and make it too slippery. Go to concert(s?), perhaps a musical, spend some time in Stockholm probably, and as mentioned earlier, celebrate some American Holidays. But mainly, to get better – focus on my health.

How to you treat fall “depression”?
Light a lot of candles, spend time with family and friends, and try to focus on the fun stuff coming up.

Candles Hot Drink

Best music for rainy days?
I’ll be playing my own little fall playlist, called “fall coziness 2k15”, which you can find here. I keep adding songs to it, mostly songs I find on Spotify’s Discover Weekly! Love it. But I will also play my cousin’s “septemberregn” (September Rain) playlist, which you can find here, and Liz’s “41 | September 15 // create + connect” playlist, which you can find here.

What TV-series are the best to watch?
I love The Walking Dead (which will start soon again!), but I’m planning on starting a few new TV-series, such as Fear the Walking Dead, Derek, and Game of Thrones.

Your most fall-ish meal?
Soups! But I’m dying to eat Thanksgiving food again – I love it!

Thanksgiving Food

Any trips planned?
Not really planned…but probably Stockholm a few times since we live so close. Norrköping to see family. We also really wanna go to Dublin, Paris, and Berlin. Liz’s cousin has just moved to Paris. A close friend and her husband have moved to a new house right outside Dublin and also given birth to a really cute little boy – we wanna meet him so badly! Another close friend lives in Berlin and has also moved, together with her boyfriend, to a new place, and my extra little American sister has now moved to Berlin (before that, she lived in China!) Gaaaah, so many reasons to go to these places ♥  But if we aren’t making it to any of them this fall, we will during the year of 2016!

How do you prepare for winter?
Make it cozy at home – changing some interior design from the summer theme to a more fall theme. Thicker and more fall-ish looking blankets and pillows. In addition to the textile changes, bring out some more candles. I also change my clothes in the closet from summer to fall/winter ones. Thicker sweaters, darker colors etc. We don’t have that much closet space so we’re pretty much forced to separate the more summer-ish clothes from the more fall and winterish clothes. Something you can do here in Sweden since it won’t suddenly get really warm on a winter day, and so forth.

Fall in Atlanta, GA

River Beauty  All pictures taken fall 2013 and 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia and Asheville/Hot Springs, North Carolina


September 3, 2015

So while I’ve been sick and worked from home the whole week, music has made a huge difference in my mood (I’m so tired of feeling crappy and I haven’t been outside since Saturday lunch – it’s freaking Thursday evening now!!! End of short side story.). Monday was all about new discoveries through Spotify’s own playlist designed for me that comes out every Monday – based on what I’ve listened to before. Tuesday was all about fall coziness with various fall playlists, mainly Liz’s latest one for September. Wednesday was all about my own fall music list, and today, Thursday, has been all about musicals! Yes, I love musicals and I can totally get stuck on shorter specific parts of a song (goes with all music I listen to and then I have to play it over and over again. I’m probably a pain to have playing music out loud. End of side story 2.)

Will see what I’m in the mood for tomorrow. Thank goodness for my awesome headphones. Otherwise, Liz would probably have killed me. Or not..but you get the point.

A year’s worth of music by Liz

September 1, 2015

Liz at has had a really cool music project during her 41st year of living, by creating music lists on Spotify and then share them with whoever interested. She’s turning 41 in the end of September and therefore has completed her project by now (she started september 2014 when she turned 40!), but not without a grande finale.

For September 2015, she has let the playlist be a collaborative one where people have been able to add songs to the list. Love it. I’ve been a big fan of her playlists, listened to them at work for hours, have had great memories to many of them, and explored, for me, new artists as well.

Since I think, of course, my wife is  kickass, I wanted to share this with you here as well! Hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as I will (I’ve cheated a little bit and seen/listened to a few songs already).

↓ If you would like to explore the other playlists. 

September 2014
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
May 2015
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015

En styck piano

May 11, 2015

(Short summary in English, below)

Liz och jag spenderade lördagen med att fira livet lite extra mycket. Vi åt ute, drack öl, mötte upp min bror, hans tjej samt en kompis för mer öl och satt och njöt av solen vid ån. Men innan allt ätande och drickande, begav vi oss, som jag skrev om tidigare, till en pianoaffär som bara ligger ett stenkast från där vi bor. Min terapeut hade uppmanat mig att gå dit och plinka lite då pianospelande är något som hjälper mig otroligt mycket då det kan vara lite tufft samt är något som jag generellt saknar oerhört i livet. Sagt och gjort. Vi gick dit. Jag spelade och dreglade (typ) över alla möjliga pianon och flyglar…

Och vet har vi beställt ett piano (tack mamma och pappa som hjälper oss lite på traven!) ♥ Nu kommer jag äntligen att kunna ta upp mitt stora musikintresse och kommer att kunna spela prick när jag vill. Lyckan är total.

Vi fastnade för ett digitalpiano som har i stort sett ett autentiskt ljud som ett akustiskt piano, men är ett mellanting mellan keybord och ett aukustiskt piano. Jag kan med andra ord använda hörlurar om jag vill (vilket är bra om man bor i en lägenhet, vilket vi gör), jag kan koppla den till en dator, spela in och den har  ytterligare ett flertal olika finesser, men det bästa är att det låter som att man spelar på ett akustiskt piano. Det är med andra ord ingen keyboard-känsla. Underbart.

Är så himla glad och längtar tills vår får hem den, vilket är troligtvis om bara några dagar. Foton kommer då, förstås.

Short Summary

A digital piano

Liz and I spent Saturday, enjoying and celebrating life a little bit extra. We ate out, drank beer, and hung out with my brother, his girlfriend, and a friend of ours. Before we headed downtown, we went to a piano store/factory here in town. My therapist had mentioned about this store and told me that I should go there and play a little since it’s something really good for me to do when I’m feeling a bit blue, and I truly miss music in my life on a regular basis. So we went. And it was heaven…But you know what, we have ordered a digital piano now (it sounds like an acoustic piano but is something in between a keyboard and a acoustic piano. You can record with it, plug in it has some major things like a keyboard, but sounds like a real piano) and will be delivered in just a few days. I’m so so soo excited and thankful! My parents are helping us out some with this purchase – thank you, thank you, thank you!! Can’t wait to be able to play exactly whenever I want to! ♥ Please try the more or less good Google translate, if you want to translate the whole text.


April 8, 2015

(Summary in English below)

Sitter här och skriver ett litet blogginlägg från mobilen för att se hur det fungerar. 

Liz och jag köpte träningskort igår så nu ska här börja tränas! Känner att jag måste hitta lite fritidsintressen att sysselsätta mig med så att det inte enbart blir att sova, vakna, jobba och sova (på ett ungefär). Jag måste göra något som jag mår bra av, får energi utav och kan känna en glädje i att göra. Jag hoppas att träning ska kunna hjälpa mig att nå dessa, inte alltför höga, mål. Musik är något annat som alltid funnits i mitt liv men som jag tråkigt nog inte har sysselsatt mig med de senaste åren och jag saknar det så får se om jag kan komma på vad jag ska satsa på inom det. Ha tillgång till ett piano, lära mig spela gitarr bättre eller kanske sjunga i någon mindre grupp eller i en större kör – antingen på avancerad nivå där man får provsjunga eller i något lättare där alls får vara med. Blir att fundera på det och göra lite research tror jag allt. 

Ja, det var lite tankar från mig denna onsdagskväll. Hoppas att ni har en skön kväll! 


English Summary


Testing out writing a blog post from my cell. Liz and I bought gym cards yesterday! I need something to do other than sleep, wake up, work, and then sleep again (basically). I also hope it will help me to gain some more energy! Would love to do something with music too – like singing, playing the piano or guitar. Need to do some research about it all, I believe.  


March 29, 2015

(Short summary in English, below)

Att vakna och se ett sms som det här <3 Min kusin skulle nämligen ha konsert (Brahms Symfoni nr 1) senare under dagen i Universitetsaulan!



Så Liz och jag bestämde oss för att gå efter att vi hade uträttat lite ärenden på stan (läst: försökt att hitta presenter till lite olika släktingar som fyller år nu i april). I Uppsala har de förresten dekorerat lite björkar så här fint. ↓

Easter Feathers


Jag dör vad fint Uppsala är och att staden är så gammal och har en sådan historia…känner mig priviligerad att få gå på dessa gator så många andra människor i historien har gått på. Ja, jag tänker på sådant ibland när jag promenerar.




Vi kom fram till Universitetsaulan där konserten skulle vara. Tog inte kort under själva konserten för då skulle mobilerna vara avstängda ju…

The Auditorium


Men här är konserten över och vi applåderade och applåderade. Är så sjukt stolt över min fina kusin som är så otroligt duktig <3

Brahm's Symphony nr 1


Sedan var det så här fin blå himmel ute när vi promenerade hem. Resten av kvällen tände vi ljus (Earth Hour, ni vet), drack vin och åt chips/godis samt pratade sommarplaner. Men mer om det någon annan gång!



Nu ska det städas och tvättas här hemma. Och föresten, tack för alla fina och peppande ord i det förra blogginlägget. Ni är så fina <3


Short Summary

Woke up with a text from my cousin telling us that she was gonna play (violin) at a concert Saturday evening. We decided to go. Before that, we did some errands downtown and I walked around just feeling so fortune to live in a city with such history <3 To walk around on the streets where people have walked hundreds of hundreds of years before me. Amazing. The rest of the evening, after the concert, we lit candles at home (Earth Hour), drank some wine, ate chips/candy, and talked about our summer plans, but more about that another time. Today, we’re gonna do laundry and clean. Btw, thank you for all your kind words in my earlier post. Love <3  Please try the more or less good Google translate, if you want to translate the whole text.




December 23, 2014



Today, we (mom, dad, and I) relaxed and listened to music at home while Liz was working some.




We also opened up a Swedish chocolate box, and I gladly ate a bunch of pralines while we were having fika.





Once Liz was done, we all headed to the Grove Park Inn, a luxury hotel that opened in 1913, where plenty of celeberties have stayed when visiting Asheville, where they have a National Gingerbread House Competition. The rule is for everything to be edible. Pretty amazing, I think. (The Santa has hair..just the crappy light outside that makes it look like he hasn’t. Hmpf.) We also checked out the Christmas lights on the beautiful houses/neighborhood of Montford, and ate a yummy, early dinner in West Asheville at one of our favorite restaurants – Walk.

tuesday9We ended the day with hot cider in front of a Christmas movie.


December 13, 2014


… otherwise called, Saint Lucy’s Day, is on 13 December, in Advent. Her feast once coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year before calendar reforms, so her feast day has become a festival of light. St. Lucy’s Day is celebrated most commonly in Scandinavia, with their long dark winters, where it is a major feast day. In Scandinavia, a person dressed in a white dress and a red sash carries palms and wears a crown or wreath of candles on her head. In Sweden, girls (or sometimes boys) dressed as Lucy carry rolls and cookies in procession as songs are sung. It is said that to vividly celebrate St. Lucy’s Day will help one live the long winter days with enough light. Text totally copied from wikipedia, and click here to read the whole article.

Liz woke me up this morning, with the Lucia song playing on her phone, and with a candle in her other hand. She had also prepared coffee that was brewing and fixed so we could stream the traditional Lucia program on the TV, from the Swedish TV. So cozy, and I totally teared up. It means so much to live in a bi+national marriage where your other half totally knows the tradition from your home country and culture. ♥










November 25, 2014

To a few weeks ago when we saw First Aid Kit at the Orange Peel here in Asheville. Such a good concert and night with good friends!




November 24, 2014

I was going on YouTube to check out some short informative movie clips about Graphic Design History (studying for my upcoming final exam in that class). But, when I got on the website, other videos related to earlier visits, showed up…Among them, a bunch of Beyoncé clips, since I love her music and her live performances are amazing, which I clearly had looked at on YouTube before. One song that showed up was, Listen. Ok, getting really personal now, but thought I wanted to share it with you all.

I have met quite many people in my life that are intimidated by me… I don’t really know why, but perhaps they think I have my life all put together and have had it like that all along. I haven’t and I don’t. There have been many years of a lot of sickness in my life. Anorexia, which some of you already might now about. Anyway, I’ve spent months in the hospital to recover (now why this is related to today’s YouTube visit)..and the song Listen was one of the songs in my playlist, I listened to all the time while laying in bed at the hospital. In the midst of all the sickness, there was a tiny bit of hope, and I found some strength within this song.


Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can’t complete
Listen to the sound from deep within
It’s only beginning
To find release

The time has come
For my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own
All cause you won’t

I am alone at a crossroads
I’m not at home in my own home
And I’ve tried and tried
To say what’s on my mind
You should have known
Now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I gotta find my own.

You should have listened
There is someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago

Oh I’m screaming out, and my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed aside or worked
Into your own
All cause you won’t

I don’t know where I belong
But I’ll be moving on
If you don’t…
If you won’t…

…listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I’ve started but I will complete
Now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you’ve made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me
But now I gotta find my own,
My own.

After being so sick, I am still recovering as of today, because it is a long process. And while I’m not underweight anymore, I still need to deal with sick thoughts e v e r y d a y. The difference now is that I’m not letting them take over my life. But laying down at the hospital bed, trying to figure out who I was, and leave the sickness behind, was tough. Today, I’m still trying to figure out who I am, without the sickness, and to find my place in the world, and mostly important, within myself. It’s, of course, an ongoing process, not only for someone who’s been sick, but for everyone, and a continuous exploring throughout our lives. I thought I’d share this little story, this song with you, because not only do I need to probably hear these words, but perhaps you do too.

Here’s the video of Beyoncé singing the song live, and the exact video I happened to stumble  upon  on YouTube today that reminded me of my life process and progress.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


November 21, 2014

Last night we headed over to → French Broad Brewery and listened to → the Wilhelm Brothers who played there. This band is made up of Chris and Cristof, a guitar player and a cello player, who not only play, but share their souls with you as you listen. They sing and play with such amazing feeling/emotion and express such pure happiness so that the only thing you do is to smile from the inside out. I love it. Their style is, as they describe it, is Folk Rock with Cello Infusion. The best thing is that I’m fortunate enough to have gotten to know these guys, so when we heard they were back in town from their two week long tour in the northeast US, we of course headed over to the brewery wheere they were playing last night.

thursdayCristof on the cello (and vocals) and Chris on the guitar (and lead vocals).


thursday2It was actually the first time I was at this brewery, which is funny since I do have a favorite beer (Kolsch) from here that I always order when I’m out eating (and not eating at another brewery). We talked a lot with the girl who worked there last night and she told us it’s only $2.5 pints on Mondays, so I guess we’re heading back there then to experience it some more and drink cheap beer!

thursday3Liz is talking to our friend, Andrea, who also married to the guitar player, Chris, in the band. Oh, she’s a Multimedia Artist and has her own studio in the → River Arts District here in Asheville, called, → Studio A. She designs, lamp shades, prints/cards in collaboration with her mom, and Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs. She has an etsy shop up and running now → AshevilleStudioA on Etsy

thursday4We decided to head over to Rosetta’s Kitchen after the show to eat a delicious dinner. Rosetta’s Kitchen is all about vegetarian/vegan food. Sooooo good!!! 

thursday5They also have various local artists’ work on their walls, which is for sale. I love that concept. 

thursday6Me, Liz, Andrea, and Chris.

thursday7It was such a great night and I just love to be surrounded by positive energy people, artists, and creative people and friends in general. Such an inspiration in life, and I’m so blessed to have gotten to know amazing people here. Yes, I’m having an emotional moment right now. More about that in another post…

Ps. If you would like to listen to the Wilhelm Brothers, you can check them out on Spotify. Just follow the links below. 

Wilhelm Brothers – Lay Your Burden Down

Wilhelm Brothers – Like a Bird (Live On Wdvx Blue Plate Special)


November 20, 2014

The music playing in the background in the video I made and posted on the blog yesterday (link → here) is, the Avett Brothers – an American folk/bluegrass-ish kind of band from North Carolina made up by two brothers Seth and Scott Avett, Bob Crawford, and Joe Kwon. My amazing wife, Liz purchased tickets and she, together with Paige and I, went and saw them at the U.S. Cellular Center in downtown Asheville some weeks ago. I thought they needed a little bit more space here on the blog. To be honest, I haven’t really been listening to them a whole lot, just through Liz, but I’ve started getting into them more and more lately. It’s not my typical kind of music, but after being to the concert and seeing them live, I’ve gained a huge appreciation for their musical talents and generous positive energy they shared with their audience. Let’s check out the concert some through my phone.




My favorite song is → The Once and Future Carpenter which is also the song I used as background music in my Camping video. Check the group out, if you are in the mood for some new music! You can find their latest album → here (opens in Spotify).


November 18, 2014


My October/November album, has been/is for sure, Damien Rice’s My Favourite Faded Fantasy. It’s really chill and relaxed music, and perfect to listen to while studying, walking to places, traveling, or pretty much whatever. Favorite tracks are: My Favorite Faded Fantasy, I Don’t Want to Change You, and Colour Me In. Check out the music, down below, or simply click on this link → Damien Rice – My Favorite Faded Fantasy (it will be open up in Spotify then).


August 16, 2014

I’ve been crazy busy lately with coming back from Sweden, spending time at the beach here in North Carolina, taking care of some Swedish visitors (my niece and cousin – so much fun!). I still haven’t posted all the pictures from Sweden, but before I continue with that, I thought of posting some from yesterday and today. So this is what I’ve been up to lately, through my phone: Been hanging out with friends and family, drinking beer at several breweries in town, eating cozy dinners, and cutting my hair.



June 16, 2014

Last Friday, Paige, Liz and I went to Carrboro, a 4 hour drive from Asheville, to see the Swedish band, First Aid Kit. I’ve made a 6 min long video of our trip, which you can check out here below:

Some jammin’ and future music plans?

March 11, 2013

guitarI have a new project with my guitar! A new song with plenty of lyrics and some “specific” strumming, which I’m not really good at. I play more piano than guitar, but have a vision of getting better on guitar. If it goes my way, and I’m motivated enough to really learn it good, I might record it and post it here for you one day. Not promising though, and it might take forever. I have an idea to record more of the music I’m singing and/or playing perhaps, and publish them somewhere on the Internet and of course post them here. Might be a plan. We need to get some good microphones though, that we also can use for our podcast production (which I realize it’s about time to do a second one!).

Can’t go back now

March 1, 2013

Yesterday when you were young
Everything you needed done was done for you
Now you do it on your own
But you find you’re all alone, what can you do?

You and me walk on, walk on, walk on
‘Cause you can’t go back now

You know there will be days
When you’re so tired
That you can’t take another step
The night will have no stars 
And you’ll think you’ve gone as far 
As you will ever get

You and me wak on, walk on, walk on
‘Cause you can’t go back now

And yeah, yeah, you go where you want to go
Yeah, yeah, be what you want to be
If you ever turn around, you’ll see me

I can’t really say
Why everybody wishes they were somewhere else
But in the end, the only steps that matter
Are the ones you take all by yourself

You and me walk on, walk on, walk on
Yeah, you and me walk on, walk on, walk on
‘Cause you can’t go back now
Walk on, walk on, walk on
You can’t go back now

Love on Top

February 19, 2013

Such a good singer, and I’m really excited about seeing her live in the end of May!

Friday afternoon in my kitchen.

November 30, 2012

Good afternoon folks! It’s Friday, and I have a busy (but fun!) planned weekend ahead of me. Sitting and drinking coffee in the kitchen right now with this view (although it’s a bit darker now while I’m writing this)..Liz is cooking Thanksgiving food like crazy. She worked a lot when the real Thanksgiving was, so we are gonna celebrate it a little later this year. Tonight we’re heading to the big theatre in town to watch the musical based on the store of “The Addams Family”. Gonna be fun. Oh, I just gotta give you a music tip: Michael Bublé’s version of All I Want For Christmas Is You (link to Spotify). I think it’s good. Such a random blog post, but just wanted to update you all a little bit more than usual..hehe.

busy times.

November 13, 2012

I’m working on a huge project in my life, which I have mentioned in this cryptic way before, and a lot of things are coming together right now, so I’m keeping myself big time busy. I can’t wait to share things with you all, but have decided to keep it to myself until everything is more set. Cliffhanger. What I want to say with this is, that this week is crazy busy, and Liz and I are also heading to Stockholm on Thursday for some days. Before that, I’ll take part in all the treatments I’m going through right now (sometimes several things per day), and some song/music rehearsal both with a band and with a choir. I’m hopefully going to sing with a band in the old town of Stockholm on Friday night, which is gonna be so. much. fun. We are gonna test out some stuff later on today, and see how we feel about it. But if it feels ok, one of my dreams will come true on Friday night. Amazing. I have always wanted to sing with a band, at a cozy pub/restaurant in a city which is not my hometown. So cool. Cross your fingers it will feel ok, and good, during rehearsal so we’ll do it on Friday! Peace out.

Liz and I on our road trip to Skåne last week. Pic. “stolen” from Liz’s blog. Hehe.