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April 10, 2016

Bought these some days ago and I’m in love! Credit to lensway for fast delivery! (wish I was sponsored, but I’m not..). I think we’re gonna have great sunny days together ♥

A little mix

The floors we fell in love with are now ours

March 2, 2016


Apt love.

Original painted wooden floors. Love it! 

It’s been crazy these past weeks!! In the beginning of February we were notified that we had have to move out in about six weeks due to personal reasons of the apartment owner. We freaked out since the housing situation in this city is unbelievably tough (competitive) and expensive. However, we ended up with the opportunity to actually buy one, so the search started, and we went to several apartment showings until we found the one that we might have a chance to afford. Some other apartments were either taken off of the market or had gotten too expensive (people bid on prices here. So one apartment, if several people are interested, can end up being really expensive – I truly dislike this system…but it is what it is). It was a really nervous day that Tuesday, two weeks ago, when we were competing for the apartment that we just fell in love with immediately, AND WE WON!! Today, we’ve signed the final contract, and gotten the keys so it’s time to celebrate a new era in our lives. An era where we don’t have to be stressed out about moving in the last minute, an era of owning a place where we can do whatever we want to the interior, and perhaps a tiny bit of renovation, whenever we want to. I’m so unbelievably excited, happy, and relieved! We’re moving, starting on this coming Friday already, and will permanently live there from Saturday! We haven’t really talked about this in social media until we knew for certain everything was set and done. And now it is!

Time to decorate our new home!

A dream apartment

October 22, 2015

As of right now, Liz and I are subletting an apartment in Uppsala, in an awesome location, with lots of character (wooden floors, high ceilings, etc.). However, we know we can’t rent this apartment forever. The living situation in Uppsala is horrible with really expensive prices when it comes to buying apartment (which is a normal thing to do in Sweden – basically you can either rent/sublet a house or an apartment, buy a house, or buy an apartment.

Since we’ve decided that Uppsala is gonna be our home base, where we eventually want to own our own place, and then later on also have a place in the States as well where we can go every now and then to, I’m checking the Internet and apartment market pretty much every day. I check it for various reasons: it’s fun, I want to learn what the market looks like, and I want to be as prepared as possible when it’s our time to purchase a home. When you do this research on a regular basis, you also come across some amazing places where you could pretty much move in right away because you love it SO MUCH! That has happened now. This apartment has many of the things I really love. Of course, there are also things I wish it had, which it doesn’t, but it’s pretty rare you find THE one, with everything you want all in one place. However, I thought I would share this dream apartment of mine that’s for sale right now here in Uppsala, and a place I so dream about owning. Gaaaaaah, if I only had some more money right now. First some explanation about the stuff I like.

This apartment is located downtown Uppsala, on one of our favorite streets full of cafe’s, restaurants, independent stores, pubs, and our favorite pub really just around the corner. It takes about 2 min to walk to the main shopping street and about 1 min to get to the beautiful river. It’s a dream location pretty much, according to us.

Since our goal is to have a second home in the States eventually, we really don’t need a big space. This is a one bedroom apartment (2 room as we say in Sweden), and is a little bit more than 470ft² (44 m²).

I really loved the open floorplan in the apartment we had in the States, where kitchen/dining room, and the living room, were all combined. And this one has the same. It’s perfect for socializing when someone is cooking food, and the other one or guests are hanging out comfortably in the living room area.

The building
I either love older apartments with plenty of character or modern, new-built apartments. This is a combination since the building is from 1810-1906 (it was probably built in different stages and additional parts of the building was added due to the huge span of about 100 years!), but modern inside, with still some character when it comes to the windows for example. I love that you go through a gate of the building on the street, walk across a backyard/courtyard, and have your own entrance to the apartment. It gives you a house-owning feeling, but it’s an apartment. Think: pumpkins on the doorsteps and a Christmas wreath on the door, and other holiday-related decorations that you can actually do even though you’re living in an apartment downtown!

The apartment is like a blank white canvas where you have the chance to put your own touch when it comes to decoration and interior design. I want my place to look clean, but yet have a personal touch with textiles, and decorative things based on our two cultures – the American and Swedish culture. The windows, again, are f a n t a s t i c!!!

Ok, so there are a few things I do wish this apartment had. First of all, a balcony! However, it’s only a two floor story building, where you can always hang out in the common backyard areas – grill out and sit at a bigger table etc. If you live in a house, you have to step out of a door, down to the grassy areas anyway. I also wish it had a walk-in closet because I really would like to be able to see and have all my clothes available all year around and not have to pack them away due to season. But as long as I have some more space than I have now, I’m fine. Dressers could be a good solution. In my dream world, it would also be amazing if it actually was a two bedroom apartment instead of one bedroom, so we could have a separate office/guest bedroom. But, again, we don’t want a big apartment anyway.

Some shopping

September 20, 2015

Liz and I went downtown and checked out some stores Friday afternoon. It’s a challenge for me since I, sadly, get stressed out and anxious in situations like that nowadays. But I managed it and I also found few things I’ve been looking for lately. Let’s check them out.

I’ve been looking for this kind of scarf for two years. And now it was just laying there on a table, right in front of me. It was a no brainer.




This gray woolen shorter coat just screamed Lina. Hehe. It has a classic, clean style, and is perfect for fall when it hasn’t gotten that chilly yet. I like how it feels on me and that it’s pretty fitted.

Fall jacket

Fall jacket

Fall jacket

I (or actually Liz found it) have finally found a black knitted, oversized turtle neck sweater! I can live in this one this fall.

Black Sweater

Black sweater

Black Sweater

These shoes are my go-to fall shoes and I’ve used the same (same brand and bought at the same store chain) for years. When we left the States and I had to go through my shoes and decide which ones to keep or not, I threw away my pair of these shoes, with the deal to get new ones in Sweden. This weekend, it was time to head to the store and get a new pair. Love them so much.

Fall shoes

Fall shoes

Fall shoes

Fall Fashion Inspiration

September 14, 2015

Fall 2015

All the sources are to find here.

I have always been pretty interested in fashion, even though I’m not completely following the exact fashion of the season all the time, but I like to get inspiration from everywhere – being downtown, airports, Pinterest, magazines, Internet in general etc., and then create a style of my own, based on all the inspiration. I’m not a huge fan of major patterns and if I wear a pattern, it has to be neutral colors pretty much. I want my style to have a clean, stylish, and funky look. All at the same time. This fall, I see myself in pretty neutral colors, various shades of gray, black, and white. One of my missions, is to find a knitted oversized black turtle neck sweater (which will not cost me a fortune!). Let me know where I can find one, similar to the one above (second to the left, bottom right corner).

New design, september 2015

September 5, 2015

Welcome to the new look of!

A Premium Theme: Rosemary – Solo Pine
Font-family: “Karla”, sans-serif
Theme color: Gold (#C69F73)

Below is a guide for you to read through so you’ll become a pro on how is organized; but this is also a kind of post I would like to have saved just so my blog theme/design is documented as well. Even though I work as a graphic designer/web designer and build websites for living, when it comes to my private stuff, I like to make it pretty simple. As some comedians explain, I’m pretty serious private. You probably get my point.

So this is a paid-for premium theme, focused on blogging. Since I’m not studying anymore nor looking to find a job, I decided to not focus so much on my portfolio anymore, and to focus more about blogging instead. So that’s why I’ve taken away the portfolio part.

When you write in your browser (like you’ve already done since you’re here, reading this), you see the first page, the index page, to be precise. This is where you find the main content, the blog, with the latest post first. ↓


Let’s take a closer look at the navigation bar. There are links to read about me, to get to the blog if you’ve clicked away from it, to check out the archive, get contact info, and check me out on other places on the Internet – the social media links to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vimeo. And the navigation bar is where you’ll find the search tool.


If you click on “ABOUT LINA”, it will take you to the page where you can read a short post about me. It’s not a very long introduction, but enough to get a picture of me, and then if you’ll follow my blog, you’ll get to know me even more. That’s my idea of my about page at least. It looks like this.


If you click on the word “BLOG” in the navigation bar, it will take you to a separate blog page where I’m describe in depth a little about each of the categories you’ll find here.

It looks like this when you’re scrolling down below the first picture.


If you click on one of the categories under “BLOG”, the view is a little bit different. The blog posts are a bit skinnier in order to give space to a sidebar, which you’ll find on the right. This sidebar shows pretty much everything you’ll find in the navigation bar on top of the whole website, but in a smaller format. It’s a picture of me with some about me text, contact info, social media links, recently written posts, a little snippet of my latest posted pictures on Instagram. You can also walk down memory lane to read older blog posts, check out posts based on the various categories, and you’ll find a direct link to Liz’s (my wife) blog and our Asheville Brewery Guide.


If you hover over “ARCHIVE” a sub menu will be shown with years linked – like it did under “BLOG”. If you click on each year, you’ll get all the posts that were posted within those years in a feed. On this blog, you can go back to 2008! Between 2008 and 2010, I used the blog platform, and, which you can still find if you click on that link. “Lmve” is short for all my names – the first letter in all my names. However, I’ve moved over those posts to this blog, but I find it fun to still be able to get to that blog and check out the design I had then, so I let it stay. Before, I used a not so big and well known blog platform called, I wrote there between 2006 and 2008. In 2004 and 2005, I used my friend’s server, coded my own website, and used the free host name .tk. My website was then (cureda was my nickname everywhere back then), but unfortunately, it’s not available to check out nowadays; but I have done a blog post and posted some of the designs of it, which you can check out here.

In the navigation bar, you can also find the way to contact me/check me out more, and that page looks like this.


Lastly, if you’re scrolling down to the bottom of each page on this website, you’ll find my Instagram feed, with the six latest photos posted. It looks like this.


I believe that was the end of this design’s little tour, hope you enjoyed it!

Art on the walls

August 29, 2015

Liz and I bought some new posters this summer while visiting Fotografiska, a photography Museum in Stockholm. They’re from the artist Vee Speers and we finally got them framed in (long story short, one of the frames had scratches on it and we had turn go back and exchange it)! It also took a while to get ourselves into starting the process of hanging them up as well.  Anyway, they’re finally up, hanging above our couch, and we love them!

While we were up hanging stuff on the walls, we decided to rearrange a few things and add some more stuff so printed Instagram pictures, that Liz has taken, are now also hanging on the wall. Yay! They all make such a difference in the feeling of the room now.


Newly framed art

Instagram pics

Just some Pinterest love

July 16, 2015

Ok. I got something to “confess”…I truly love Pinterest. Period. It’s such an inspiration for me when it comes to outfits, hair styles, interior design/decorations, and also to use it at work – it’s an endless resource and huge inspiration. You can find me here → and get some snippets down here from my “Style board”. ↓



Follow Lina’s board | STYLE | on Pinterest.


April 21, 2015

(Short summary in English, below)

Liz och jag fick i höstas av Ann-Louise (min goa vän från gymnasietiden), ett presentkort på Illum Bolighus Sweden i Stockholm (en Dansk inredningsaffär) då hon var och hälsade på oss i Asheville. Jag hade berättat för henne att vi funderade på att flytta till Sverige så hon kom på idén att då ge ett presentkort till den affären. Herre, vad jag älskar den och kan spendera timmar där inne. Hur som, när Liz och jag var i Stockholm i lördags för att titta på körbärsträden i Kungsträdgården (ett annat blogginlägg om det en annan dag!) så passade vi på att gå in och shoppa upp presentkortet.

Vi hittade så himla mycket fint och med oss hem fick en fin liten sax, en förvaringsask i glas samt en kopparljusstake följa med. Samtliga av märket, HAY, vilket är danskt design. Älskar alla de tre och tack Ann-Louise för den så himla bra presenten. Tacktack.

HAY Packaging

HAY Small Gray Container

HAY Small Gray Container

HAY Scissors

HAY Candle Holder

HAY unpacked

Short Summary


Liz and I got a gift card last fall from my good high school friend, Ann-Louise, when she was visiting us in Asheville, to an interior design store in Stockholm called, Illum Bolighus Sweden. We visited the store when we were in Stockholm last Saturday, and I was in heaven! We found some really cool stuff from HAY which is a Danish design brand. Please try the more or less good Google translate, if you want to translate the whole text.


March 2, 2015

(Short summary in English, below).

Jag har alltid varit intresserad av inredning och då det har blivit en del flyttar i livet, har jag fått rensa/skänka/sälja majoriteten av det jag ägt, vilket betyder att jag också fått starta om på nytt inredningsmässigt många gånger (både till en för- och nackdel). Jag har gått igenom alla möjliga slags träslag inredningsmässigt – från björk i mitt tonårsrum, ek då jag studerade på universitet, svart/brunt-färgat då jag hade mitt första professionella jobb, till vitmålat/industri. Så vad är det dags för nu, i vårt nästa boende? Har gjort ett litet collage här nedan med inspirationsbilder och där det visar lite på hur vi tänker framöver.

Ledorden är: jordnära naturfärger med inslag av grått, vitt, ljust trä samt industri (metall, koppar etc.). Tänk er gråa lakan (vår soffa kommer även att vara ljusgrå) en enkel plywood-bordskiva som skrivbord, förvaringslådor så att vi får undan småsaker för att få en mer clean look, industri-inspirerade möbler för att få den där lite mer robusta och hårda känslan, blandat med det ljusa träet, och många kuddar och filtar samt en stor mysig matta. Ja, och så lite färg förstås i tavlor/affischer samt i de ovannämnda textilierna. Jag tror att det blir toppen det här. Är riktigt pepp på att få börja inreda!

Med oss få USA har vi bl a. en del trådkorgar, gamla äppellådor i trä från Waynesville, NC (älskar när det står var de kommer ifrån, att de faktiskt har en historia och inte enbart är nyproducerade), en läderfjärilsstol, liten bokhylla, soffbord, en tidnings/post-förvaring i metall och så vårt porslin som går i två nyanser av grå mm. Detta var bara en liten del utav det vi flyttat över. För trots charmen i att börja om helt på nytt, så var det skönt att för en gångs skull ha kunnat flytta över en del – speciellt då våra inköp i USA utgick ifrån att vi faktiskt hade flyttat dit mer eller mindre permanent och då satsat en hel del på inredningen där.


Bilder kommer från,,,,,, samt denna blogg.

Short Summary

I have always been interested in interior design and here is an inspiration board of the styles I like and some of the things we have, will buy, or simply inspiration. The color scheme will be earthy colors, light wood, white, gray, and some splash of colors here and there. A little industrial feeling mixed with cozy pillows and blankets is also the plan. Exciting and so much fun to decorate! Please try the more or less good Google translate, if you want to translate the whole text.