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September 3, 2015

So while I’ve been sick and worked from home the whole week, music has made a huge difference in my mood (I’m so tired of feeling crappy and I haven’t been outside since Saturday lunch – it’s freaking Thursday evening now!!! End of short side story.). Monday was all about new discoveries through Spotify’s own playlist designed for me that comes out every Monday – based on what I’ve listened to before. Tuesday was all about fall coziness with various fall playlists, mainly Liz’s latest one for September. Wednesday was all about my own fall music list, and today, Thursday, has been all about musicals! Yes, I love musicals and I can totally get stuck on shorter specific parts of a song (goes with all music I listen to and then I have to play it over and over again. I’m probably a pain to have playing music out loud. End of side story 2.)

Will see what I’m in the mood for tomorrow. Thank goodness for my awesome headphones. Otherwise, Liz would probably have killed me. Or not..but you get the point.


Marshall Headphone Love.

A year’s worth of music by Liz

September 1, 2015

Liz at has had a really cool music project during her 41st year of living, by creating music lists on Spotify and then share them with whoever interested. She’s turning 41 in the end of September and therefore has completed her project by now (she started september 2014 when she turned 40!), but not without a grande finale.

For September 2015, she has let the playlist be a collaborative one where people have been able to add songs to the list. Love it. I’ve been a big fan of her playlists, listened to them at work for hours, have had great memories to many of them, and explored, for me, new artists as well.

Since I think, of course, my wife is  kickass, I wanted to share this with you here as well! Hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as I will (I’ve cheated a little bit and seen/listened to a few songs already).

Click on the picture below to get to Spotify ↓


picture credit to Liz

If you would like to explore the other playlists ↓

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Art on the walls

August 29, 2015

Liz and I bought some new posters this summer while visiting Fotografiska, a photography Museum in Stockholm. They’re from the artist Vee Speers and we finally got them framed in (long story short, one of the frames had scratches on it and we had turn go back and exchange it)! It also took a while to get ourselves into starting the process of hanging them up as well.  Anyway, they’re finally up, hanging above our couch, and we love them!

While we were up hanging stuff on the walls, we decided to rearrange a few things and add some more stuff so printed Instagram pictures, that Liz has taken, are now also hanging on the wall. Yay! They all make such a difference in the feeling of the room now.


Newly framed art

Instagram pics

Just some Pinterest love

July 16, 2015

Ok. I got something to “confess”…I truly love Pinterest. Period. It’s such an inspiration for me when it comes to outfits, hair styles, interior design/decorations, and also to use it at work – it’s an endless resource and huge inspiration. You can find me here → and get some snippets down here from my “Style board”. ↓



Follow Lina’s board | STYLE | on Pinterest.


December 14, 2014

Liz and I hung out in West Asheville on Friday – had fika, visited some breweries we hadn’t been to, and then checked out a new pop up shop. I just love the concept of pop up shops which is literally what it sounds like – a shop that just pops up somewhere and is open for a limited time. The East West Pop Up Shop is all based on vintage and hand made local stuff (ceramics, t-shirts, leather books, glasses, woodblock print posters, jewelry…). The shop had their grand opening Friday night and it will only be open for four days in total (December 11th – 14th). You can check it out some more, here. The quote below is from their website!


We collaborate with local crafters, artists, furniture makers, and vintage collectors to bring an ever changing array of items to our unique space.  Combine that with the eye of an interior decorator, who has a warehouse full of vintage furniture, and you have a beautifully arranged retail store that you’ll wish was there all year.  Alas, the beauty of the pop up shop is its temporary nature.  Open for only four days at a time, our shop is an event not to be missed.











November 28, 2014

Gosh, have been totally busy today with one of my final projects in school – a short 3d animation movie. It’s been taking pretty much the whole day to render (what the computer software do to make the file look like a ready product – like a finished look). Hard to explain. Anyway, it takes hours and hours…but I’m pretty much done with it now. Have edited some, added my music, intro. etc. Not gonna look at it for a few days now so it’ll be easier to see any possible changes to make later on, since I’m too tired of it now.

While rendering on both my computers, I decided to play Christmas music, light candles, and light the star which we have put up in the windows now, and go through my studio stuff (read old school papers, notes, office supplies etc.). Feels good to go through it in several different phases so I really get rid of the things I don’t need. Gaaaah, the charm of moving from one continent to another.


Liz and I are getting our Christmas tree tomorrow so be prepared for Christmas Tree hunting pictures along with pictures of us decorating the tree!


November 21, 2014

Last night we headed over to → French Broad Brewery and listened to → the Wilhelm Brothers who played there. This band is made up of Chris and Cristof, a guitar player and a cello player, who not only play, but share their souls with you as you listen. They sing and play with such amazing feeling/emotion and express such pure happiness so that the only thing you do is to smile from the inside out. I love it. Their style is, as they describe it, is Folk Rock with Cello Infusion. The best thing is that I’m fortunate enough to have gotten to know these guys, so when we heard they were back in town from their two week long tour in the northeast US, we of course headed over to the brewery wheere they were playing last night.

thursdayCristof on the cello (and vocals) and Chris on the guitar (and lead vocals).


thursday2It was actually the first time I was at this brewery, which is funny since I do have a favorite beer (Kolsch) from here that I always order when I’m out eating (and not eating at another brewery). We talked a lot with the girl who worked there last night and she told us it’s only $2.5 pints on Mondays, so I guess we’re heading back there then to experience it some more and drink cheap beer!

thursday3Liz is talking to our friend, Andrea, who also married to the guitar player, Chris, in the band. Oh, she’s a Multimedia Artist and has her own studio in the → River Arts District here in Asheville, called, → Studio A. She designs, lamp shades, prints/cards in collaboration with her mom, and Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs. She has an etsy shop up and running now → AshevilleStudioA on Etsy

thursday4We decided to head over to Rosetta’s Kitchen after the show to eat a delicious dinner. Rosetta’s Kitchen is all about vegetarian/vegan food. Sooooo good!!! 

thursday5They also have various local artists’ work on their walls, which is for sale. I love that concept. 

thursday6Me, Liz, Andrea, and Chris.

thursday7It was such a great night and I just love to be surrounded by positive energy people, artists, and creative people and friends in general. Such an inspiration in life, and I’m so blessed to have gotten to know amazing people here. Yes, I’m having an emotional moment right now. More about that in another post…

Ps. If you would like to listen to the Wilhelm Brothers, you can check them out on Spotify. Just follow the links below. 

Wilhelm Brothers – Lay Your Burden Down

Wilhelm Brothers – Like a Bird (Live On Wdvx Blue Plate Special)


November 17, 2014

My cousin answered some questions on her blog that she received from another blog girl. Thought it could be fun to tag along with this on the Internet. Here we go.


1. What are three pieces of your favorite candy?
Depending on mood. Sometimes more chocolate, sometimes more sour ones etc. But I do have several ones that usually make it every single time, for example, Center, Lysmelk, Bubblizz, Sura jordgubbsbananer, and Häxvrål.

2. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A hard one. I thought of a bird first so I could soar around, but I’m scared of heights. Haha. Perhaps a cat so I could chill everyday, and get a massage whenever someone was around.

3.  Where would you like to go on vacation right now?
Anywhere in the Caribbean. Or San Francisco, CA. I’ve never been there.

4. What does your bed look like? Amount of pillows, covers, colors, and patterns etc.
No head or foot board, thick mattresses directly on the floor, plenty of pillows (6), gray and white covers and pillowcases and the European way of making the bed – loose covers, not tucked in, one down comforter.


5. Favorite Christmas song?
Jul Jul, strålande jul.

6. If you had to choose: Never eat carbs or just wear clothes from Desigual for the rest of your life?
Crap. I LOVE pasta, potatoes, fresh baked bread I don’t think I could live without that. On the other hand, I truly don’t like the style of Desigual, but hopefully there are some clothes there, less I would go for Desigual.  

7. What’s your favorite word?
Archipelago. It’s fun to say, and the place itself is wonderful – specially the Swedish archipelago on the East Coast of Sweden. Can’t think of a favorite Swedish word right now.


8. Three pages you always visit when having your web browser up?
Blogs I’m following, Pinterest, and the news.

9. What has been your favorite year, so far?
I like to think, as the Swedish singer, Håkan Hellström, sings; “I believe that the best is yet to come”. Not in a depressing way that I’m not happy now or haven’t been happy at all. But…if I have to choose a year, I would say the later part of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. I was out of the hospital, moved to the US, started school, and pretty much started a new life (without sickness and in another part of the word, together with my wife and our cat). We went to the beach on fall break, I enjoyed school (even if it was stressful a lot of times), we celebrated Thanksgiving at the beach with family and extended family, spent a really cozy Christmas at home in our apartment, and went to Disney World the first week of 2014. However, it was not only the travels that made it up for a good time in life, it was my health, living in a “new” city, exploring everything here (Asheville), meeting all new friends etc.

10. Five things you always have in your fridge.
Half and Half (Swedes, think milk with more percentage of fat, like “red milk”), eggs, garlic, onions, and beer.

Feel free to answer the following 10 new questions and spread it further!

1. What’s your morning routine?
2. Which part of the year is your favorite, and why?
3. What’s your favorite drink?
4. What would you do on a day off?
5. Where would you like to go at this moment?
6. What’s your favorite dish?
7. What are the first five things you would save out of a fire?
8. What’s your favorite book, movie, and tv-series?
9. What’s your favorite music right now?
10. What are you looking forward to in the next week?


November 17, 2014

Found this on a blog (and it’s pretty much everywhere on the internet) and fell in love with it.



Source, Google.