canon powershot g12

January 6, 2012

i’m soon heading to the states to visit family/friends and my love and i always save some extra money so we can do plenty of shopping while we are there since you can find so much you can’t find here in sweden (and also way cheaper). so i’ve been thinking of stuff i need and stuff i don’t need but want…and tonight i’ve decided on a new camera. will see if i like it when i’m there and playing around with it in the store. i’m thinking of the canon powershot g12. i know a lot of blog people have been writing about it (in a positive way) and i really like the idea of a smaller camera but with a bigger camera’s inside (sort of). i’ve been writing a “bucket list” for year 2012 (which i might share with you all one day)…you know that kind of list you write about what you wanna do before you die. anyway. two things on my 2012 bucket list is to buy a new camera and to learn more about taking pictures and i think a canon powershot g12 might be a good one or what do you think?

this is what the camera looks like and if you have any thoughts, experiences of the camera that you wanna share, please do. i wanna know everything about it.

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  • Reply Julia January 7, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    Jag har för mig att farbror Lasse har en sådan, tror det var modellen före dock, G11, men de är ju väldigt lika. Han var nöjd med den i alla fall och du kan ju alltid kolla med honom om du vill veta mer eller prova den. Annars har jag mest hört bra saker om den så det kan nog vara ett värt köp. 🙂

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