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August 2016

Right Now

August 18, 2016

Lina & the garden.

Way too much. However, right now, mostly about who I am. What defines a person (me) and identity. Goals and what, in life, those are based on. I love discussing these things at the moment since it’s pretty much what’s swirling around in my head.

Various TV-series, documentaries, and the News.

After you by Jojo Moyes. After that, these books I listed in an earlier blog post.

How we’re gonna decorate our apartment. 

PJ shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. Cozy stuff it is.

Too Much Is Never Enough by Florence + The Machine

Nothing at this moment.

A creative flow, new and more plants at home, a few new light fixtures, more art and stuff on the walls.

Weekend at home with Liz. To just be, rest, decorate our apartment, and plan a new project Liz and I are gonna do in the very near future. Cliffhanger 1.0. Hehe. But, stay tuned.

Back in Sweden

August 17, 2016

West AVL.

I’m back in Sweden after an amazing month in the USA. We’ve done so many fun and exciting things, and I can’t wait to show you some snippets and a video or so from our time over the pond. Liz has done some amazing documentation, divided in several blog posts, so instead of pretty much repeating what she has written and shown, I’m gonna figure out another way to share our adventures, so stay tuned. But until then, go over and check out Liz’s blog here.