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June 2016


June 24, 2016


When you reading this, Liz and I will be sitting on a plane to Paris! This is huge in so many different ways. We had a trip booked to Paris back in May 2012, around my birthday, but had to cancel it since I had been admitted to the hospital (by order of the law) and was too sick with Anorexia to go. I still remember the day when we were supposed to go, and how I was lying in the hospital bed, sobbing, and feeling like the worst person and wife ever. It was horrible. The first and the last time I was in Paris, was in the beginning of the 90’s (when the picture above was taken – I was greeting and talking with the wax figures at Madame Tussauds).

So, Paris, it’s about time for us to explore you, and I’m over the top excited! Be prepared for a bunch of pictures from Paris once we’re back!

Happy Midsummer!!


Six Things I Like in our Home

June 23, 2016

→ Marshall speaker
BdayI love music and this speaker gets extra points for its awesome design. ♥ Marshall products. (Wish I was sponsored…).


→ Wall decorations above our couchWall art.The Blue Ridge Mountain print is from 7 ton Design and Letterpress Co. based in Asheville, North Carolina. The Ramble & Roam print is from another local artist, Courtney Leigh Johnson, of Holdfast Outfitters. Courtney used to be based in North Carolina but has moved to Salt Lake, UT, now. But hey, you can always buy the stuff online! The antler is from a store here in town, but represents nature and we just love the sort of mountain theme and mix of art above our couch.


→ Coffee station in the kitchen
Coffee station.Do I have to explain…love coffee and can’t live without it, pretty much. The glass container is a Chemex Coffee maker, pour-over style, designed back in the 1940’s by Peter Schlumbohm. The regular coffee maker is a Norwegian brand, called Wilfa. The coffee container is bought at a local coffee and tea store here in Uppsala. 


→ My nightstand
IMG_6676My night stand is an actual apple crate from Waynesville, North Carolina. We brought it over here when we moved from the States.


→ Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

The Ukrainian pysanky eggs, made by our friend Andrea at Studio A in Asheville, North Carolina, that Liz and I got in the mail last fall. Andrea’s a really talented artist who creates these eggs, prints and various graphic design projects, lamp shades, jewelry, and woodcut prints. Check out her website here or visit her Studio in the River Art’s District in Asheville. 


→ Din Tid Kommer posterWall art.This is a poster with the lyrics from one of my favorite song by the artist, Håkan Hellström. The song is called; “Din Tid Kommer” which means, Your time will come. You can listen to it here or down below.

I came home with a black cap

June 22, 2016

It was a pretty tough day yesterday, but I rewarded myself with some shopping afterwards and look what I found: a black cap. We’ll be besties in Paris and on the other trips I’m doing this summer!







Håkan Hellström

June 17, 2016

Good memories that I will always keep close to my heart. Håkan Hellström at Ullevi, Gothenburg, June 5th, together with 70 143 other people. Amazing. Liz made a video, which you can find here (or further down in this post!) and she also wrote an awesome post on her blog. It’s little bit tough right now, so today, I’m gonna play his music and remember the magic that took place in Gothenburg just a few weeks ago.

Jag tror ↔ I believe
När vi går genom tiden ↔ As we go through life
Att allt det bästa ↔  That all the best
Inte hänt än ↔ Hasn’t happened yet









The Summer List 2016

June 14, 2016

Summer Days

What are you gonna do this summer?
Gonna hang out in parks/our backyard, grill out, longboard, walk along the river, go to Paris, spend time in the Swedish archipelago with family and friends, go to the States, read, play games, and eat a lot of strawberries, listen to podcasts/music/summer radio…

Are you going anywhere?
I kicked of the summer with the Håkan Hellström concert in Gothenburg. So Gothenburg, Stockholm, the archipelago, Paris, and the States.

How long is your vacation?
Well, I haven’t worked lately, so I can’t really say I’m gonna be on vacation (I’m on sick leave), but I do have a plan for when I will start working a little bit again.

What do you really want to do?
I think I’m gonna do pretty much what I really wanna do. But I would really have enjoyed attending my cousin’s wedding, for example, another friend’s wedding, see Beyoncé live in Stockholm, attend a music festival(s), and go to my sister’s party.. However, I’m sure we’re gonna have plenty of adventures wherever we are at those times!


What do you actually think you will do?
Have the best time in the States!

What are you looking forward to most?
To go to the US! Can’t wait to stand on American soil again, hang out with family and friends we haven’t seen in forever, and drink tons of local craft beer again.

What can go wrong?
Everything. If I don’t follow my treatment plan…

Who will you spend the most time with?
Liz ♥


What will you spend the most money on?
Probably transportation and food/drinks.

What are you gonna buy before summer starts?
A new bathing suit/bikini.

Are you gonna use it?
Yes – at the beach in North Carolina, USA. Perhaps also when floating/tubing down the French Broad river. See pics here of what it looks like.

Are you gonna get a good tan?
I already have a little bit of a tan, but I’ll probably get some more later on as well.

Beach house

What would you tell you summer-self?
Live life!

What are you gonna drink?
Water, juice, and beer.

What’s gonna make this summer amazing?
To see family and friends I haven’t seen in over a year.

What are you gonna eat?
Loads of strawberries/fresh berries & yummy food from all the food trucks in NYC & Asheville <3456789

Market in Uppsala

What are you worried about?
To fall back. Relapse. Even a tiny bit.

What’s gonna be extra special this year?
To go abroad. See family and friends we haven’t seen in 1.5 years, and Patti Smith in NYC.

How will you remember this summer come September?
As a long and amazing kiss.

What are you gonna be wearing?
Shorts and tanks.

Summer Days

List borrowed from Flora.

Longboard Photo Shoot

June 10, 2016

A few weeks ago, on a pretty warm and beautiful day in May, my friend Lina and I spent some time outside shooting me and my longboard. Yes. Love the pictures she took and I want to, of course share them with you here. Thanks Lina, for helping out and being creative with me!









Photos by Lina

Wishes, part II

June 8, 2016

Spring '16

Back in the end of January, I wrote this blog post about Wishes, and I thought of checking back on that list to see what actually has happened during the past five months.

This was the list back then with my current status in italics:


  • Enjoy eating and drinking without anxiety and/or negative thoughts.
    I’m not really there yet, but I do eat and drink out more than I did back in fall 2015, and in the beginning of 2016. 
  • Like myself – feel that I’m ok the way I am.
    I still don’t really like myself, but this is something I’m working on every day, and I believe that I’m a bit closer than I was back when I wrote the list.
  • Work again. I love my job and my co-workers, but my life and the sickness is not stable enough to manage a job right now.
    I haven’t started yet, but there’s a plan!
  • Longboard and be pretty good at it.
    I have been longboarding, not as much as I want to, but I will!!! Have actually been contacted by a girl who wants to longboard with me, yay! 
  • Decorate our (as of right now non-existing) own apartment, downtown Uppsala.
    We have an apartment, and we own it!!! So this is a big step we’ve taken, I love it, we’re working on decorating it and finding our own Liz & Lina-style.
  • Have trips planned and bought. Ex. Paris, Dublin, Berlin, and the States.
    We have trips bought to Paris, the archipelago in Sweden, and the States. We are also planning another trip to the States, to Berlin, Ireland at one point, and hopefully Japan. But now we’re also talking about stuff in 2017.
  • Be healthy and free from this stupid sickness. I hate you. Yes, Anorexia is something I truly HATE.
    I’m definitely healthier, but I still have a pretty long road ahead of me…Working on right now accepting this long process ahead of me.