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September 2015


September 30, 2015

I love and have always loved pens and pencils! There’s something that’s just makes me excited when I see them. So colorful and so creative-focused. I do own a few various brands, which all have different uses. These are all of the different brands I have at home right now (actually, that’s not true, I realized I have some more, but I had already taken pictures of these and added them to this post when I realized that). Oh, well. Not a biggie.


First out are my beloved Stabile pens, which is a German brand established in the early 60’s. You can find these fibre-tip pens pretty much everywhere in the world. I have used these for school, for coloring, for general notes and letters, and to just make things I write down prettier. I have only the thinner ones, but they do exist in thicker tips as well. Check out the Stabile website here.



Second out is the Staedler fibre-tip pens which also have an ergonomic triangular shape, and they come, as the Stabile pens, from Germany. Germans are good when it comes to pens and other office stuff. When I spent summers in Germany as a kid and teenager, I loved checking out the fall school supplies that came out in stores there, since it was all so much, such variety, and also different from Sweden’s supplies.

Side story: One German tradition is to give the kids who’s starting first grade, a “Schultüte” (which is a big coned styled package, filled with school stuff and usually some candy). I google searched it and you can check it out some examples, here. I got one from our German friends when I started school, as did my siblings. And when I was living in Germany for a while and attended high school there, I got another one, (a smaller one, that was more symbolic since I was starting school for the first time in Germany), from the same family who I also stayed with then.



Sharpies are pretty famous in the States, but perhaps not as familiar in Europe. However, I do believe they’re more and more available here now. I know there are pen stores here in Sweden selling them, of course it’s like three times more than what you pay for them in the states. There are so many different ones but I have the Fine Points and the Ultra Fine Points. I also have the Retractable Fine Point Permanent Marker and some gold and silver ones. You can check them out more, here.




Pro markers were founded in London in late 1959 – I love the long history of all the pens! You can check them out more, here. The letterset website, linked here before, has also plenty of tutorials on their website, which can be good if you’re new to using Promarkers. I’ve done a few things with them, but then haven’t taken the time to really learn more about how they work, but I’m thinking that this fall, will be a great time for me to get into them again. The cool thing with Promarkers is that you use a blender, which, as it sounds like, blend the colors together so you can get various shade of a color, blending one color into another color or shade. This means that you can get a whole lot of different shades and colors with these ones. I have set 1, set 2, and skin tones 1, plus some blenders. Each pen has a thinner and a thicker side and each color has also its own name too, such as, Cinnamon, Sunkissed Pink, and Lemon, which will help you to separate the ones you have with the ones you might want to have.



This is what the different ones in the shade of blue, looks like.



Just wanted to share with you my little passion for pens! And give you some tips/info, in case you’re a pen and pencil nerd like me. How do you feel about office supplies? Do they get you all excited like they do me?!

First day of treatment

September 29, 2015


Just as light can shine from this lamp we have hanging by our desk, light will come back to my life soon, I hope. Today, I’ve spent my first day at the day treatment at the hospital here in town. It’s been overwhelming, tough at times (or all the time), but I know that’s when Lina is fighting hard to not let the sickness take over completely. This will be good. This will help Lina to come back to life, to take over again, and then hopefully a big piece in my life puzzle will be found, placed, and at peace. And things will be sorted out better in my life. I totally trust my main caregiver/nurse. It feels like we have a good connection, and that she will be a great support in this process of getting healthy, to get back to a life again. The group seems to be great as well. Such heroes, all of them, in my eyes. ♥

Blogs I read

September 28, 2015

I read blogs everyday, and mainly blogs about everyday life, pretty things, and blogs with good photos and posts where you can tell there’s work behind it. I thought of sharing a few of them here so lets check them out!

Liz →

Liz is my wife and she blogs about life – spirituality, her own everyday life, meditation, work, holidays, her life as an expat (she’s an American living in Sweden), and she takes amazing pictures. I like her blog for the good quality of pictures and that, since we’re living our lives together, my life is also partly documented through beautiful texts and photos. I’m really thankful for that.



Julia →

Julia is my cousin and has been blogging for many years now. I like the variety of subjects of her posts, but they’re mainly a document of her life – what she’s eating, what she’s doing, fashion, photography, concerts/music, and her creative side – making so many diy-projects which is so inspiring. Her pictures are always beautifully taken.



Sandra →

Sandra, I don’t know personally, but what I like with her blog is that she was born the same year I was, 1984, and therefore, I can relate so good to some of her texts and photos back in the days. I like to read about her interior projects in her apartment in Stockholm, her visits abroad (LOVE reading about her New York City visits – she used to live there). She’s also an author and writes beautifully about pretty much everything. Good and inspiring food tips as well.



Flora →

Flora is in her early twenties and is a really creative girl – she takes pictures, illustrates, and always has some projects going on. She also creates tutorials and takes beautiful pictures. Flora is also going to San Fransisco soon, and will stay there for three months. Since it’s a dream of mine to go there, I can’t wait to see it through her lens and texts.



Kat →

Kat is my American cousin (she’s Liz’s cousin from the beginning), and she has just started her blog since her move to Paris! We can’t wait to visit her there, but also show her where we live, and the surrounding areas, such as Stockholm. She writes really good, I think, and I can’t wait to follow her everyday life in Paris. If you would like to read an American’s view and experiences in Paris, here it is.



Nicole →

Nicole is Swiss, but married an Irish guy and they now live in Ireland. They just moved out from their downtown apartment in Dublin, to a house in the country, where they also can have their horses. They have also just given birth to a son, and we’re dying to meet him, see their new place, and just hang out all together again. Glad she has started blogging again after a break for some months!



Paige →

Paige is a friend of mine in the States and her passion for traveling is just making my travel nerve itch even more. Even though this isn’t really a regular day to day blog where she blogs about her life, I enjoy checking in here to see what her latest trip was like. This is a travel focused-blog and as of right now, she writes about her trip to Southeast Asia that she took in March-June this year.



Beata →

Beata is a really creative girl (seeing a pattern here about the blogs I enjoy reading – the creative ones! Hehe). But she truly creates so much from anything! She also writes about her everyday life, field trips, family with all her siblings, cooks interesting Asian food, takes good pictures, and writes openly about her anxiety, to just mention a few things.



Sophie →

As Sophie says herself on her blog, it’s a creative lifestyle blog, where she also takes amazing pictures, display stuff cool, writes about having your own business, and is basically inspiring in all kind of ways.



Beata →

Beata lives in my hometown, is my age, and has just moved to a big house out in the country. She takes pictures of, what I think, the beautiful house, and all decoration/interior that comes with that.



Tomorrow is the day

September 27, 2015


My look when we went out to celebrate Liz’s birthday last Thursday

The start of the day treatment was moved a week back due to kitchen renovations at the hospital. This means that tomorrow, Monday, will be my first day there and I’m freaked out, thankful, and I don’t know what..but that’s ok. Gotta feel what I feel and not shut the emotions off. Easier said than done. I’ve been at the clinic a few times, though, these past weeks, met with some caregivers, some other girls in the day treatment group, and some other faces. Feels good to have a better, or a little bit more of a picture of it all, before I start.

Things are rolling here, not really that great to be honest, but I’m trying to challenge myself, and I do have some ideas in order to motivate me even more when it comes to this everyday long fight that’s coming up (lately, the eating disorder has steered everything pretty much…but it’s mostly gonna be over from Monday and forwards, with help of professionals, which feels good and really scary and stressful at the same time..but I need it). But more about that another day.

Hope you’ll have a great start of the week!

Thursday through my camera

September 26, 2015

So this past Thursday, the 24th to be exact, was Liz’s b-day. Let’s check out what we did!


Birthday tray


Started off with breakfast in bed (blueberry American pancakes, coffee, juice) and gifts!

Liz & gft

A gift from Gesine in Berlin ♥

Liz & candle

Liz & gift


Cheers for the birthday girl!


Zola celebrated her mom in her own little way.

Liz walking

We hung out at home, Face-timed a friend and family in the States. Colored Liz’s hair, fixed our nails, and so on. It was pretty gray and rainy but once it cleared up a bit, we headed downtown.


We hung out at a bar first, before it was time for Liz’s surprise. She knew something was coming up but not where, when, and with who.


At 7pm I had reserved a table at this pretty new place in Uppsala, a wine bar.

Vendela & Erik

Vendela, my cousin, and her boyfriend, Erik, were there already, waiting on us.

Magda, Micke & Liz

Micke (my brother’s best friend who I also see as my extra big brother), my brother, Jonas, and his wife, Magda, showed up too.


We drank delicious wine, ate appetizers, and smørrebrød (fancier kind of sandwiches we decided to call it), and made plans to definitely come back, perhaps on a snowy day, and be all cozy inside, because it all felt really really cozy there. Sounds like a pretty good deal. It was, after all Thursday, a regular day, with work day for the majority of the crowd, the next day, so after some hours, we walked home, and I believe Liz was happy about her day.

Liz & Micke

Happy Birthday, Liz!

September 24, 2015


Today, my friends, is not just a regular Thursday in September! It’s, according to me, the best person in the world’s, birthday! I thought, in the honor of her, to share some photos of her, us, and things that means a lot to her. Because, she’s my everything, today, and forever.


Collage Liz 1

She’s a girl who truly has a huge love for coffee, so she’s done a blog project, called “Forty Days of Fika” where she visited 40 different cafes in Asheville, NC and blogged about it, started her own fika group in the States, wrote about fika in a local paper, and just loves hanging out at various cafes, together with friends – new and old, family, and/or me. She also has a passion for meditation, yoga, spiritual guidance, etc. Something I admire her for, and something that’s so far from what I do. But that’s also why I love her so much. She does things that’s making her grow as a person, feel good about herself, and is such an inspiring, and interesting person, I think.

Sunset by Liz


Liz also takes amazing pictures, and creates her own little projects, such taking pictures of skies/sunsets Another project of hers, is the music project, where she created monthly playlists started when she turned 40 last year. I wrote some about it here.
liz collage

Even though we’re pretty different, there are so many things we enjoy doing together – traveling, brewing beer, exploring Stockholm together, walking in the Pride Parade together, meeting new people, watching TV-series/movies together, and the list can continue for an endless infinity.


I love you so much and I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest ♥

3 x 15

September 23, 2015


Ok, so I find it fun to fill in lists (have always loved it). Do you remember having a friends book when you were young? You know a book you passed around among your friends, they put a picture in it and answered questions about favorite color, their dream job, who they like and so forth. Well, I filled in many of those books as a child, and have had many myself too..and I remember one specific one that I kept to myself (it was a typical gift you got for your birthday party with your friends too), and started my own filling in the book project. It’s at my parents house at the moment in one of the boxes I have there, but once we move to a more permanent home, I’ll get it, and can show you. Anyhow, back to all the lists I’m filling in.. I find them fun since you get to read short little things about the blogger, and I get to reflect on some stuff as well. Story ended. Let’s check out the list below.

3 things I look forward to

  • Liz’s B-day
  • My American “little sister” (who’s studying in Berlin nowadays) is gonna visit us
  • Halloween

3 things I don’t look forward to

  • To do blood tests
  • Weigh-ins
  • The darkness and the cold

3 things I like

  • Coffee
  • Playing the piano
  • To find a really good new song

3 things I dislike

  • To wait
  • Boiled/warm carrots
  • Windy days

3 things I wish

  • That I was gonna go to the States for a few weeks (also travel to Paris, Dublin, and Berlin)
  • To own an apartment here in Uppsala
  • To own a place North Carolina, USA

3 things I should

  • Take care of myself
  • Clean
  • Contact my friends more

3 things I can do

  • Organize stuff
  • Watch documentaries
  • Make my own pasta from scratch

3 things I can’t do

  • Longboarding (yet!)
  • Be patient
  • Walk downtown by myself without getting stressed out and anxious.

3 things I have in mind

  • “Fight”
  • “Refocus”
  • “It will be over”

3 things I talk a lot about

  • The weather
  • Zola
  • Fall stuff

3 things I wish

  • Better health
  • A new MacBook
  • A trip to the States

3 things that calm me down

  • Liz
  • Zola
  • Music

3 things that stresses me out

  • When it’s messy at home
  • Being surrounded by a lot of people, I don’t know, in a small area
  • Unexpected food situations

3 things I’m gonna do this weekend

  • No
  • Idea
  • Yet

3 things I’ve done this past week

  • Picked up my longboard
  • Finished “Seriously…I’m kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres
  • Done fall clothes shopping


List found here.

Diana Mini Camera

September 22, 2015

I think I’ve been inspired by Liz’s job where she’s developing film and doing other things photo related. I’ve been taking pictures with my system camera lately, and I’m also getting more into taking pictures with this little thingy – my Diana Mini Analogue Camera. I bought it in Berlin a cold, but yet, cozy and fun February day in 2013. I think I almost got tired of it, not even using it, when I created a digital 3D version of it in one of my classes at the University in the States. Hehe..a really twisted and sad reason for not using it. So this is gonna have to change. It’s time to find all the accessories, instruction/inspiration book, and start getting creative! I think the beginning of fall here, when it’s still a decent amount of light outside, will be a good period to finish up the first roll. Deal!

Diana Camera

Diana Camera

The digital 3D model I did in school

3D Diana Mini Camera

Beach Weeks

September 21, 2015

Liz’s family has a tradition of spending a week together at the beach in North Carolina. I’ve been lucky to be a part of this tradition for some years now, and I love every single minute of it. 2014, I filmed a little bit, and forgot about the film snippets, until today. So I decided to put it all together and show you all what it looks like when the Reynolds family clan gets together. It’s usually filled with laughter, beach days, restaurant visits (some years we’ve created lists of our favorite restaurants and then get to vote on a few, and the winning restaurants are the ones we’re visiting during the week – a really serious voting system organized by Liz’s aunt), boat rides, grilling out evenings, fireworks on the beach, long chats in the evenings, wine/beer – but only after 12 o’clock (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…hehe), and just a lot of quality time together. I love it so so so much.

Enjoy 5 minutes and 13 seconds of family beach stuff fun!

Ps. If you would like to watch it in HD, check the video directly on → Vimeo