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January 2015


January 28, 2015

Yesterday, I showed you some famous landmarks/sites of DC..My love for Georgetown, a neighborhood of DC, is major so here come some photos from the time we spent there. Bubbles at a cozy wine bar and more bubbles at an Irish bar, the typical buildings and houses, some photos of stores, and absolutely gorgeous sunsets. If you haven’t checked out part I of this little Washington DC series, you can do that here.

Georgetown Crossing

Georgetown Crossing





Moleskine Store

I'm a Traveler


Georgetown Sunset

Georgetown wine place

Bookstore in Georgetown

Bar in Georgetown

Bubbles in Georgetown


January 27, 2015

Before my parents headed home to Sweden, we all went to Washington DC for some days. I lived there back in 2003, and even though it was a tough part of my life, I’m at peace with the city again, so I was excited to show my parents a few glimpses of it. I could spend weeks there just visiting museum after museum – there are a ton of them and with free admission! Perfect. We stayed at a hotel right next to Georgetown, so by just crossing a bridge, you entered that part of town. And how I love it! Liz and I headed over there every now and then to just walk around and take pictures. Well, we stopped for some bubbles and some window shopping (at that time we couldn’t fit anything more in the moving boxes and were strictly forbidden to not buy anything!). Anyway, we toured around the city and saw all the typical sites/memorials, and I think I need to split this post up in two due to all the photos I wanna show you. So here comes part I, some of the typical sites of Washington DC, tomorrow it’s all Georgetown. And because I love it so much, it gets its own post. Extra: If you let the mouse scroll over the photo, you get the information where/what the photo is taken of.

The White House

Arlington Cemetery View

JFK Grave at Arlington Cemetery

Eternal Fire

Lincoln Memorial

Liz Taking Pictures

MLK - I Have a Dream

MLK - I Have a Dream

The Mall

The National Cathedral

The National Cathedral

The National Cathedral

The National Cathedral

View from Cathedral

View from Cathedral

The National Cathedral

Stain glass Window in the National Cathedral

Art outside Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum


January 26, 2015

Last time I wrote here was on January 14 and we had gone to the movies in Asheville to see Selma. Well… our lives are a bit different now. We spent a few more days in Asheville, before we moved out, drove up to NJ, and flew to Sweden. Yep. That’s where we are now and have been for just about a week now. It’s been a true emotional roller coaster for many weeks now, and I feel like I’m still in this weird bubble of, in someway, just existing without breathing. Don’t take me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed being here, seeing friends and family, but we’ve also been working hard on figuring out our lives in a practical way. Like where to live in Uppsala. I haven’t functioned lately since I’m the kind of girl who needs control or to know what’s about to happen, etc. I haven’t had a clue. But as of about a few hours ago, we finally, thanks to a friend, found a place to live in Uppsala. It’s just for some weeks, but it will at least give us some more time in order to find another apartment where we can live a bit longer, before we buy our own place. Phu. I’ve also talked with my brother, who I’m gonna work for, and it all feels so good! I’m so excited to start working again, and to do what I’ve been dreaming of doing!

So the past week of being here in Sweden has been great and stressful all at the same time, but I feel I can breathe some now, and hopefully enjoy the last week before I start working, even more now, since I can relax a bit more!

Sweden has been, and is, beautiful with its magical winter look. It’s all white and bright. I had somehow almost forgotten what it is like having snow on the ground for a longer period of time. Love it.


A Path in the Park


January 14, 2015

Liz and I went to the movies yesterday and saw, Selma. The movie is about Martin Luther King’s (MLK) famous campaign for equal voting rights, marching from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.


I truly love watching movies based on true and major historic events – to freshen up one’s memory about the history, and to be reminded about its importance, especially today when various countries are struggling in political, social, and individual ways. I checked with SF for you Swedes who are reading this, and the movie comes out March 6 in Sweden so check it out then! Tip. Tip.


Just a about a week ago, Liz and I stood where MLK stood when he had his I Have a Dream speech at Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Selma came out just a few days ago, and on Monday is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – a holiday marked on the third Monday of January each year, which is around the time of MLK’s birthday, January 15. Let’s check out what the movie looked like. All pictures are taken from imdb where you also can read more about the movie. Find it here.















January 9, 2015

I don’t know how many blog posts I’ve started in my head, words I have put together to various more or less successful sentences lately, but they have only stayed in my head, and I haven’t been able to put them down here, black on white.

I’m overwhelmed.

It’s been quite here for a little while and there are three simple reasons. First, what I wrote above. Second I’ve been on a little vacation to Washington DC (photos are about to be posted in a few days, ones I’ve edited them some), and third, my parents have been here, and I’ve spent a lot of time with them.

The desk photo above is from yesterday, before I took everything down, and prepared it for the move. A little goodbye to my work area in our studio where I’ve spent many hours doing school stuff…


Liz and I are right now waiting on our movers to come to the apartment to pack and ship some smaller furniture and things we want to keep and take to Sweden. Liz is also taking Zola (our cat) to the vet for a last check up before the flight, and people/friends are coming today to pick up furniture and things they’ve bought from us. Tonight we’re getting little break from everything to enjoy a concert our friends are having, and several friends will be there. FUN. Tomorrow, we’re having a moving out party where more friends are coming over to our place to hang out, drink beer, and listen to live music. Our friends (who are having a concert tonight) are playing at our place tomorrow night and for you who aren’t coming to the party, can simply click here to watch it live. They’re streaming their concert!

We’re moving out of this apartment on Sunday and turning in the keys on Monday, and then we’re having about a week left in Asheville to just hang out with friends and family, drink plenty of good local craft beer, and eat at all our favorite restaurants. We’re staying at Liz’s brother’s house which is located downtown so that’s gonna be awesome to just walk downtown instead of taking the car all the time.

Ok, time to breathe a little bit, drink more coffee out of paper cups, and then perhaps edit some photos from DC.


January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re having a great start to 2015. Liz and I are going crazy here in the apartment with all the moving preparations. Since my parents are here and were all heading to Washington, DC in a few days and the moving company comes just the day after we come back from DC, we have to prepare everything now. Anyway, back to last night and our New Years Eve celebrations! Let’s check out what our celebrations looked like, through my phone.

We actually started of with champagne at 6 pm already since it was midnight in Sweden then!






At 8pm, we headed over to The Grove Park Inn which is a pretty famous luxury hotel here in Asheville (where a lot of presidents and celebrities stay at when they’re in the area). We had a dinner table reserved for us at 9 there, my parents, Liz, and I. The food was yummy, but my favorite was probably the desserts. YUM.





A little before midnight, we headed to the main hall/entrance at the hotel, bought some champagne and were ready to toast in the new year with a bunch of other people and live music. So much fun and so festive. Once we had counted down the time to midnight, we headed out on the big terrace and had an amazing view of Asheville in a distance. I didn’t really succeed in taking pictures of the fireworks, but there were a few out there. We were actually pretty tired afterwards, and decided to head back home at pretty decent time after midnight. newyear9