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November 2014


November 30, 2014

Just been at home today, studied for my final exams, baked an apple pie and fixed hot chocolate for the girls (Liz and Paige), listened to Christmas Music and have had Christmas movies on TV. A pretty relaxed and cozy day. I’m finishing up my review pages now, and then I’m heading to bed, I believe. Tomorrow is a study/reading day, and finals start on Tuesday! The end of my school time is so close now…




November 29, 2014

We drove the car about 30 min west of Asheville early this afternoon with the goal of getting a Christmas tree. The American tradition is to get a Christmas tree way earlier than Swedes in general usually get one, I would say. But I don’t mind. Then I get to enjoy it longer..and I’m usually ready to move on pretty early in January, once Christmas has been anyway.
saturday1My look today. Wearing hat and stuff.

saturday2The day and the view was gorgeous.

saturday3Christmas trees!!






saturday9Craziness at home when trying to straightening things out (a mess with the lights, water from Zola’s water bowl all over the floor etc.)


saturday11The lights up.


saturday13Ornaments up.

saturday14Celebrated the finished decorated tree with the Christmas Edition White Wine from Biltmore Estate. Yum.

saturday15Our home is so cozy now.


November 28, 2014

Gosh, have been totally busy today with one of my final projects in school – a short 3d animation movie. It’s been taking pretty much the whole day to render (what the computer software do to make the file look like a ready product – like a finished look). Hard to explain. Anyway, it takes hours and hours…but I’m pretty much done with it now. Have edited some, added my music, intro. etc. Not gonna look at it for a few days now so it’ll be easier to see any possible changes to make later on, since I’m too tired of it now.

While rendering on both my computers, I decided to play Christmas music, light candles, and light the star which we have put up in the windows now, and go through my studio stuff (read old school papers, notes, office supplies etc.). Feels good to go through it in several different phases so I really get rid of the things I don’t need. Gaaaah, the charm of moving from one continent to another.


Liz and I are getting our Christmas tree tomorrow so be prepared for Christmas Tree hunting pictures along with pictures of us decorating the tree!


November 26, 2014

My beloved niece FaceTimed us today, and she was baking gingerbread cookies together with my mom, my sister, and her nice’s three siblings. Since we were FaceTiming, we got to be part of the Swedish traditions as well. Gotta love technology.




Liz has been cooking Thanksgiving food like crazy here today, and it has smelled delicious! I’ve gotten to taste some too. YUM. Can’t wait to eat all the yummy food tomorrow. Thanksgiving food is on my top list of Holiday foods. I love it. I don’t eat the turkey since I’m vegetarian, but everything else. Our friend, J, has spent the afternoon with us and it has been cozy times with a lot of good conversations. Tomorrow, we’re heading over to Liz’s parents’ place in morning, and will spend a cozy day there. Once Thanksgivng is over, it’s time to decorate for Christmas, so prepare for a lot of Holiday pictures on the blog in the near future.


November 25, 2014

So first of all, not related to this blog post, my portfolio is apparently not showing up. I had a theme update the other day, and suddenly the links won’t work, but everything looks correct and it should work. However, since I’m changing my design here in a week or two anyway, I won’t put too much effort in trying to fix it right now. I have some new school projects I’m planning on posting on my portfolio as well which I’ll wait till I have the new design ready and up, so we just have to deal with this as of right now, I guess.

Yesterday, we had some a m a z i n g  weather here (well it’s pretty nice today as well, but not as warm). It was 20 degrees Celsius, clear blue sky, and I could just wear my simple Toms shoes, pants, and a thin sweater. Crazy. I hung out on the balcony some in the morning and just relaxed. I’m not used to this kind of weather when it’s the end of November. However, I loved it!!! Gotta soak up the warm weather and the sun whilst I can since it will not be exactly the same in Sweden during the winter months…



I also finished one of my final projects and turned it in before class was over and got to get out early. Liz picked me up and we decided to drive around a little bit just because it was so beautiful outside. We ended up on a small mountain and had an amazing view of Asheville with the mountains in the distance as the sun was setting. It was breathtaking and hard to capture it completely in the photos. But I think you can get an idea of what it was like.



When it got darker and closer to 6pm we headed over to meet up with a friend at French Broad Brewery and drink $2.50 beer on draft. Yay! I didn’t take any pictures there, but Liz did, so I’m totally using hers below. Credit to her.


Today is Tuesday and it’s my last day of classes ever at UNCA…we’re having finals next week, and then I’ll have a break (between school and work) until I start working in Sweden in the beginning of February. Can’t believe this school phase is over soon, and a completely new phase is starting. I’m going to soak up the lecture and take it all in 110% today.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


November 25, 2014

To a few weeks ago when we saw First Aid Kit at the Orange Peel here in Asheville. Such a good concert and night with good friends!




November 24, 2014

I was going on YouTube to check out some short informative movie clips about Graphic Design History (studying for my upcoming final exam in that class). But, when I got on the website, other videos related to earlier visits, showed up…Among them, a bunch of Beyoncé clips, since I love her music and her live performances are amazing, which I clearly had looked at on YouTube before. One song that showed up was, Listen. Ok, getting really personal now, but thought I wanted to share it with you all.

I have met quite many people in my life that are intimidated by me… I don’t really know why, but perhaps they think I have my life all put together and have had it like that all along. I haven’t and I don’t. There have been many years of a lot of sickness in my life. Anorexia, which some of you already might now about. Anyway, I’ve spent months in the hospital to recover (now why this is related to today’s YouTube visit)..and the song Listen was one of the songs in my playlist, I listened to all the time while laying in bed at the hospital. In the midst of all the sickness, there was a tiny bit of hope, and I found some strength within this song.


Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can’t complete
Listen to the sound from deep within
It’s only beginning
To find release

The time has come
For my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own
All cause you won’t

I am alone at a crossroads
I’m not at home in my own home
And I’ve tried and tried
To say what’s on my mind
You should have known
Now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I gotta find my own.

You should have listened
There is someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago

Oh I’m screaming out, and my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed aside or worked
Into your own
All cause you won’t

I don’t know where I belong
But I’ll be moving on
If you don’t…
If you won’t…

…listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I’ve started but I will complete
Now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you’ve made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me
But now I gotta find my own,
My own.

After being so sick, I am still recovering as of today, because it is a long process. And while I’m not underweight anymore, I still need to deal with sick thoughts e v e r y d a y. The difference now is that I’m not letting them take over my life. But laying down at the hospital bed, trying to figure out who I was, and leave the sickness behind, was tough. Today, I’m still trying to figure out who I am, without the sickness, and to find my place in the world, and mostly important, within myself. It’s, of course, an ongoing process, not only for someone who’s been sick, but for everyone, and a continuous exploring throughout our lives. I thought I’d share this little story, this song with you, because not only do I need to probably hear these words, but perhaps you do too.

Here’s the video of Beyoncé singing the song live, and the exact video I happened to stumble  upon  on YouTube today that reminded me of my life process and progress.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


November 23, 2014

I have had a website or a blog for ten years as of 2014! So I was thinking of looking back at some of the designs I had then..and some years ahead.

2004 – 2005

I was coding everything from scratch and used one of my good friend’s server to upload the website. My hostname was free (.tk), and my nickname on the Internet back then was, Cuerda which means rope/string in Spanish. But the Swedish name Lina also means rope or string in Swedish. Got it? A little bit too long of a stretch, but whatever. I liked it. I moved to Uppsala in fall of 2004, studied music at the University, shared an apartment with a friend, sang in a choir every week, spent all my time at school – did music stuff, and/or hung out with friends. The year after, 2005, I worked in Uppsala and shared a tiny, tiny student room in a dorm with another friend. Good times and good memories.


2006 – 2008

I moved to a tiny tiny town, called Mariannelund, located in the county Småland in Sweden, and studied Social Work at a boarding school there. Since I wasn’t in Uppsala anymore, my friend (who had the server I used) and I didn’t have those geeky coding sessions together when we worked on our computer stuff, so I moved over to instead. I still used my nickname Cuerda, and you can actually still find and read my blog. Check it out → here. It wasn’t that much to do with the design there, more than the color schemes, the profile picture, and the background. I used this blog between August 2006 and December 2008. I met Liz in the summer of 2007, and had left the boarding school to study Social Work as my major at the Mid Sweden University.


2008 – 2010

I missed designing websites, so I started a blog account on and chose to leave my old nickname Cuerda. I now called my blogg lmve which stood for the first letters in all my names. You can actually still find this old blog → here. I did an internship in Denmark and started going back and forth to the States quite a lot. Liz and I were, and are, so in love. It was during this blog major changes happened toward the end. I participated in a → blog competition in my hometown, and won! You can read about my winning post (in Swedish since I had to write in Swedish for the competition) → here, and → here (when I found out that I had won – in English). Anyway, I won my own domain name, space on the Internet, and a private website/blog workshop. Therefore, I changed from to where I am now. Lier is based on the first two letters in my first and last name – Lina Eriksson. It’s also what I’m using all over the Internet as my nickname whenever it’s possible. See links at the end of this post.



Liz and I decided to share webspace in the summer of 2010 to celebrate Liz moving to Sweden. I began by creating a first page, and then linking it to our separate blogs. So below, you can see our first page, and then our separate blogs as well.


2011 – 2013

We didn’t keep our first page with links to our separate blogs for a long time…can’t recall the reason why we stopped. I changed to use only and that’s where we are now. I’ve had a few blog designs since 2011, and the ones below are just a few of them.  blogdesign10-12


Since I started the University here in Asheville, North Carolina USA and studied New Media with a concentration in Interactive Media and Web Art/Design, I’ve also added a portfolio to my website, and therefore it has a first page where you then click to either my blog and portfolio etc. As I’m writing this, my website looks like this.


My blog looks like this (as you can see..hehe)


Can’t believe it’s been ten years now..if you would like to follow me on other places as well, you can find me here ↓

→ instagram (liersees)
twitter (liersays)
pinterest (lierlikes)
vimeo (lier)

Since I’m soon not gonna be a student anymore, I’m planning on releasing a new design within the next weeks – still the same address. Just a little tease 🙂


November 22, 2014

WOW, Liz and I posted our news about my job and us moving back to Sweden, not only on our blogs (which you can read about here and here), but also on Facebook as well. And holy cow, what a great and awesome response we’ve gotten from friends and family. If you are reading this – a huge thank you for your support and for your care. We’re lucky to have so many amazing people around us ♥.

Liz and I are spending our weekend at home, just being and relaxing..and it feels so good! This is what my view has been like today. I have also accomplished finishing up a project for one of my classes (it will be critiqued on Monday with possible changes to do afterwards), finished a paper in another class, and baked an apple pie!

Gonna move over to the couch now where my love is sitting, and just enjoy another cozy movie night!