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August 2014


August 27, 2014

This is my view and what I’m doing right now; homework while drinking a class of pinot grigio and eating some grapes. It’s pretty warm out, but our balcony is in the shade, so it’s perfect! Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!



August 26, 2014


This is how I feel now – excited that I have just conquered one of my biggest fears within the arts – to do some major sketches (not logos, etc)! My homework in my Introduction to Motion Media class was to sketch an environment, which we’re gonna turn into 3D picture on computers later on. I’m more of a straight line, Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign person who loves to design logos, plan websites (colors, fonts etc)… so the fact that I’ve sketched something in a sketchbook with plenty of details, is pretty big! Ok, ok…I’m gonna show you, because this is historical. Truly.sketch


August 25, 2014

I have several dreams and goals in my life – things to do, places to visit, stuff I want to learn, etc. One of the things I really want to explore more… to learn and be good at is longboarding. I went into a store a few weeks ago and saw this awesome longboard just hanging there, screaming “Lina!”, but it was pretty pricy, and I don’t know if I’m actually gonna like it (need to borrow someone’s and try it first, before I’m purchasing one). Totally random, but just thought about this tonight, while I’m continuing to think about several different things/goals/dreams, and continuing to be a bit emotional. Picture, totally borrowed from The Arbor Collective’s website, found here, where you also can find snowboards, clothes, and other longboards/skateboards.



August 25, 2014

lina2Today is a day when I’m filled with so many different emotions, I hardly know what to do with them. A good thing is, that I have to focus on school, and an upcoming presentation in of of my classes. Otherwise, I would probably just lay down in bed and breathe deeply. It’s nothing bad at all, I’m just overloaded. I’m approaching my second week in school today, and it feels, as usual, that the days are flying by. I don’t want to forget stop breathing and enjoy the day. The weekend has been fun with plenty of social time with friends, older and newer. So much fun!!! I love having a three day weekend, and a four day week of classes (although the classes require me to study a lot). Ok, it’s time to head out, go to class, and do my presentation about a graphic designer. Hope you’re having a good start of the week!

Oh, one more thing! My amazing wife has, as of today, released her new photography business. Check her out here (link)!



August 19, 2014


Yes, it’s true. Lina is gonna sketch this morning which is a huge deal. I’m not really good at all and put so much pressure on myself so it usually leads to a minor meltdown. BUT, I’m gonna work on this now. Practice, practice, and not freak out about going to class where my classmates are gonna look at my sketches and give critical feedback (good and less good). Gaaaaah. I’ve been staring at this sketchbook for an hour now. It’s time to get started. The homework is due tomorrow – sketch emotions in two characters, tell a story with just simple drawings, and then do it on my pen tablet so it will be in a digital format. Sounds pretty simple but for someone who attended a science program in high school and then studied to become a social worker at the university in Sweden, this is a huge deal.


August 18, 2014


That’s right. After an amazing summer break it’s time to go back to school, and everyday life again. I’m only taking three classes this semester and they’re all design classes so I’m really excited. I will hopefully be able to have some time to do some pro bono stuff too in order to build up my portfolio more. The classes I’m taking this semester are all four credits, and are: New Media Art and Design, Introduction to Motion Media, and History of Design (graphic design). Gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait to see exactly what they’re gonna be focusing on, and all the design challenges I will face this semester! Woo hoo, I’m stoked!


August 16, 2014

I’ve been crazy busy lately with coming back from Sweden, spending time at the beach here in North Carolina, taking care of some Swedish visitors (my niece and cousin – so much fun!). I still haven’t posted all the pictures from Sweden, but before I continue with that, I thought of posting some from yesterday and today. So this is what I’ve been up to lately, through my phone: Been hanging out with friends and family, drinking beer at several breweries in town, eating cozy dinners, and cutting my hair.