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May 2014

May 19th – NYC

May 30, 2014

There’s so many photos from our trip to NYC, so many stories I could share with you all, so I’ve decided to wrap up the days we were there in six blog posts filled with pictures, and then a short summary based on key words of what that day included, along with links to all the places we went to. Here we go, day one, our arrival day:

⋅ arrived at JFK ⋅ private car ride into Manhattan ⋅ Alphabet City ⋅ awesome apartment ⋅ rooftop ⋅ getting to know the neighborhood ⋅ met up with my brother and cousin who came to the States, from Sweden the same day we came to NYC ⋅ dinner and beer ⋅ happiness ⋅

















when my mom and aunts came to town

May 29, 2014

Our visitors/family from Sweden are all back home now, and today is the first time since I was out of school in the beginning of May when I don’t have anything specific plans. Even though I’m sad my family isn’t here in town anymore, it feels pretty good to just relax and not do touristy things. I have plenty of photos to show you from when my mom and two of my aunts were in town, Liz’s and my trip to New York where we met up with my brother and cousin, and then their time down here in the south. So much to show you. Oh, well. We will start by going back in time to the May 11th – the day mom and my aunts flew down, from New York, to Charlotte, North Carolina. Check it out:


On our way to the airport (about 2.5h by car) in Charlotte to pick them up!


My mom and I. It was the American Mothers’ Day, so I gave mom a “UNCA mom” t-shirt.


Wine and strawberries on the balcony the first evening. This is one of my aunts and me chatting.

visit4Coffee in the morning sun.


The “Fika-meetup” group Liz arranges was having fika one day during my mom and aunts’ visit, so we all participated in it.


My love is the master of the grill!

visit7Another day we went to the movies. 


We also ate a great lunch at Tupelo Honey

visit9Checked out some stores in downtown Asheville.

visit10Drove up the Parkway to look at the amazing views.

visit11 visit12

Liz is, in addition to being the grill master, an amazing French Toast maker.


One day we took a trip to the Indian Reservation, Cherokee. 


Liz and I at Cúrate – a really good tapas restaurant and bar.

visit15 visit16

Liz’s mom joined us for dinner at Cúrate and afterwards, we crammed all of us in the car, and drove back home to eat a cake dessert I had received from a friend the day before. They also surprisingly celebrated me with sparkling wine and gifts. I had officially started my birthday celebration (I turned 30 two days later…but more about that in another blog post). 


My birthday mug, I always got hot chocolate in it on birthday mornings as a kid. 

visit18Mexican dinner with friends and family. 

visit19Another great dinner out.


After about a week in Asheville, it was time for mom and my aunts to fly back to Sweden. Liz and I were starting my birthday celebrations by flying to New York to meet up with my brother and cousin, but that’s another story and another blog post.

Credit to Liz who took some of the photos!

so busy and so much fun

May 15, 2014

My mom and my aunts are here and we’re touring around town and the surrounding areas, eating yummy food, laughing all the time, and I’m just loving it! So unbelievably happy that they are here! ♥


a happy and a blurry Lina

back in the mountains & excitement

May 11, 2014

Liz and I are back in the mountains now after our mini-vacation to the beach. WE had such a great time but had to head back to do some errands. It’s only 6 AM when I’m writing this, and I can’t sleep… Probably because today is the day when we’re going to pick up my mom and two of my aunts at the airport!!! I haven’t seen them in almost a year, so I’m over the top excited!!! Just wanted to check in here and give you a little update!

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

2 years ago.

May 9, 2014


As I will never forget, April 12th, 2013 (which I wrote about here), I will also never forget May 9th, 2012.

Everything started with a doctor’s appointment to check on how I was doing since my Anorexia Nervosa had gotten worse. That doctor’s appointment turned into being admitted to the hospital under the law (which means I couldn’t decide to leave whenever, because I was too sick = I was committed). As I did last year, I spent my birthday at the hospital, had to cancel a trip to Paris, completely missed the spring, and the beginning of the summer. Every day was a really big war inside of me, filled with anxiety, depression, anorexic thoughts, and obsessive behaviors. I was a wreck. But with small steps, a lot of support from professionals, and my amazing wife, I got better. Not free from Anorexia Nervosa, but more stable. It was gonna take another 1.5 years for me to recover to the stage I am today. But being sick with an eating disorder for so many years, it takes a while to get better, and I’m still recovering as of today.

twoyears1My bed in my room. I asked if I could get a second pillow, and an amazing nurse brought me three to make it cozy and soft. My love bought me a really cozy blanket as well. I tried to make it as homey as possible…

twoyears2Tried to smile a bit, but it was all chaos inside of me…

twoyears3Once I found myself be able to focus a little bit longer, I folded several paper cranes, which I decorated my room with.

twoyears4I spent many hours in this spot (once I was allowed to go outside together with a nurse). After about 2 months I was able to go out by myself for some time in between meals, and this is where you could find me then.

For you who might read this and are going through a similar situation; Don’t give up, keep fighting. It’s worth it.

Me, nowadays – a way more healthy, and happy Lina!


a school project

May 8, 2014

One of my projects in school was to make a short video, and I thought I could share it with you. It’s from my favorite place in Sweden, the archipelago. Credit to my dad, my cousin Julia, and my wife for photos, and shorter videos clips. 


May 7, 2014

I’m back on the blog! I’m on summer break as of yesterday – woo hoo! I had my last final exam yesterday morning, and once I had finished it, Liz and I headed to the beach where Liz’s parents live. It was a beautiful evening last night, so I took some pictures, and we also went out to eat at my favorite restaurant here, Amos Mosquito’s. YUM! We’re gonna stay here just for a few days, because my mom and two of my aunts are coming to North Carolina on Sunday and we’re gonna pick them up at the airport in Charlotte. So we’re heading back to Asheville on Friday already to fix some things before their arrival. They are actually leaving Sweden tomorrow, but are gonna spend a couple of days in New York City first, before coming down to Asheville, where they are staying with us for a week.

Gosh, I’m so excited about this time of my life right now. I’m sitting on the porch, got an ocean view, just finished a late lunch, and before that went and trimmed my hair so it all feels/looks really healthy, and good now. Love that feeling.

I’ve been thinking of my summer and all the plans we have coming up – exciting plans with a trip to New York City, visits of family from Sweden (my brother and cousin are coming when mom and my aunts are leaving, and we’re all gonna meet up in the Big Apple!). I’m turning 30 so we’re celebrating it in NYC as well. Liz and I have rented an apartment in Manhattan with a roof top, so I’m picturing us hanging out some there too. Can’t be any more NYC-ish! We’re also attending beach week with our American family, and after that, we’re heading to Sweden for almost a month. So much fun stuff! In between all of this I’m planning on working on some pro bono design projects, reading books, hanging out with friends, sitting outside and drinking beer in Asheville at various breweries, laying down by the pool at home, and just enjoying my life. I love life ♥

beach1The view from Liz’s parents’ place.
beach2Hanging out on the dock.

beach3Favorite restaurant!
beach4The view from dinner last night at the restaurant.