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March 2014


March 28, 2014

I’ve been longing for this day to come since it’s been such a crazy, busy week in school. Liz has some meetings this weekend, and I’m actually gonna do some school work (catch up on some extra credit in physics). It’s gonna rain anyway, so I’m looking forward just being cozy at home.

This is how I felt about physics a few days ago…


Time to get ready for school. I only have two classes (design and math), and it’s a pretty short day, so I’m feeling good about it! Hope you’re having a great Friday!

Some favorite places to eat and drink in Asheville.

March 24, 2014

Asheville is pretty famous for all the breweries and amazing food at various restaurants. I had pretty awesome food and drink experiences the past days, while our friend Paige was here. This is just a handfull of places where we like to go to. Some tips if you happen to come to Asheville. The places are located downtown, north, and west of Asheville.

Here we go:

weekend1Dinner and half-price bottles of wine on Wednesdays at Avenue M in North Asheville. I had the Spice Ginger Tofu (Spicy ginger soy sauce, garlic, sake, sautéed kale, crispy tofu, and sour carrots). Really good!

weekend2Locally brewed beer and snacks at Wicked Weed, downtown Asheville. Here you can drink “Mango Jalapeño Blonde” beer, “French Toast Stout” beer, or just regular pales, and IPA’s (local of course!).


weekend3Cocktails and snacks at Top of the Monk, downtown Asheville. They have an awesome rooftop patio where we’re for sure gonna hang out at once it gets warmer. They serve classic cocktails using fresh squeezed juice with natural/local ingredients. You also get a key to an old post office box where you get your snacks from. It’s included in the price of the drink. We had “Ramos Gin Fizz” and “Silver Blossom” – both really yummy!


weekend4Dinner and beer at Walk (West Asheville Lounge and Kitchen) in West Asheville. Eat the Avocado Tempeh Melt or the Veggie Burger. Apparently the Chicken Fingers are good as well.


You definitely need to visit Asheville and enjoy some of the delicious food and drinks! 

Good morning!

March 19, 2014

School is at full speed again after spring break last week, but I only have six freaking weeks left of this semester (and a seventh week of finals)! CRAZY! I have a lot to study since there are multiple quizzes and exams  coming up in the near future. Whew! But I enjoy it too! This is one of my dreams coming true.

Liz was going out to eat with her brother last night, and sadly I stayed home to study. However, ten minutes later, Liz called on FaceTime, and standing beside her, was Paige! Paige is our amazing friend from Missouri who had just come back from a trip to Europe. She totally surprised us and showed up here in Asheville! I was so bummed that I had stayed home, so they all came and picked me up and we all went out to eat together. Such a great surprise, and she’s staying here for a week. YAY! If you would like to check out Paige’s blog, simply click here.

Gonna sip my coffee now and do some physics homework before getting ready for school. It’s a pretty short day today and only two classes. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

friendsMe, Paige, and Liz last night. Apparently the dress code was stripes…did not join that club last night. Oh, well. 

Spring Break 2014

March 14, 2014


As you can see, I have changed a whole lot here. I like it, and I hope you do too. Since I’m working on building up a professional portfolio, I thought it was time to really fix one online. I’m just in the beginning of my education, so there isn’t a whole lot yet, but it will hopefully grow pretty fast.

Other than changing and working on the blog/website, I’m on spring break! Or more toward the end of the break now. Can’t believe I’m half way through the semester. The break has been good, and we have had our first European guests here! Our friends from Berlin spent some days with us, and we showed them around Asheville and the surroundings. We also had some amazing weather – sunny and above 20 degrees Celsius (which two days later turned into negative degrees and snow on the ground…). That’s how the weather rolls here in North Carolina.

Gonna spend the rest of the weekend preparing for school to start again. I have a lot coming up – exams, quizzes, projects, and homework to do, and I want do be a little bit ahead of everything. However, it feels pretty good to just be home. Gotta fill myself with energy for the last weeks in school for this semester.

Glimpses from the past few days through the phone:


Walk, one of our favorite pubs/restaurants.


Live music downtown and a Sunday brunch.


Local beer, of course!

Paris 1970

March 4, 2014

It was 1970. My dad was 19 and he and a friend drove on mopeds (!) to Paris. To freaking Paris!! From Sweden! I have always loved hearing the stories he has shared from his trip, and I got over the top excited when I was able to see some pictures from it. Thought I’d share it with you too. My dad is the one on the left in the photo below. Love him so much, and miss him a lot… ♥











Photo challenge: Part II

March 3, 2014

February 2014 is now history, and it’s already a few days into March. Crazy! School is really busy right now since it’s “midterm”, and just before our spring break. Anyway. Back to my point with this post. Photo challenge. I totally followed through with the photo challenge Liz created! I wrote about it and showed the first part in my last post (which you can read here), so here comes the rest of the month: Photo challenge: Part II.