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February 2014

Photo challenge: Part I

February 15, 2014

Liz has created several photo challenges the past year, and I have tried to tag along a few times without following through completely with it. Typical me to start something and not finish it. Hmpf. But this month she decided to create a challenge with the theme, “learning to love yourself”, and I thought I’d give it a try since I can always work on learning to love myself more. You basically take 28 photos of yourself, once a day, during the month of February, and post them on Instagram. To read more about it, go to Liz’s blog, here. You know what? It’s the 15th of February, and I have managed to take a photo every day of myself and post it on Instagram. Yay me! If you want to follow me on Instagram, my name there is: liersees

Thought of sharing this with you all so here we go; Photo challenge: Part I.



February 3, 2014

It’s late Monday morning and I’m about to get ready for school. I only have one short class today (oh how I love my schedule with relaxed Mondays), and will later on just be home, do homework, and some design stuff. It’s pretty gray and rainy here today, but it feels pretty cozy.

I attended my first Super Bowl gathering/party last night. We hung out at some friends’ house, snacked, laughed, watched the (pretty boring) game and the commercials in between. It was fun to experience the whole thing though, so I was a happy camper!

Ok, it’s time to get ready now! Hope you’re having a great Monday!


Saturday’s little trip.

February 1, 2014

Liz and I had a little road trip today. Our first goal was to do some shoe shopping, and after that head over to Haywood County and Waynesville. We strolled around downtown Waynesville (a tiny little typical American country town with its Christmas decorations still up), we ate late lunch/early dinner, walked into a few stores, and enjoyed the warm weather! When we were heading back home, the sunset was amazing and no pictures are really showing it off good enough. Oh, well. We also happened to see a pretty big fire. Tomorrow’s plans are to study, and then head over to some friends for the Superbowl!











Happy February First!

February 1, 2014

It looks a little bit different here on the blog nowadays. I wanted a change and I hope you like it. Still working on some things, though, but will hopefully be done with the new design pretty soon.

I ended the last week of January with a couple of snow days (schools close due to snow), my first ones ever! I enjoyed it! Since it’s not as common with snow here in southern part of the States, we don’t have the equipment to clear the roads, and make it safe to drive on, hence the “snow days”  It’s a safety thing. It has also been freezing cold here (minus -18C/1F). So I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at home, being all cozy, “netflixed”, ate yummy homemade chili my love cooked, and studied some as well. I went back to school Thursday and Friday so it was a really short school week, the last days of January.

Today, Liz and I are going to do some shopping (if I can find the shoes I want..), then ride and see where we’re ending up, pretty much. The sun is shining and it’s going to be around 13 C/55F today – nice! I love the North Carolinia winters with snow days and then warmer weather, plus the winter season isn’t as long as in Sweden. Perfect, in my world.

Some pictures Liz took during my snow days! It snowed the whole Wednesday and Thursday was really sunny but cold, and all the roads were icy.







snow7Ok, it’s time to get ready for some Saturday adventures!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!