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October 2013

State Fair Pictures!

October 26, 2013

Some pictures from last weekend’s experience at the State Fair in Raleigh – taken with my new camera!

sf1 sf2 sf3 sf4 sf5 sf6 sf7 sf8 sf9 sf10 sf11

My girl is crazy amazing!

October 20, 2013

We’re back in the mountains now after a mini weekend trip to the State Fair in Raleigh, as I mentioned in my last post. It was a true experience, but I will come back more to the Fair later. First, when Liz picked me up after school, Friday afternoon, she surprised me with such an amazing gift. Unbelievable!!!! Sha gave me a freaking camera!!! So now I have my own one and can take way better pictures for this blog. YAY!

The pictures below are taken with my phone. More pics from the State Fair (taken with my camera!!!) will be posted as soon as I have more time. It’s Sunday and I really need to study the whole day, until the dinner with all the girls tonight!

friday1A pretty fall day. The leaves are changing colors, but it was still warm. I was waiting for Liz to come and pick me up.

friday2So pretty at school.

friday3She came and we took off to Raleigh and the State Fair.

friday4In the car, she surprised me with A GIFT since I was celebrating 3 months in the States!!!! It might sound crazy, but I used to travel back and forth between Sweden and the States when I didn’t have a visa, and once we reached the 3 months, it was time to say goodbye. So this is something huge for us!

friday5The camera!

Happy 3 months to me!!!

October 18, 2013

There’s only one time before in my whole life I’ve been able to pass a three month period in the States. It was when I was an au pair in Washington, DC in 2003. Today, ten years later, I’m doing it again! As a foreign person, in the States, you are not allowed to stay in the country for more than three months unless you have a visa. Today is three months since Liz and I left Sweden and moved over here. So today I’m celebrating my opportunity to stay for way longer this time!

It’s Friday and we’re off for a road trip to Raleigh (the capital of North Carolina) this afternoon and the big State Fair. Something I apparently gotta experience when I live in North Carolina. Check out more about it here. Liz and I went to the Mountain State Fair, here in Asheville, in 2009 (check it out here), but the one in Raleigh is the big North Carolina Fair so it’s way bigger, and filled with entertainment such as rides, food, concerts, exhibitions, and agriculture, just to mention a few things. We might do some shopping as well since Raleigh has a pretty good mall with stores we don’t have here in Asheville. So the three month celebration continues in Raleigh this weekend and we are off once I’m out of school in the early afternoon. I’m excited!

Pics from the Mountain State Fair 2009 in Asheville

state-fair-1_53285130 state-fair-2_53285235 state-fair-4_53285526

A rainy Sunday afternoon in the studio

October 13, 2013

Sitting by the desk, writing down notes from my history book (oh well, not exactly right now since I’m writing here – needed a break), and listening to some music. Håkan Hellström to be more specific. I’ve never really been into his music, but better late than never, I guess. Enjoying it big time. It’s raining outside so it feels totally cozy. Love it. Liz is sitting beside me, writing on her article for a paper (we’re both totally living out our dreams). How amazing is that? Gonna read and write some more, drink warm stuff for my sore throat. Yes, I have a freaking cold AGAIN. It’s gotta be the American germs. Plenty of students are sick at school and since attendance is mandatory and will affect your grade in the end, students are going to class, and therefore all the sickness is around all the time. Hmpf. But I have explored our instant hot water, built in in our coffee maker, so I’m a happy camper. So easy and convenient when you constantly need to drink something warm so the throat doesn’t hurt too much.

Oh, we went to the movies last Friday and watched Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. I was freaked out for the whole 1.5 hours it was showing. Space, accidents, close to death or death experiences with its panic…gaaaah. But it was pretty ok, and it was fun with 3D and space. Gotta go back to the Golden Age of Athens now.


Hey Friday!

October 11, 2013

So,’s been a while. Oh, well. I’ve had fall break, which Liz and I spent at the beach! We had an amazing time with really good summer weather. Mornings were spent on the dock with a cup of coffee with a dolphin view, swam in the ocean, laid on the beach, ate good food, met up with a Swedish girl who lives down at the beach (so much fun to have some Swedish connections in the States!), and just relaxed. Too bad the break was so short (two days out of school). We’re back in the mountains since Tuesday night, and I started the school week with an exam and a paper due. Welcome back to reality…hehe. The weather here is perfect fall weather. The leaves are changing colors but it’s still like a cooler summer day (around 70/20 degrees). P e r f e c t. It’s Friday morning when I’m writing this, and I have two classes before my weekend starts. Liz and I are heading to the movies after school to watch Gravity in 3d. Gonna be fun and probably intense. Don’t know the rest of our plans for today, but my weekend is gonna be focused on some school work along with watching Breaking Bad. Hehe. We’re hooked.

Some pictures from my fall break (all taken with my phone so the quality is not the best – gotta get into using Liz’s camera…):

beach1 beach2 beach4 beach5 beach6 beach7 beach8 beach9