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September 2013

Hey there!

September 30, 2013

I’m still alive…but crazy busy (as you probably can tell). Last week was unbelievably busy, but the weekend was relaxing, and this week is sort of in between busy and relaxing. BUT fall break is next week – YAY! Although it’s only two days…Liz and I are heading to the beach right after school is over on Friday, and will stay at the beach until Tuesday! Gonna be nice!

So today I’ve had a lecture, and then worked on my homework in my design class – an animation. I’m still not done, needed a break (read: write a blog post, eat dinner, and watch Breaking Bad on TV). Will finish it up tomorrow instead. Just wanted to leave a short note here and let you know that I’m doing good!


linaA few days ago when I got really tired reading a difficult and confusing text for one of my classes…

insta Zola, loving the sunny spot on my desk!

insta1 Working on my design project – an animation video

insta2Used stamps – so much fun!

A trip down to the clubhouse!

September 21, 2013

There’s a clubhouse where we live with a some sofas in front of a fireplace, tables and chairs, a Mac lounge, and the best; a coffee machine! It’s just to bring your own cup and then push a button and it will ground the coffee of your choice and brew it completely fresh. I totally love it! It’s so convenient when you just want to fill up your thermos and head out, or if you’re a bit lazy and don’t want to fix you own coffee. Ok, let’s check the clubhouse out since I haven’t shown you it yet. I didn’t take any pictures of the sofa area and the fireplace since another resident was sitting there…

coffee1 coffee2 coffee3 coffee4 coffee5We had sort of planned a road trip today to IKEA in Charlotte, but we decided to stay home since the weather is rainy and we want to be cozy at home instead. So today I’m gonna read design magazines for inspiration, perhaps study some even if it’s Saturday and my “day off” from school work…but I have so much to do!!! And later on eat an early birthday dinner for my love, together with her parents, since they are heading off to the beach tomorrow.

Happy Saturday everyone!

A little whining…

September 19, 2013

I’m sorry but I just have to. I’ve had a cold for soon TWO WEEKS, with a period of like two days when I thought I was better, but not. Apparently all the medicine (nose spray, cold medicine, and aleve) made me feel a little bit more human, but it was of course just fake. I’m so tired of feeling sick! I even decided yesterday afternoon, after taking an exam in my hardest class ever (I know I haven’t taken that many yet, but it’s a high level course and really philosophic with a lot of tough readings), to stay home from my evening class – the design one!!! Then it’s bad. Specially when it’s so strict about attendance here in the States. I emailed the teacher though, so I got all the information I needed. Oh, well. A little bit of whining this Thursday morning.

I only have one class today, so I’m off at lunch time, will just go home, and read some texts, and write on one of my papers. Other than that, the week has, as usual, gone by so fast. We have some fun plans for the weekend, which I hope I will feel good enough to do. It includes a day road trip and something I love!

Time to eat breakfast, and get prepared for class!

Picnic on the Blueridge Parkway and Sunday evening at home.

September 15, 2013

It was Saturday afternoon, we stopped at a gas station to get some snacks, and then headed out in nature.

nature1 nature2 nature3It’s Sunday evening now and I’ve studied and prepared for tomorrow’s lecture about Ancient India. Also done homework for some other days as well so that feels great. Liz is fixing dinner and I guess we’re gonna continue watching American Horror Story. I still have a cold (pretty bad…hmpf), so it’s all about relaxing right now.

Hope you have had a great weekend!

First four weeks in school celebration!

September 14, 2013

August 16 was my first day, with orientation at school, and classes starting on August 19. The crazy thing is that I’ve already done one quarter of the semester now since the last lecture I will have is right before Thanksgiving (in the end of November)! The finals are the first week of December. So, let’s check out how my first month in school has been, with pictures from my phone/instagram account:

schoolMy desk at home in our studio (we think it sounds better calling it studio instead of office…hehe).

school1First day of school – orientation day so no classes.

school2Walking on campus.

school3Doing homework for one of my New Media classes. We were gonna create a card with information about ourselves.

school4Studying history one morning while drinking coffee (as always).

school5First student in the classroom one day…

school6Tried to study when a cat decided to be snuggly and spread herself out…hmpf…

school7 …and again. 

school8Music is so helping me out when studying. One of many hours I’ve spent at my desk. 

school9 One of the lecture halls where I have my humanities class (history). Here, about Ancient Israel. 

school10One afternoon at school. Studying for my first exam (which turned out pretty good, yes!).

school11 Again, studying for the same exam. Don’t know how many of these mind-maps I did..probably ten, because it was SO MUCH to learn!

school12Waiting for my individual conference with one of my professors in order to talk about my memoir. 

school14Waiting for one of my lectures to start.

school13 In memory of all the people who died, and their families, in the 9/11 attacks…

school15Yesterday’s lecture about an Ancient Chinese poem. Daoism it is.

I’ve also been hanging out with some friends, been out in nature some, eaten good dinners and lunches out, been swimming in the pool, done a little bit of shopping, relaxed at home, watched tv series, and plenty more. Since I’m not living on campus, and sort of have my own family life here, I don’t attend as many things on campus – good or bad…but that’s something I need to figure out to balance..

So it’s Saturday now, and we don’t have any specific plans more than going to Target in order to get some lights to put on our balcony, I believe. It’s way cooler outside and that made me pretty excited. It’s been pretty warm lately (80’s/25-ish or warmer). For my Swedish brain, it doesn’t make any sense since it’s the middle of September, the trees are turning their colors into fall, but it’s still warm like it’s in the middle of July in Sweden. It messes with my brain. Anyway.

Hope you will have a good weekend!


September 10, 2013

Both Liz and I are sick, so we are just home (luckily I don’t have any classes today). I’m doing homework and Liz is resting in the living room. I didn’t study at all yesterday, so I have plenty to do today…Oh, we have started to watch a TV show called, “Orange Is the New Black”, which we love so I hope to finish up all the homework within a couple of hours so we can watch a few more episodes. Just wanted to check in here (get a break from school work a bit), and update you a little.

Hope you’re doing good and have a good start of the week!!


Good morning!

September 7, 2013

Ok. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the weeks going by this fast before in my whole life. It’s insane. Soon, I’ve been in school for a month! Have had my first exam (as of yesterday), received my first A on a paper (yay!), about to have my second paper done, and my second exam. Phu. But now it’s Saturday and Liz and I are gonna meet up with some friends, do some grocery shopping, and then just hang out by the pool, grill, and just be for the rest of the day!

Sitting on our balcony now, it’s 10-ish and I’m wearing a sweater for the first time in forever it seems like. It’s still around the 80’s/25-ish and sunny every afternoon here, so too warm for sweaters (except perhaps inside, where the AC is running, and in the mornings – typical NC mountain weather). Drinking my morning coffee (as usual) while typing here, and it just feels so good. I love my life.

A photo shoot with web camera on the balcony just a few minutes ago. Enjoy 😉

balcony1 balcony2 balcony3

A Thursday at home.

September 5, 2013

My class is canceled today due to individual scheduled conferences with the professor in that class to go through our memoirs. Yes, you read it correctly. We are going to write a memoir in that class! My appointment isn’t until Monday so I will just be home today and study for my exam I have tomorrow. My week has been good so far. Busy as usual.

I don’t have the weekend plans set completely, but I might go downtown tomorrow night with some friends, and Saturday might be a day by the pool with the girls. Will see. I also need to write my memoir at one point. It’s crazy, I’m usually really organized and do things way ahead of time, but I can’t here, because we have so much to do all the time so I just have to do what I have due closest in time and work it all out in order. It truly teaches and helps me to practice to living in the present, and to not focus too hard about the days ahead in some ways.

Sorry for the picture below, but I felt like to share a little bit of how I feel about trying to remember (A LOT) about how the civilization rose, cultures grown, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Israel. It’s really interesting, but so so so much to remember in my head. I haven’t been studying like this (pretty much ever, actually), for some years; and to be honest to go from being sick for several years to studying full time (and not in your native language), is my excuse. Although, I don’t need to excuse myself. Oh, well. Time to eat some breakfast and study!



September 3, 2013

…for a class to begin. Today; workshop about an online database (sort of)..