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August 2013

Happy Weekend!

August 31, 2013

It’s already weekend again! This is crazy! We headed downtown yesterday afternoon and celebrated Friday and the weekend with some beer at Thirsty Monk. Yum. Now it’s Saturday and I’m blogging and listening to music, and will soon get ready to go downtown and meet up with some new people – FUN! Happy Saturday everyone!

friday1 friday2

Monday morning

August 26, 2013

Good morning everyone!

I’m sitting here, watching Good Morning America (also called GMA, Swedes think Nyhetsmorgon, but in a more non serious way, I think), and  having a lazy morning. Mondays are pretty good schedule-wise with only one class, and it’s a lecture so you basically show up, listen, take notes, and perhaps answer a question at the end of the lecture. It’s mandatory though, so you have to show up. But I don’t mind since I’m (surprisingly (!) really interested in the history of ancient times – who knew!?!). It feels good kicking off the week like this!

It’s a bit foggy and cool here this morning, but it will get pretty warm later on. Yesterday, I spent the whole day at home, organizing my calender so I could get an overview of the whole semester and when all the papers, exams, and such are scheduled. It felt really good to just be home. Ok, time to get moving here and start the day!

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

liz-linaPicture from Saturday on our nature adventures!

A day out in nature.

August 25, 2013

As I wrote in my earlier post, we headed out into nature yesterday. To be specific; we drove on The Blue Ridge Parkway and had amazing views of the Smokey Mountains. So unbelievably beautiful! I also saw a freaking big black bear, which completely made my day! After we had been driving around, we crashed Liz’s parents’ camp ground close Mt. Pisgah. We hung out there for a while before we headed back to Asheville for dinner with Liz’s brother. Later on, we visited a really cool pub/bar (one you need to know about in order to find, sort of) that had a huge yard with several fire pits, benches, live music, and it was by the river. Will for sure go back there again.

It was a really good Saturday with perfect weather. Today it’s really hot, and we are thinking about hanging out by the pool some. Might bring some school books and combine homework and entertainment. Have, as usual, a crap load to read..but feel more prepared this week since I sort of know what to do, and when. Last week was crazy when I got assignment after assignment to do.

Ok, time to show some pictures from yesterday’s road trip!

nature1 nature2 nature3 nature4 nature5 nature6 nature7 nature8 nature9 nature10 nature11

It’s weekend!

August 24, 2013

Which means that I have finished my first week of classes at UNCA! It’s been crazy busy, but so much fun! It’s Saturday morning now and I’m sitting on our balcony while I’m typing this. The coffee mug is right beside me, and the plans for today are: nature! Liz and I are both craving to go up on The Blue Ridge Parkway, so that’s what we’re gonna do! My goal is to not study anything on Saturdays since it’s good to have one day per week completely off.

So what have I done the past week? I have had all my classes in various subjects – academic writing, history, design, and  media. The design one is part of my major and I love it!!! This is so right in my life. I’ve also been swimming in the pool, eaten great lunches and dinners at new places in town, talked with my parents several times (love the convenience of calling them on FaceTime!), spent time with old friends and made new friendships! It’s been a great first week! Let’s check it out some…








The first two school days

August 20, 2013

I’ve been busy the past two days as you probably can tell, hence the few updates here. I take it as something positive though. Even though I don’t have lectures for, let’s say five hours per day, I have plenty to do! So far I’ve been to two different classes, and already have a crap load to read, write, learn, understand, and prepare. I love it and it feels great. Just a lot to do right now. I believe the fall is gonna be fast this year.

Let me tell you this; in one of the classes (out of four): I will have two papers to write, three exams, quizzes every now and then, class assignments, two cultural events to attend, and to write about. Plus read all the six books required for the class, attend all the lectures since they are mandatory, participate in discussions, and write my thoughts and questions actively on an online forum. This is one fourth of what I will do until the first week of December.

It’s a bit different compared to Sweden and the University there (not that it wasn’t hard, because it was sometimes; but the system, here in the States, is different and it feels somewhat more intense). The professors are awesome so far, and tomorrow I’ll have my two design classes for the first time – YAY! I’m glad I signed up for something connected to my major this semester. Gonna be so much fun!

I’ve been studying quite a lot today and ready to go to bed now. Will probably dream about Mesopotamia, drawings in caves, early cultures, early civilizations, and different creation stories. It’s really interesting, but intense and a lot to remember.

Hope you’re having a great week!

unca1 unca2

Orientation & Convocation day!

August 17, 2013

I’m officially a UNCA student now! Friday, August, 16th, I went to UNCA for Orientation (a.k.a. information, guided tour, meet other freshmen/international students) and Convocation (a.k.a. traditional welcoming ceremonies with speeches, rubbing the mascot “Rocky” – a bulldog, and also rubbing the bulldog statue). So much fun!!! It was a full scheduled day from 9 am till midnight, for those who attended everything. I stayed until 8pm-ish since I don’t live on campus, and we wanted to go downtown Asheville for some music and beer. Ok. Gonna show you some pictures. I tried to soak in every second of the day, and I will always remember this day as a kick-start of my “new” life and career!

First some UNCA gear, the program for the Convocation ceremony, and my “Class of 2017”-pin!

school1 school2 school3

In the morning, right before I left! All ready and set with some butterflies in my stomach!


After information, practical things (fixed my student ID-card etc), a tour of the school, lunch, and some free-time (went with some other students and checked out their residence halls), we headed to the big gathering on the track. It was time for the big welcoming ceremony – Convocation! Apparently, we are the biggest class in years! All freshmen in the picture below.


A speech by one of the professors…

school6…while we were listening, standing in two lines, ready to touch the bulldog statue (good luck for your studies!), and then  entering the big arena for Convocation!

school7Oh, yes! I’m touching the bulldog statue for good luck! Will do the same, as an ending/goodbye/thank you, once I graduate!


Entering the big arena, which can hold several thousands of students at the same time. Convocation is about to start.school9 school10

The professors walked in after us, dressed in all their different robes. school11 All the freshmen (first year college students), the professors, and some family in the audience. school12

There was a huge picnic afterwards with a crap loads of yummy food, activities, and music. We were chilling, talking, and got to know each other a bit more. school13 school14

After sitting at the quad (the main grass area between all the academic buildings) for a couple of hours, Liz and I decided to head downtown Asheville to grab a beer and celebrate that my first day at UNCA (no classes yet though) was over. We met up with Liz’s brother and had a great time sitting outside, drinking good beer, and just chatting. We were gonna head home afterwards since I was so tired, but got “stuck” at the “drum circle” which is being held Friday nights downtown Asheville. It’s basically to just bring your own drum and play. The ones who don’t have a drum, just dance. I love it. You just can’t stand still with all the rhythm going on.

school15It was an amazing day, and such a good start of my first year, out of four) at an American College. Classes start on Monday, so tomorrow is gonna be a day of resting, working on my “pro-bono” project, and preparing a bit for Monday (read: what time, what books, and where to be!). Yay!

Check out a video UNCA put together from Friday here

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

Desmond Tutu

Last day before school starts!

August 15, 2013

It’s Thursday afternoon and my last day of “summer break” before school starts! Crazy, and amazing! We started the day with breakfast and headed to the gym afterwards which was really fun! Ate lunch at a, for us,  new place together with Liz’s brother, and I’m now at Liz’s parents house and about to start my first pro-bono design project – YAY! Liz is going through things in the basement.

I’m heading to school tomorrow morning for a bunch of fun stuff and I’m so freaking excited (as you probably can tell at this point)! You can read more about the school, my major, the classes/schedule, and the process of getting where I am today, in the menu to the left!


My happiness/lucky stone.

August 11, 2013

I got this stone, as a gift, from an important person in my life, and I keep it beside my bed so the first thing I see in the morning is this. And also one of the last things I see at night. It reminds me about my past; but the most important thing is that it makes me think of how lucky I am today. Happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life! Today, I encourage you to think of all the things that make you happy; and if you aren’t, what can you change in order to reach happiness in your soul?


A busy and fun Friday

August 10, 2013

Yesterday was really busy, but in a good way. We started off checking out the gym where we live. I used my new tennis shoes for the first time, and I love them.


The gym is really good, I think. It has everything you need and the treadmills all have TV screens so you can watch TV shows while you’re power walking/running. You can also hook up your iPhone or iPod and play music. Entertaining while working out.

friday2After testing out the gym a bit, we headed to the swimming pool, and had our premiere dip there. Didn’t bring my phone then so I don’t have any pictures from it, but you’ve seen the pool area before, from other posts. Anyway, after some lunch, our friend Jessica came over and we all headed to a tattoo place. No, I have not gotten another tattoo, but Jessica has. An awesome one! Liz and I were hanging out in the waiting area while Jessica was getting hers, and afterwards, we celebrated by going by YoLo – a frozen yogurt place.


We went to downtown Asheville, to The Gourmet Chip Company. A great place for chips lovers (read: Liz), but I like it too. They make homemade, fresh chips, and you can choose between several combinations with flavors. We ordered BBQ and one with honey, lavender, and blue cheese. Yum.


It started to pour down rain, and I was happy to sit inside. friday5 friday6 friday7

In the evening, we met up with some friends and went to a baseball game (Greenville vs. Asheville’s Tourists). We lost, but had tons of fun anyway. It’s such a cool thing to be part of this ultra-American stuff, such as attending a game, listening to all the songs and cheers people sing at specific times, eating a crap load of junk food, talking with friends, and then ending the night with pretty fireworks while sitting on the baseball field. It was Bella’s, our extra-niece’s, first baseball game ever (and my second one – still trying to remember all the rules and terms)!


Everyone singing The Star Spangled Banner – USA’s national anthem.

friday9 friday10Such a good day and evening! Today, we’re just chilling at home now in the morning. We’re gonna do some grocery shopping, and later on eat dinner with Liz’s brother and his wife, downtown Asheville.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Five pictures from my phone lately.

August 9, 2013

We have been back in the mountains for some days now and I thought we could take a look of what we have done since then. For more frequent picture updates, check out me on Instagram and search for my nickname; liersees. You can also click here and see all the pictures on the computer.

1Received a package from Svenskt Tenn that we ordered about a week before. Placemats, trays, and pillows all designed by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson. Love it.

2We participated in a demostration and protest for restoring better human rights, equality, and education in North Carolina.  

3We babysat our adorable little extra-niece, Bella. Love her so much. ♥

4Yesterday we ate lunch at this greezy, cheap, and yummy restaurant called Waffle House. There aren’t only waffles on the menu. You can eat hash-browns, grits, biscuits, egg & bacon, grilled cheese sandwich and some more stuff. I had a waffle though, which was actually first time ever I’ve had it there. 

5This morning’s coffee view. 

Today, our friend is getting a tattoo, so we’re tagging along. Later on we’re going to a baseball game here in town, but first we’re gonna check out our gym, and test it some. It’s only one week left until my school starts now. So exciting!!!