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July 2013

We are beachin’ it!

July 31, 2013

 We are having a week’s vacation at the beach where Liz’s parents have a house, so we are just chillin’ and livin’ life.


It was a goodbye, for good.

July 31, 2013

There was a time when I was freezing all the time. I wore warm and big clothes in order to hide myself and to be warm…

sick1…all I pretty much did was stay in the hospital bed, surfing on my iPad or watching short series (since I couldn’t concentrate that well)…

sick2…or folding paper cranes. Plenty of them…


…my eyes were sad, I had no energy, but a lot of anxiety, and I was really sad…


…sometimes one nurse, who turned out to mean so much to me, braided my hair, and I loved having my hair up like that…sick5…once I was finally allowed to go outside, I liked to lay down in the grass, and look up in the sky. This was one of the views one warm summer day…the summer of 2012, though, that never felt that much like summer to me…

sick6…and once I was finally allowed to go outside by myself, I cheated and took walks in the woods while listening to music. I pretended everything was ok and that I didn’t have to return to the hospital and my hospital bed…


One year ago today, I was signed out from the hospital the first time, after being there for almost three months. The end of July will always remind me of my past. All the sickness. All the horrible anxiety. All the bad memories.


I will also think of all I’ve done, how far I’ve gone away from all of that. Today, I’m living in the States, feeling good (still have some thoughts to fight against  – but it’s not taking over my life), and about to start college here. I can’t believe what a big change I’ve made!!!



This is my last post where I’m mentioning the sickness, the eating disorder and the past years of anorexia nervosa that I’ve been suffering from… for too many years. I left all of that in Sweden with all my therapists. They told me to leave everything with them, so I did.

Gosh, I’m getting emotional now. There are so many people that have meant everything to me the past years. J, S, S, M, Y, D and Å…and so many others – especially Liz.

I love you, and thank you for all you’ve done to me in order to help myself to recover. Without you, I wouldn’t have survived and be where I am today.

Bele Chere 2013

July 31, 2013

 Some pictures from last weekend’s music/food/beer-festival in Asheville. More information about it, here.

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bc8 bc5 bc6 bc7

Apartment pictures!

July 30, 2013

Welcome to our apartment! Here comes a little tour..

(The pictures are a bit blurry, but all the pictures were taken with Liz’s older camera lens, which is not really as good as the newer one…but in order to get more into the picture, and not be as zoomed in, she had to change to the older one.)

This is the first you see once you step into our apartment. To the left is a pretty decent sized closet for jackets and shoes; to your right, the kitchen/living room; and straight ahead, the studio. Left is one big walk-in-closet, a guest bathroom, and the washer/dryer in a big closet-kind-of-space.


We continue to the right and our kitchen with its island. Love that. We also finally have a dishwasher. That was a big “hallelujah-moment” when we found out about that! In the picture below, you can also see part of the living room, and our dining table. apt2 apt3 apt4

The kitchen from another angle!

In this picture you can get a hint of our bedroom to the let’s continue in there.apt6

The big dresser with all our jewelry, is the first you see once you come in. We don’t have that much furniture in here. Guess we’re gonna buy a cozy chair to put in one corner.

Anyway, this is our bed. I’m sleeping on the right side, and Liz on the left.


The dresser from another view, and in the picture below this one, the view from our bedroom. apt9 apt10

Zola, our cat, has plenty of cozy spots, but this is her favorite..


Along with the bedroom is a walk-through-closet and a big bathroom. Ok, let’s head out of the bathroom, and into the living room. apt12

Our living room. Love the lounge chairs. They are really comfortable. We also have a little music station to the left in this picture, and the balcony to the right. apt13 apt14 The view from the balcony doors and the living room, into the kitchen. apt15The door, under the light is the front door, where you come this is from the hall way to the left when you get in to the apartment. This is the way to our studio (and the washer and dryer is to the left in the picture below).


Our desks in the studio. Liz is sitting to the left and I’m sitting to the right.We also have a couch that can be turned into a bed, in the studio, which makes it to a guest bedroom as well. There’s also the walk-in-closet in this room. apt17 apt18 apt19I believe the tour has come to its end. Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday – traveling day!

July 29, 2013

We are starting our vacation today by heading to the beach. It’s around a 7 hour drive by car so that’s what we are doing today! Gonna be really nice to spend a week at the beach and just be, eat good food, relax, read books, ride the boat, get a little tan, and spend time with family and relatives. Gonna try to update you with plenty of pictures from the past week, and the apartment!

I’m sitting in the car now and we have about 5 hours to go. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and we are listening to music! Feels great!


On American ground and apartment pictures!

July 25, 2013

Hey y’all!

I haven’t given you an update here at all, but now I’m in the States and have been here for almost a week! The flight over was really good, and then the adventure started (which you can read more about on Liz’ blog, here).

It’s been a crazy and busy week. Liz and I have done errands, planned, organized, bought things, every single day in order to finish furnishing our apartment. I would say that today was one of the final things – to get a car, which we did. An amazing one. But more about that later on. I was thinking of sharing some pictures from our apartment and the process of finishing decorating it. Or more likely sort of “before” and “after” pictures. We had already ordered some furniture online which arrived some days before our arrival, and Liz’s parents brought it over, along with a sofa bed and some necessaries to be able to live in the apartment. Later on, we made a trip to IKEA, and also to a big store called “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” (pretty obvious what it’s selling), and then some other store not too important to write down. If you’re curious where we got some of the stuff, feel free to ask instead. Anyway, we start with the before-picture-ones.

We live in a two bedroom apartment (Swedes, think a three room apartment) pretty close to downtown although you still have to drive a car to get there. The apartment complex is really nice, and we absolutely love it here. Everything is new, clean, and neat. Below is our bedroom with the sofa bed we slept on the first nights before we bought our bed. The second picture is facing the other part of the room where we now have a dresser. Along with this master bedroom comes a walk-through-closet and a bathroom.

apt1 apt2

Here is the kitchen. And to the right is the front door. The kitchen has an island (behind all the boxes), and is open to the living room, and the balcony. We had been to IKEA when I took this picture. Oh, lord, it took forever to put everything together…

apt3 apt4

Here’s the other end of the kitchen/living room where you can also see the balcony some.

apt5 apt6

Here is the amazing balcony or perhaps more of its view. Anyway, we are looking over the pool area which I think it’s really nice. While I’m typing this, I’m sitting in the studio, and can look out of the window and see the swimming pool so all our windows are facing that view. The balcony is pretty much shown in these two pictures.apt7 apt8


The second bedroom are we using as a studio (office), and also a guest room whenever friends and family wanna come over the pond!


So that’s the tour for now, and I will (or Liz) will take pictures tomorrow of the apartment all furnished.

So long, Sweden!

July 18, 2013

Sitting at the gate now and will start to board in a little while. I can’t believe the day is here – the day of the big move! This will be my last post here in Sweden…but be prepared for updates in the States later on! Gonna try to update some on Instagram along the way (read: road trip from New Jersey to North Carolina) whenever I have wifi.



The last days in Sweden

July 15, 2013

It’s only a few days left in Sweden now and my days are full of plans, the social kind. I’ve had some amazing days in the archipelago filled with nature, family/relatives/friends, sun, boat and canoe riding, long walks and chats and so much more. It was perfect. These coming days (read: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) are crazy, but in a good way. The focus is all on practical preparations for the big move… appointments, goodbyes to everyone, plans in the making, ordering furniture, and the list continues..

We are leaving Sweden on Thursday, and then will rent a car and drive from Newark, NJ to Asheville, NC. Will arrive in our apartment late Thursday night (American time) and early Friday morning (Swedish time). Our Internet will be hooked up on Saturday and I’m gonna buy a computer on Friday (hehe, yes..I can’t be without one for long, but I also need it for school). I’m also gonna work on a new design or header most likely here. So once I’m in the States and once I have my own computer and Internet, count on more frequent updates and pictures. I already have several posts to share with you.

Gonna soak up the last days here in Sweden. My big dreams and adventures are about to be fulfilled. Can’t believe it! It’s too good to be true.

Take Care!