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January 2013

A new hobby!

January 31, 2013

I got promarkers from my parents for Christmas, and now have started to sketch a little bit. Gaaah. It’s not my talent at all. My granddad was a painter and my whole family (dad, mom, sister, and brother) are all really good at sketching/painting. I’m not. Or, I guess I can produce something after a long time of hard work and plenty of patience. I want it to be perfect from the beginning and have it all set up in my head. The issue is getting it on on a piece of paper. It’s the practice part I’m truly bad at, but this is what I’m working on right now. So I have started a new hobby – sketching. I tried the promarkers for the first time yesterday and I love them! So good. The color flows good together and you can use a blender so the colors will blend in good together and you can also work with different shades of just one color. I believe I’m gonna keep myself busy today as well, sketching and hopefully making some progress in my sketching career. Hehe.


I walked down memory lane.

January 27, 2013

A person walked in to the same room where I was standing. I glimpsed first, turned my head away, and then directly turned it back again. I recognized her from somewhere. Another person walked in, and it was the same process. I was trying to place them somewhere in my memory lane. It took just a few seconds, but felt longer. I ended up recognizing the whole group of around fifteen people. I understood at that time they were all having an evening out together. And a reunion as well since I know some of them have stopped working…at the hospital…Yes, they were all nurses and care givers from the hospital where I was staying for several months. The same department, the same floor, the same rooms…Oh, my. Such a roller coaster feeling-wise when I saw them. But mainly, I just felt, thankfulness to all of them. They saved my life, and here I was standing, about to pay for my bowling session I just had have with my friends. They where all having their night out (at least in the beginning), at this bowling place and that’s where I was, celebrating a friend’s birthday. I freaked out in the beginning, and didn’t know what to do. They must have seen me, but because of their professionalism, I’m the one who must say hey first in order for them to say hey. I recognize them, and then they can say hello to me. I appreciated their professionalism, but deep inside of me, I actually wanted to say something which I didn’t at first and they all passed me. So I walked over to where they were all trying out their bowling shoes, saw my main contact nurse, and she saw me, hugged me, and we chatted some, while more and more of my old nurses came up and said hey, nice to see me and so on. They were all so sweet! Even though they represent the worst time in my life, I’m so thankful for what they did for me, and it felt pretty good seeing them. Crazy.

Even more crazy is, that I saw them, a part of my past, I’m doing things next week that will be representing my future, and will probably (and hopefully) also be more clear about some more stuff connected to my future. It felt like it was all meant to be. Just wished I had seen two more of the care givers…the ones I was with the most. I wanted to tell them more about everything. Not because I matter in their lives so much, but somehow it matters to me, showing them how much they have helped me to change myself, and how much I have changed in the past months, compared to this time last year.

I walked down memory lane by seeing all these people, but I’m not stuck. I processed it yesterday but also through this post now. I believe in the bright future. I’m not saying everything is totally good nowadays, I’m working hard on several things in my life and have my crappy days (as everybody has), but I believe in life, and want to live life. Just that thought will help keep me moving on.


A totally different subject (but connected to this blog post in some ways), I’m so curios who’s reading this blog. Some of you leave comments every now and then which means so much to me. Thank you. Although I wish I could hear some more from others as well. You see, I’m really curious as a person. I have statistics on how many views I have every day and it’s always more than I would think it would be. Sometimes, I’m writing pretty personal things, and have no idea who’s receiving all the information about myself. Pretty scary in some ways..but I have also therefore chosen to not write too personal things here. I also do not want to focus on only diseases, because I want my blog to focus on life, and positive things. Anyway. If you feel like it, and if you want to make me a little more happy this Sunday afternoon, leave a little greeting in this blog post so I can find out who else is reading this blog – and who’s patient enough to read this pretty long blog post. Hehe. Happy Sunday, I’m off to my sister’s to celebrate a delayed Christmas. Better late than never!


Friday was an early morning, but I enjoyed it.

January 25, 2013

flowerGood morning readers! I have had a cozy long morning since I haven’t slept that good, gave up laying down in bed wide awake, got up, and decided to enjoy the morning instead. So I have played solitaire (so stuck), seen the news on TV several times, read the city paper, paint my nails, brewed coffee, put on make up, and some other random things you can do an early morning without being too loud. Liz is now awake and it’s getting lighter outside. Still have the cozy feeling. Took the picture of the orchid just about 30 min ago. I love the new camera lens Liz got for Christmas. Oh, yes I’m using her stuff..Anyway. Hope you all have a great Friday!


January 24, 2013

There’s a new place in town. And it serves good food and good drinks. But, that’s not what makes it special. The things that is different about this place is it’s concept. It’s all about living life. And what they offer at “enjoy” is a cozy, stylish place to meet friends, drink some drinks, munch on some munchies, and just be.

Liz & I went to enjoy – bar & mat (mat = swedish for “food”), in the cool area of knäppingsborg, monday night with a good friend. There were a good amount of people there, but it wasn’t crowded, so we were able to get a table & then enjoy (hehe) each other as we laughed & chatted the night away. It is quite a different scene on the weekends. packed, full of people, and limited seating.

Liz couldn’t decided what to drink, and she was leaning toward a glass of white wine, when all of the sudden, I ordered a beer for her. Hehe. Wisby Weisse. (the “w”‘s pronounced as “v”‘s), to be exact. What Liz would call a local beer, as it comes from a swedish island a couple of hours from where we live. I think local beer is made in the county or closer than that island..anyway. It arrived. tall, light, and cold. Liz took her first sip, and she was in love. I mean… really in love. (Score me!) It was so smooth, crisp, and delicious. it reminded her of a brew she had in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 2 summers ago – honey wildflower something. We love a refreshing beer.

So, we drank & ate, and we were satisfied. We laughed. We talked. We did exactly what we were supposed to do…

We enjoyed.

There’s nothing like finding a new, fun, relaxing, yummy place to go & hang out. If you’re ever in Norrköping, Sweden, look us up. We’ll grab a beer and enjoy life a little.


Fun straws. And a scented candle.

January 24, 2013

We bought some really cute straws yesterday which I premiere drank with last night. Way more fun to drink, than just directly from the glass. We also found some great scented candles. So hard to not buy all different kinds of interior stuff, but we’re trying not to for various reasons. But these things are so small, and being used up so..there’s my excuse.

bought3 bought4

A mix of everything is the way to go.

January 23, 2013

It has been some hard days lately, but I’ve been trying (and challenging myself) to do things that will really make me feel better in the long run. I might not feel completely 100% while doing it though. But hey, that’s the challenge! If you happen to have a crappy day, which is normal and everyone has it every now and then, put yourself into a more positive situation. For example, be around positive and fun people or keep yourself busy with some fun projects. Then, it’s a bigger chance that your mood might change to the better. And it’s better to try the change than to skip everything and keep feeling bad and sometimes just feel sorry for yourself. Of course you can feel bad for yourself, but I believe you have to break that pattern, after a (short) while, when it actually doesn’t help you at all. It worked out for me. Liz and I went out for dinner with a friend of ours. A new place in town, and it was really good. A challenge, but it worked. I survived, and the most important. It. Was. Fun. We also had a lazy morning in bed the other morning. So relaxing, and cozy. You know, drink coffee forever in bed, read today’s paper, listen to music, and just chat. Loved it.

It feels like a lot of things are going on now. A pretty crazy schedule. Liz has started to work more hours so she’s not home as much anymore. We also have many plans in the near future. Several b-day parties, quality time with different friends, reunion plans, future plans we need to continue to work on, travel preparations (next up is Germany and later on China!). And while doing all of this, I have my main focus – to get better, and take part of all the treatments. Just that is a big challenge, and the most important one. But I believe, in addition to the treatment, I need all the other mentioned things in order to get better as well. A mix of everything. With all that said, I’m gonna end with some words that will be my focus today.

Stay focused. Be positive. Challenge yourself. Live life.


blog design #11 january

January 17, 2013

As a kid, when I had just learned to write and spell my name, I always wrote my name everywhere. It could be repeatedly in my siblings’ books, on the wall (my parents were not happy with me then!), and multiple other places. Since I got a drawing pad for Christmas, I thought it could be fun to re-live my signature writing at early age, so I rewrote it like it looked like back then. That’s my theme on the blog for now. Liz took a picture of me the other day, when I was sitting on the bed, drinking coffee, and worked on my computer some. That picture has become my new blog “profile” picture. So here it is; blog design #11 January 2013.