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September 2012

and back to the old design..

September 16, 2012

i know, i’s crazy here with all the changes, and now back to what it looked like from the beginning. the reason is simple. i can’t decide exactly how i want it here. so be patient (although, you might not even care about the design, hehe). anyway. will see where this will end.

hope you have had a great weekend. i’ve been pretty busy with checking out a fall market, a girls’ night when my niece came over and stayed over the night saturday to sunday. we painted our nails, listened to music, watched “friends”, and ate popcorn. liz has worked today and i tagged along. it was a pretty long time at the church today since there was an important meeting after the service. later on i cleaned the apartment and will just rest now, i guess. a pretty intense week is coming up.


in the process of a new design…

September 15, 2012

… as you can see i’m in the process of changing the blog design. of course i can’t finish it tonight since;  1. it’s time for dinner 2. my niece is coming over for a girls’ night (which is gonna be great). with that said, it will continue being a bit messy in here right now. hehe. anyway, hope you will have a great saturday evening. we’re gonna have tons of coziness here!

take care!

the porterhouse dublin

September 15, 2012

two chicks & some beer (tc&sb)

as promised, our first two chicks & some beer adventure took place in dublin, ireland. and we most definitely had a little adventure. here’s what happened…two weeks ago we headed to dublin to celebrate the wedding of two of our friends, and before all the wedding festivities we had a chance to do a little pub crawling – a must when you are on the emerald isle, of course.

the porterhouse. temple bar.

our first night in dublin, we thought we’d grab a guinness for our first beer. you know, to celebrate traditionally, and then move on to new & different beers. so we headed to the Porterhouse in the middle of the temple bar area. we’d been there before, last fall, and knew that it was a great place to hunker down with some beer and enjoy the irish atmosphere.

what’s on tap.

so, we went up to the bar, and firmly stated, “three guinnesses, please”, when the bartender asked what we were having. we ordered three because lina’s brother was with us. the more the merrier, ya know. anyway… completely unexpectedly, the bartender politely stated that they don’t have guinness there, all the while thinking “stupid tourists”, i’m sure. with extreme embarrassment and shock, we realized that this was an opportunity to try something new – perfect for two chicks who love beer. before we knew it, we had three pints of plain porter sitting in front of us on the bar, ready to be enjoyed. we paid and made our way up the 3 flights of stairs searching for a place to sit.

three plain porters, please.

as we sat and began sipping our cold, smooth, yummy beer, we discussed & processed what had happened down at the bar. and we decided that it was even better that we ended up here, ordering something new. and the more we found out about the Porterhouse, the more we were impressed & excited.

the Porterhouse is a brew pub, which means that it is a brewery & a pub. they brew small batches of beer, so everything is local and fresh. love that. it’s ireland’s first brew pub, actually. and the beer we drank, the plain porter, won the gold medal and was awarded the best stout in the world in 1998/1999 and 2011/2012. no wonder it was yummy.

the owners of the Porterhouse now have brew pubs open in 4 cities… 3 in great britain and 1 in nyc. all serving beer brewed locally in small batches in the brewery in dublin. in fact, the nyc pub is most likely the only pub in the states that serves true dublin brewed beer. cool trivia fact.

you know, usually when the best-laid plans are ruined, things usually turn out for the better. yeah, we did get our guinness later in the evening, but if we hadn’t made the mistake of ordering guinness in the Porterhouse, then we never would have discovered & enjoyed 3 pints of plain porter and some awesome live irish music.

what did we learn? go with the flow. and always, always, try something new.

to find out more about the porterhouse brewing company, their pubs & their beer, click on the logo above.

until we meet over the next pint… slainte!

wednesday with no other plans than resting

September 12, 2012

so the ireland theme is over on the blog and i’m back to regular everyday posts again. i’m still working on the new design (can’t decide completely how i want it) so you gotta hang on some more on that part. anyway. it’s wednesday, and i woke up with a really bad headache and felt nauseous. not great at all. but i’ve been resting, taken pain killers, and i don’t have any specific plans for the rest of the day, except resting. so while resting on my bed, i’m gonna organize stuff on my computer, perhaps work on the new design, and also work on a video i recorded while my cousin and liz played kinect (tv-game), the other day and liz fell. really funny. might share it here later on. hehe.

blog design #9 august

September 11, 2012

i realized the other day that i haven’t done a post about this latest design for this blog. i usually do a post and publish pics from the new design so i’ll have it in the archive. i did a new design back in july and then did just a few changes in august. and i believe it’s time to change here again. why? because i love to change designs. it’s getting fall-ish now, and i also miss being able to post bigger pictures. so..gonna work on a new design today and probably tomorrow. or, i’m just not gonna say when it will be posted or updated since i’m not sure when it will be set myself, you’ll see. hehe.



Ireland, day 3 & 4: Sunday/Monday. Back to Dublin and departure to Sweden.

September 8, 2012

the last post in the ireland trip series. check out the other ones here, here, here, and here!

it was time to say goodbye to our friends and the kilshane house. we traveled back to dublin in a smaller bus together with some other wedding guests. we went out for some shopping, dinner, and drinks sunday afternoon and evening. monday morning came and it was time for us leaving ireland (for this time – we’re for sure coming back… hehe). we hung out at the airport before saying goodbye to my brother who went on another plane. we’re now back in everyday life here in sweden..feels good to be home, but i have to admit that my travel soul has just woken up. i wanna travel almost all the time.  i believe next time will be the states in the middle of december, which feels like forever until then.

saying goodbye…

back in dublin and the weather was beautiful

this is usually how i cross the streets in ireland. running. i get so screwed up with looking in the different directions so i end up staring without really noticing, and then running as fast as i can…will i ever learn?

we went to eat dinner at the church bar/restaurant. some useful knowledge: this is where handel’s messiah was played the first time. cool, huh?!

my brother and liz ate fish ‘n chips and i ate a gnocchi dish.

liz and guinness himself

beautiful dublin by night and we were heading to some pubs. again.

temple bar area

walking. walking. walking.

went to one of our favorites – the stag’s head…

…so pretty inside

american flags/buntings (and americans) all over. still. hehe.

monday, and it was time to fly back home to sweden..we were hanging out at starbucks.

me flying and looking pretty calm while being scared to death of flying. hate it. 

pretty swedish nature

we had a fantastic trip to ireland, which is a country we have started to love deeply – we are for sure coming back! the wedding was truly amazing and we’re so glad we were able to share that day with our friends. hope all you readers have enjoyed checking out the pictures as we enjoyed our trip. i believe the next travel (within sweden) will be stockholm and uppsala. but back to that later on. we haven’t set a date yet. hehe.

Ireland, day 3: Saturday. The wedding and the wedding reception.

September 7, 2012

ok. earlier you have been able to check out posts about our first day when we traveled to ireland and spent some time in dublin – see the post here. the second post, which can be found here, was about our road trip to tipperary and the first evening at the kilshane house. then i’ve posted two posts; one which can be found here – about the kilshane house and one, which can be found here – about the surroundings. now it’s time for the big day – the wedding and the wedding reception. prepare for a crap load of pictures!

ready for the wedding ceremony to start

the beautiful brides maids 

some wedding guests/family members

my brother and i

the ride back to kilshane house where the wedding reception was gonna take place

my brother and liz drinking champagne (probably about the third glass when i took the picture)

Mr. Carson, Paddy Carson (internal joke related to the series Downton Abbey) 

probably about the forth glass of champagne and i had a hard time fit into the picture

the wedding guests waiting for the newly weds to arrive

which they did shortly after taken the picture above – such beautiful couple ♥

the swedish delegation with the beautiful bride

my part of the table

we were all going crazy at one (read; several) point/points

the first dance…

which turned into an awesome show dance. they were so freaking good and the bride changed to a short dress in the middle of the dance. 

then we all danced for probably more than 5 hours. so. much. fun.


the last post in this series will be the two days after the wedding day when we went back to dublin, spent some time there, and then headed back to sweden the next day. stay tuned.

Ireland; The surroundings.

September 6, 2012

i have a series of pictures from our trip to ireland right now. you can find part one and part two here and here. you can find the kilshane house post here. the pictures from the amazing wedding and the wedding reception will be posted tomorrow morning. so here we go, the surroundings:

Ireland; The Kilshane House.

September 6, 2012

i have a series of pictures from our trip to ireland right now, and this post is about the place where we stayed during the wedding weekend – kilshane house in the countryside of tipperary county. such a beautiful place! the surroundings will be in the next post since we spent the beginning of saturday walking around some. you can find part one and part two here and here.