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August 2012

tears of happiness.

August 18, 2012

you know what?! i got the amazing guitar today! i’m a spoiled girl, but i’m so so so truly happy about this. i started crying out of happiness earlier today, while standing in the music store together with my parents. music means so much to me and i really need a positive and fun project for this fall when things are tough, hard, and crappy having a new amazing guitar and some upcoming gigs will help it all. thank you so much, mom and dad ♥.

a guitar dream

August 17, 2012

i’ve been so inspired lately about learning and playing more guitar. i talked with the guitarist and lead singer in the band my love took pictures of last week (oh, gotta show you some of pics she took – my love is goood!) and he planted some thoughts in my head. so i just had to go to the music store the other day, and i fell in love. it seriously was a “click” moment. love at first sight – both in the way the guitar looks but also in sound and feeling. gaaah. so from now on i have a project: “buy the guitar-project”.

yamaha apx500ii (pic from 4sound)

a “life” through instagram?!

August 16, 2012

my love just shared a text from the huffington post with me, which can be related to my blog post from yesterday, about being private or sharing your life pretty openly on different social media channels. if you choose to share some moments in your life, people don’t get the whole picture and therefore might think you have a completely different life than you actually have..i have experienced it myself in my life.

check out the article (link) in huffington post about sharing life through instagram and perhaps what picture people get of your life, compared to what it truly is as a whole picture. interesting.


USA, here we come!

August 16, 2012

oh, well…not until december. BUT we bought our tickets the other day and we’re gonna be there for a little bit more than three weeks! something to look forward to, and to fight for, big time. a cozy christmas in the mountain house with my love’s family. spend time with relatives and friends we haven’t seen in almost a year then. shop at the big malls. go to the big movies. have plenty of “fikas” at starbucks and at the locals cafes. hang out at barnes & noble for several hours. eat at all the restaurants we wanna eat at. drink beer/wine at our favorite pubs. make road trips in the area. soak up the fresh mountain air with it’s amazing nature and views. hang out time in our beloved and funky city, asheville. enjoy life and just be. i can’t wait!!!

 on my way, at the airport in stockholm, summer 2011.

my love and i in asheville, summer 2011.

the nature close to my love’s parents’ house in the mountains, winter 2008.

hey y’all

August 15, 2012

i have so many thoughts when it comes to writing and sharing things on the internet and i’m gonna do something i think it’s really scary right now. i’m gonna share some of my thoughts and possible future ideas for my  blog, right here!

some people are really honest in how they are feeling and then share it all over the internet – for example twitter, facebook, blogs and other social media channels. i envy them for doing that and at the same time get really tired of always reading about it. it truly is both ways. i haven’t shared a lot of my private life and feelings on the internet at all the past years, and kept it to myself or shared it with the absolute closest one, my love, instead. i think it’s scary sharing my deeper thoughts with other people (which i’m actually sort of doing right now, gaaaah!!!).

so i’ve been thinking of why i’m scared sharing things here on my blog/other social medias…and have come up with some possible reasons:

– who cares about me and my feelings?
– will my readers start disliking me now?
– what will the readers think about me?
– what are the readers gonna do with the information?
– who exactly is reading it?
– how will it be next time we’re seeing each other (if we do)?

it’s a bit challenging writing on a blog. what to write? what pictures to post, show, and share with you all? my wish is for people to find it fun, good, and interesting reading my blog. i guess the reason of all the doubt about sharing things, is that i have no control of the ones who are reading this blog. i know i can fix a password for the blog and people can request the password and then i’ll have “the control” i perhaps need or want BUT i’m working hard on losing some control in my life right now – to let a lot of that go..gosh, this is so so SO HARD.

at the same time i feel kind of stuck and in one way not completely honest here on the blog, so do i really need a password in order to be able to share more of my life? will people really request a password or will they just skip checking in here then? i wish my blog could grow to be more of a give-and-take-blog. i write something, people leave comments, and we start having a dialouge with each other. but perhaps it’s too much to ask for? on the other hand, you readers might leave more comments if i start sharing more here too? am i right?

what are your thoughts about it all?
should i start writing more honest about things, and then share it with you all here in order to be able to write more and be more honest? should i create a password you can request for? will readers request it then or is it too much of  work then? or should i continue like the way it is right now?

(i just have to tell you that even though i might start being more honest and share things on my blog, i still have a private life and things i’m still not gonna share since things are pretty hard right now but i’ll share more than i do today.)

fall 2012

August 14, 2012

i’ve been in a period in my life when i haven’t been able to really enjoy some things. i haven’t let myself do what i truly love to do, given myself time, or had the concentration to really do some things. therefore i’ve put up some goals for myself for fall 2012. things i actually like to do, wanna learn more about, and challenge myself in. i’m gonna let myself do what i really wanna do. my love (link) and i have also come up with a fun project for both of us to do. but more about that later on. here it is, my “fun to-do-goals” for fall 2012.


good morning view

August 10, 2012

the view from my bedroom window this morning. sunny and blue sky. hope you will have a good friday and that your morning has been/is good. it’s a pretty exciting day today because my love has gotten a  job tonight as a photographer for a band. they are gonna play at a restaurant here in town so i’m gonna listen to some good music while watching my love taking pics. sounds like a plan.

the shoe story

August 9, 2012

thought i was gonna share a shoe story with you all and be a little shallow..hee hee.

i’ve loved my shoes i bought in a horse focused second hand store (note: does not happen very often finding me in a second hand store!) in a city where i used to study. gaaah. so many memories. i used the shoes while riding horses, and once i moved from that city and stopped riding, i forgot about the shoes. one day several months later, or perhaps a year later, i found them deep in the closet, took them out and started to wear them everyday as regular shoes. i used them so much so they broke bad (hard to see in the picture), so i started looking for new similar ones without success…until the other week! yay. so i have a new pair now. not exactly like the others but pretty much. just need to walk in them and make them my new favorite pair of shoes.

can’t believe i just wrote a story about a pair of shoes. ha. but it makes sense today, because it was time to get rid of the old ones. i threw them away today, and i’m having a grieving day. BUT it’s time to create a future and make history with the new ones.