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August 2012


August 30, 2012

it’s thursday and we’re off to ireland! first dublin and then later on to a wedding (our beloved friends are getting married!!!) in the beautiful irish country. oh, yes. will take plenty of pics. we will come back to sweden monday afternoon. it will be a long weekend full of shopping, pub visits, irsih folk music, road trips, parties, and the most important – the WEDDING!!! woo hoo. i truly love to travel so this is making me excited.

my love and i in dublin, october 2011.

tuesday morning…

August 28, 2012

…and i’m soon off to some meetings. it’s a big day today: i’m gonna start to sing in a choir. woo hoo. i’m actually more of a solo-girl when i can improvise and sing however i feel sort of. get what i mean? anyway, tonight, i’m gonna go and hang out with a bunch of other people, be social, sing the alto one harmony (yes, it’s all set with the choir director already because i told her i wanted to start when i saw her sunday). haven’t been singing in a choir for several years now. wish me good luck!

i met up with my back in my childhood best friend yesterday which was really fun. she’s been studying in italy for three years but is back in sweden and in our hometown. we chatted about so many different things but one thing she said, which got stuck in my head was;

you must feed you soul

it’s so true. what do i feel good about doing? what is good for my soul? feed it all with good stuff and your soul will sparkle. so i’m gonna think of that some more today, and who knows what i will come up with. hope you all have a great tuesday, and try to figure out how you can feed your soul!

tv boxer update & a new week

August 26, 2012

so first of all; we have a new tv boxer now and it didn’t cost us anything!!! check out here for the whole background story. you know, you go to the store and tell them the sad story about the coffee shower accident, while being really nice and a little charming, and there you go – a new tv boxer! feels really good, and we can now use our tv in our bedroom. such issues we have..or HAD. ha.

a new week is coming up with plenty of things planned.. gonna see friends i haven’t seen i a pretty long time, do errands before our trip (i have, as today, fixed my outfits for the upcoming wedding – yes! pics will come once we’re back in sweden again), start singing in a choir, practice the song i’m gonna sing at the wedding, pack, change money, and all the regular treatment/appointments i go to as well several times per week. oh, i’m still in the process of working some things out when it comes to my dilemma about blogging (which i wrote about here). i’ve solved it all, but will come back and share my thoughts and plans in a week or so. stay tuned.

hope you have had a good weekend and will have a good start of the new week.


August 23, 2012

we bought the first season of solsidan yesterday (a really popular swedish comedy series). to be honest, i’ve heard so much about it and never really watched it because i didn’t really have time earlier. i was intrigued yesterday when we walked in to the store where it was on sale. we bought it and started watching it last night, continued this morning..and CHECK. first season is done. now, i really wanna get the second season. hehe. it was so good and i laughed so hard. if you haven’t seen the series (and are able to understand swedish), this would be something to watch. but you might already have seen it..since i’m pretty late watching this. anyway, a tip if you wanna spend some time laughing.

it has been a pretty tough day today, but i’ve been trying to focus on good and positive things, such as playing on my new guitar (loooove it!). think i’m gonna keep myself busy with some cleaning of the apartment now and then perhaps go through my clothes so i’ll have space for new stuff after our ireland trip. we’re planning to spend some hours in penneys at this time next thursday. yay!

oh, another thing, i have added a link in the menu to the left where you can easily access the “two chicks and some beer” project. all related posts will show up there.

two chicks & some beer

August 23, 2012

ok, i’m gonna share, as i mentioned in yesterday’s post (link), our new project!

here are two chicks who love the cozy atmosphere of a pub. and they love the beer you can find there. there’s just something wonderfully relaxing about sitting in a pub, chatting with each other, spending time with old friends, meeting new friends, and sipping on a cold beer. preferably a pint of something they have never tried before. they’ve often talked about how much they love beer, how much they love to try new beer, and how much fun it would be to taste different beer and keep a journal of their favorites. but, they’ve never done anything about it… until now.

one day the two chicks were shopping and happened to pass a book titled “101 öl du måste dricka innan du dör” (“101 beers you must drink before you die”) by örjan westerlund, and they were hooked. immediately the two chicks and some beer project was born.

today, these two chicks are launching their “two chicks & some beer” project: a quest to try 101 different beers and document their journey on their blogs (here and here). they would love for you to follow along, as they sample different tastes, visit different pubs (in cities around the world!), and share their opinions of what they discover. mind you, these two chicks are no beer experts, just beer fans. but, perhaps by the end of this journey, they will be experts on lagers, ales, and pilasters. keep in mind that this project has no time frame… it could inevitably take a few years. so much beer. so little time. hehe. who knows. these chicks are just flying by the seat of their pants, enjoying some beer along the way.

 if you have any tips or favorite beer, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.

 stay tuned & check back often. the journey begins in one week in dublin, ireland!

enjoying a rainy day

August 22, 2012

i’m feeling pretty ok right now. it’s rainy outside and liz and i are sitting downtown in a cafe. i’ve been doing some research for our upcoming trip to ireland! fun. have i mentioned that? can’t remember..but anyway, we’re heading to ireland for a long weekend on thursday, next week!!! our friends are getting married and we are over the top excited. i’ve been asked to sing in the wedding too which is gonna be really fun. yay!

beside feeling ok in a downtown cafe and an upcoming trip to ireland, the important meeting went good earlier today. some things turned out more clear for me, which feels safe and good. the focus this fall will be to get better..and i’m gonna give it the time it needs. hard, but i’m ok with it.

i believe it’s also time to share liz’s and my new project soon, so check back tomorrow morning again! cliffhanger..hehe.

some research 

the “new” camera case

August 22, 2012

when liz and i were in the states last time (january ’12), we bought a new camera (link) and an awesome camera case which i haven’t shown you all. i wrote about the case in a post (link) with another camera we ended up not buying. but we bought a similar camera case. oh well, i haven’t used the camera that much, since i haven’t had that much to take pictures of while being in the hospital, and we also bought another camera for liz so…anyway. thought i could show you the case now because i love it. it’s so handy, small, light, and looks good, i think.

a green dinner

August 21, 2012

liz made some really green soup the other day, which we also ate for dinner today. yum. the sun is shining outside my bedroom window, i’m listening to relaxing music, and trying getting pumped for some things tomorrow that might be a bit tough. oh, a sad update about yesterday’s clumsiness (link); the tv boxer hasn’t woken up yet, so i believe it’s dead. meeeeh. ok, gotta focus on positive things now.

my love

monday afternoon…

August 20, 2012

…and this is what i have in front of me right now; my computer and a cup of coffee. but just half a cup since i somehow thought our tv boxer needed half of it. HMPF. i’m so freaking clumsy. anyway. the boxer is working on drying itself and hopefully recovering from the coffee shower so we can watch tv in our bedroom tonight. other than that, i’m working on different projects while listening to some music. a pretty ok afternoon after all. what are you up to?

wine, live music and soul-filling moments

August 19, 2012

as i mentioned some days ago (link) and (link), my love took pictures of the band blackbyrd we both like a lot, while they were playing at a restaurant in town. cred to my love’s pictures. it was a really cozy night with good wine, relaxing music, and fun chat afterwards. we should do this more often – so inspiring and good for our souls.