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April 2012

saturday with love.

April 28, 2012

just a little short note here. wishing you a happy saturday. i’m off to celebrate my amazing dad who has a birthday today. happy birthday, dad ♥. thinking of taking a walk out to their house. will just be there a little while since i’m not feeling tiptop. gonna have movie night with my love later on, and drink some wine. yum. yep, that’s what i’m gonna do today. what are you up to?

a pretty relaxed outfit today.  

getting out in nature and a blessed friendship.

April 26, 2012

the other day, liz and i, went to visit some friends and their newborn baby (yes!). they had also moved so we got to see their new place. a castle with beautiful surroundings. makes me wanna live out in the country so i can just be out in the nature w h e n e v e r. even if i’m a city girl. it’s a hard decision. anyway. we had a great afternoon/evening with snuggling time with the baby, a walk outside, cozy chat times, laughter, and yummy fika. it’s such a blessed friendship. ♥

moments of feeling it.

April 14, 2012

it is something about reading the paper on a morning when you’re off from work and having a day in front of you with just a few plans. oh, and then the music that’s streaming out in the sunny kitchen while i’m drinking a yummy cup of coffee. i can feel life. these moments are so important to hold on to. the moments where you feel something, something positive. there are too many moments when people are focusing all on negative feelings.

i’ve been listening a lot to whitney houston lately and specially the song; ” I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” [link]. so beautiful and such a talented singer.. the song is about the strength you have that you might not know about. how the strength can take away the pain in life during the darkest hours. i love it but it feels sad listening to whitney singing it since the pain took over her life and she didn’t make it completely. i discussed it with my amazing and wise wife. when whitney sang this song in 2009, she was strong and she felt the strength and believed in it. i can tell in the way she sings it. sadly it didn’t go through completely but she at least felt it and that’s where it all needs to start in your life as well.

in my kitchen right now.

hope you’ll have a great saturday exactly the way you want it and in the midst of perhaps some pain, you can feel something positive. i also believe that you’re strong even though you might not feel like it.


Happy Easter

April 7, 2012

Waiting for some family members to come to my parents and we are gonna eat some lunch. Hope you’re having a great Saturday and Easter if you’re celebrating it!

friday craziness.

April 6, 2012

my love came home with some nail polish yesterday and i thought it was so colorful, so why not play around with the camera and take some pictures. i also bought a t-shirt in gothenburg last weekend where a necklace tagged along.

i told myself last night to sleep in on friday morning, just take it easy, and be. oh, well. who woke up 7.30am wide awake, fixed coffee, started to organize papers with three folders, cooked for tomorrow’s easter lunch with my family, played the piano, and then had a photo session? oh, yes. but now, i’m resting some on the coach, waiting for my brother to come to town and to hang out some here. gonna be fun.

the life.

April 4, 2012

life is about finding the balance between black and white, and yet not living in the gray.

surrounded by music.

April 4, 2012

I’m using this really smart app called “SoundHound” where you can find out which song is playing if you hear some good music in a store, at a pub, or wherever. You can also get the song and can check out the lyrics. It’s pretty much awesome. I usually “scan” the music, take a picture of it so I can keep it on my phone and there it usually stays. Hmpf. Until today where I created a playlist on Spotify for all the different songs I’ve heard out and about. It’s a mix of everything. Some more crazy than others. More songs will be added in the future based from this app and when I hear something interesting. The playlist is called “. found out and about” and you can get it here.

some of the albums

Gothenburg, baby.

April 3, 2012

I know, I know. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I was supposed to post this Sunday night. Anyway. I’ve had a great weekend in Gothenburg filled with quality time with friends, nice dinners, cozy café visits, shopping, and just being. It’s been great. Gonna let the pictures talk for themselves. Of course I forgot the camera at home and just took pictures with my phone, AND I didn’t take a single picture of my friends either. Brilliant. Gonna work on taking more pictures with my camera and not just with my phone. Goal.