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February 2012

interior decorating.

February 26, 2012

fixed some new pictures today and hung them up above our bed. we love it. bought the frames and the pictures/texts at lagerhouse except the smallest one, which i made (where it says “love.”).

time flies.

February 26, 2012

where do the days go? it’s the end of february and it feels like the month just started. it’s been busy lately (probably the reason why the time flies) and we’re about to start a new week – a week full of plans! the most important one is that our first visitor from the states is coming saturday morning so we’re heading up to uppsala/stockholm at the end of the week. woo hoo. i’m so excited. it’s sunday afternoon and we’re gonna do some interior decorating in the apartment. bought some frames and pictures downtown earlier today that we’re gonna put up on the wall. will document it all, so check out the blog later on.

some pics. from the past few days.

lazy morning.

February 22, 2012

wednesday. which means that i can have a lazy morning since i work night. love it. i’ve been reading the paper and been drinking coffee in bed. now i’m planning some up-coming trips. what have you been up to this wednesday morning?

the things we bought

February 19, 2012

ok. so here it is: the stuff we bought yesterday in jönköping. pens with boards to hang up on the wall. hopefully it will help me remember the crazy schedules we have.

photo studio

February 19, 2012

oh, yes. in the process of taking the pics of what we bought yesterday.

the photos will be posted later on today.


February 19, 2012

 it’s been two great past days in jönköping. we left friday afternoon and our friend picked us up when we arrived. we stayed in her apartment and had a really nice evening catching up on each others lives. another friend came and stayed over the night too. had so much fun.

us. on our way.

saturday was the meeting day and one of the reasons why i went to jönköping (my friends are part of the board too) we all went to the meeting early saturday morning which took only a few hours. our bus wasn’t gonna leave until later saturday afternoon so we went to have coffee afterwards before saying goodbye to each other. liz and i did some shopping after the coffee and checked out the downtown area. we found one of our favorite stores we don’t have in our town and we were happy finding some stuff. will show you later on. we came back to our town in the evening and just relaxed on the couch and watched tv. very needed and of course, cozy.

yummy coffee drinks.

it’s sunday morning now and my plans for today are to clean the apartment and then be a little creative (read: create a photo studio and take pictures so i’ll learn more about our new camera). perhaps take pictures of what we bought too.

new haircut

February 17, 2012

cut my hair today (bangs!!!). feels good, and my hair looks way more healthy now, which is awesome. we’re heading to the bus station in just a bit. will come back to town tomorrow night so it’s just a short visit to jönköping. take care.

thursday night and weekend plans

February 16, 2012

it’s thursday night and i’ve been working a lot the past 11 days with some overtime parts too (with one day off during that period) so this weekend is warmly welcomed with some days off. i have to admit that i’m a bit tired. one great, great thing is that i’ve signed papers for being employed for a longer period now than first planned. woo hoo! so unbelievably happy and thankful since i love my job.

anyway. it’s pretty late, and my love and i are both sitting on our computers. we got a social life going on here..hehe. we’re heading to jönköping tomorrow (about a 2.5 hour trip by bus from our city). gonna visit a friend we haven’t seen for years, literally; and saturday i’m attending some meetings. gonna be fun though since i’m gonna see people i haven’t seen in a long time. but, before leaving town tomorrow, i’ll cut my hair! feeling for some real changes, but will come back and show you all later on.

so we got some plans for the weekend. fun plans. which feels good. do you have any plans?

today at work