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January 2012


January 25, 2012

We have finally ordered a new camera that will hopefully arrive tomorrow! I’m really excited! It’s not gonna be the Canon powershot g12 but (what we think a step better), a Nikon coolpix p7100. Will let you know what we think about it once we have used it some.




Today is the big shopping day so we are heading to different shopping areas. Gonna be fun!



January 21, 2012

We’ve been to the states for almost a week now, and this is a summary in pics. We’ve been visiting family in Connecticut, skied in Vermont, done a road trip down south, and we are now in the mountain house in North Carolina!











January 15, 2012

i’m all packed and now waiting for the nail polish to dry on my hands and feet. liz’s mom just called and told us it will be about 15 degrees celsius when we’re coming to the mountains of north carolina on thursday/friday. woo hoo. some warm and nice weather!!! but first connecticut and later on hopefully some skiing in vermont! we’re heading to the bus (which will take us to stockholm) in less than an hour so we’re just chillin’ now. oh, well, just a short little update.


January 14, 2012

hey, i’m here, and tonight it’s a little bit of insanity in our apartment..we’re heading to the states in about 1.5 days and we’re spending our saturday late evening packing! so will head to stockholm tomorrow afternoon, stay over at our friend’s place, and then leave for the states on monday morning. oh, yeah, i’m excited!

will see if i give another update before leaving or if next time will be in the states.

peace out.

saturday early afternoon

January 8, 2012

some pictures from yesterday early afternoon and the name-giving-ceremony. since my love took plenty of pictures and she should get all the credit, i’m not posting that many here. (check out some more pics on her blog, here).

girl’s night

January 8, 2012

saturday early afternoon: my old high school friend’s baby had a name-giving-ceremony, and my love and i were invited. it was such a beautiful place and i sang a could of songs. will post some pics later on since my love took several great ones.

saturday late afternoon: my niece came yesterday afternoon and stayed over the night and we had a girl’s night! you know, home made pizza, movies, chips, soda…you name it! was cozy and fun.

sunday: while my love was working, my niece and i entertained ourselves with xbox 360 kinect and some games. it was hilarious..

now: my love and i are gonna watch some movies and just relax before a hectic week starts..can’t believe we are heading to stockholm in a week, and then to the states in just a week and a day. crazy how time flies.

so long.


canon powershot g12

January 6, 2012

i’m soon heading to the states to visit family/friends and my love and i always save some extra money so we can do plenty of shopping while we are there since you can find so much you can’t find here in sweden (and also way cheaper). so i’ve been thinking of stuff i need and stuff i don’t need but want…and tonight i’ve decided on a new camera. will see if i like it when i’m there and playing around with it in the store. i’m thinking of the canon powershot g12. i know a lot of blog people have been writing about it (in a positive way) and i really like the idea of a smaller camera but with a bigger camera’s inside (sort of). i’ve been writing a “bucket list” for year 2012 (which i might share with you all one day)…you know that kind of list you write about what you wanna do before you die. anyway. two things on my 2012 bucket list is to buy a new camera and to learn more about taking pictures and i think a canon powershot g12 might be a good one or what do you think?

this is what the camera looks like and if you have any thoughts, experiences of the camera that you wanna share, please do. i wanna know everything about it.

Thursday is my new Friday.

January 5, 2012

Or at least this week since I’m off tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. Anyway. I’m off to work soon. Hope you all have great Thursday!


Happy New 2012!

January 1, 2012

This is what my New Years Eve looked like.

The first day of 2012 consists of coziness on the couch, some movies, and (perhaps) a little work for me.